Our Review of the Husqvarna 430x Mower

The Husqvarna 430x is a robotic lawnmower that automatically provides you with a beautifully landscaped lawn. Once the boundaries and perimeters have been programmed into place, the Husqvarna 430x will routinely keep your lawn looking impeccable. The presence of large, resilient wheels allow it to handle rough terrains and environments with ease – it can even traverse slopes as steep as 45-degrees without issue. Plus, a durable, weather-resistant exterior means that even the rain won’t stop this Automower from completing the task at hand.

The Husqvarna 430x includes an easy-to-read on-unit display that allows users to customize their lawn care experience to perfection. For added convenience, you can also use Automower Connect, a program that syncs the mower directly to any of your compatible wireless devices. Once installed, you can monitor your mower’s activity, current location, battery level, and settings directly from your smartphone or tablet. A special theft tracking feature ensures that this mower will never fall into the wrong hands – and if it does, GPS tracking makes it easy to locate and retrieve it.

This intuitive robotic mower is designed for medium to large lawns that measure up to .8 acres or 34,000 square feet. Powered by a superior Li-Ion battery, it can run for approximately 145 minutes on a single charge. When it runs out of battery, it only takes 50 – 65 minutes until it the battery is back to full power. This intuitive device comes complete with LED headlights, rubber bumpers, and a sleek, futuristic design that contemporary homeowners will appreciate. If mowing your lawn is a chore you’d rather not undertake, the Husqvarna 430x is an excellent alternative to a traditional mower or expensive lawn service. You now have the ability to create and maintain a perfectly manicured lawn with just the touch of a button.

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