The Friendly Gardena R80Li

The Gardena R80Li is robotic lawn mower that quietly and automatically keeps your lawn properly maintained. Its sleek, incredibly impressive exterior is built to withstand rain and other inclement weather conditions with ease. Once you have installed the boundary wires, simply program the timer and sit back while it does all the hard work for you. Unlike similar products on the market, the Gardena R80Li cannot be monitored or controlled wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. With that said, it does include an on-unit information panel that features a large, user-friendly LCD display. From there, users can access the intuitive menu and easily customize the mower’s many settings.

A variety of special features make this model incredibly functional and intuitive. The SensorCut System ensures that you never have to worry about unsightly lawn stripes. That’s because it uses 3 pivoting razor blades to leave behind a plush, evenly manicured lawn every time. To customize the look of your yard, it has an adjustable cutting height that ranges from .78” – 1.96”. This allows you to perfectly tailor the length of every single blade of grass. Although completely autonomous, you never have to worry about someone stealing your robotic mower – an anti-theft alarm and programmable pin-number will keep it from walking off or falling into the wrong hands.

Designed for small to medium sized lawns, the Gardena R80Li has a working area of up to .19 acres or approximately 8511 square feet. It also boasts a continuous run time of up to 65-minutes. When the rechargeable Li-ion battery is low, the mower automatically returns to its charging station. In approximately 50-minutes the battery will reach full power and the mower will continue right where it left off. While there are more technologically advanced robotic lawn mowers currently on the market, this relatively affordable device is perfect for homeowners with small yards who want to take a break from lawn maintenance.

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