Why Youll Love the Husqvarna 450x

The Husqvarna 450x is a highly intelligent robotic mowing device that allows you maintain a beautifully landscaped lawn without exerting any unnecessary effort in the process. This futuristic device is at the cutting-edge of current lawn care technology and makes it easier than ever to keep your lawn looking impeccable all year long. A sleek, stylish, and contemporary design means you never have to worry about this mower being an eye-sore while in use. Along with a durable exterior that can withstand inclement weather conditions, it also features LED headlights, rubber bumpers, and all-terrain wheels.


A futuristic design is just the beginning when it comes to this amazing lawn care device. It also comes complete with a user-friendly display where users can program a variety of settings to meet their specific preferences. For added convenience, an Automower Connect feature allows you to wirelessly control your robotic lawn mower. Simply install Automower Connect on a compatible wireless device and your mower’s activity will automatically synch to your smartphone or tablet. This advanced system allows you to monitor your mower’s activity, current location, battery level, and settings from the convenience and comfort of your home or office.

No matter the terrain, the Husqvarna 450x can travel anywhere with ease. Narrow passages, natural obstacles, and even steep slopes of up to 45-degrees are no match for this highly capable robotic mowing system. This impressive model is designed for large lawns with an area of up to 1.25 acres. It also features a rechargeable Li-ion battery with an impressive 270-minute continuous lifespan. When it needs to be powered up, it will reach a full charge in just 60 – 75 minutes. Although slightly more expensive than previous Husqvarna models, the Husqvarna 450x can handle large areas and has an impressive run-time that homeowners will surely appreciate.

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