Why We Love the Robomow RS612

The Robomow RS612 is an ideal solution for homeowners who want a pristine lawn without any of the legwork. This automatic mowing device is ready to take on medium-sized yards of up to 1/4 acre and comes equipped with a variety of intuitive features that make maintaining a sleek carpet of grass easier than ever before. The first thing you’ll notice about this device is its rugged exterior, which comes complete with a floating deck so that it can properly follow the natural contour of your lawn. Large, all-terrain tires also allow it to navigate various surfaces as well as slopes of up to 20-degrees in incline.

Powered by an impressive 400 watt motor, the Robomow RS612 features heavy-duty steel blades and a mowing width of 22 inches. The most extraordinary thing this about this device, however, is its ability to perform to your preferences. This mighty device allows you to completely customize the cut height of the blades for individual zones within your yard. You can also customize the intuitive Rain Sensor to stop the mower from operating when it senses rain or exceptionally high levels of humidity. Extra features include a child lock and an anti-theft system, which ensure that this mower never falls into the wrong hands while in use. Easily handles pine cones, small twigs, thick lawns, St. Augustine grass and high grass.

Designed to take on yards of up to .25 acres in size, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to operate this lawn moving device. Built-In GPS Tracking and an included remote control allow you to easily locate and control its actions. You also have the option to sync this mower to your smartphone or tablet and control it wirelessly from the comfort of your own home. A rechargeable battery and automatic charging feature mean that you’ll never have to worry about the Robomow RS612 running low on power when you need it the most. Quiet, efficient, and intelligently designed, this robotic lawn mower is one of the most impressive models currently on the market. 

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Robomow RS612
  • 1 x Base/Charging Station
  • Base Station Stakes
  • 800ft Perimeter Wire
  • 2x Wire Connectors
  • 1x Plot Connector
  • 1x Extension Cable (50 ft)
  • 1x Power Box
  • 1x Power Box Mounting kit
  • 300x Pegs 
  • 1x Narrow pass templet


  • Recommended Lawn Size – 1/4 acre
  • Cutting Width – 22 in
  • Cutting Height – 0.8 – 3.4 in
  • Dimensions – 29 x 26 x 12 in
  • Weight – 45 lbs
  • Mowing Power – 400 Watts
  • Power Consumption – 22 kWh/month
  • Mowing Motors – DC Brushless
  • Slope – 20 degrees
  • Sub Zones – 4
  • Separated Zones – 2
  • Mowing Time – 55 – 70 min
  • Charging Time – 90 – 110 min
  • Battery Type – 26V LiFePO4
  • Anti-Theft – Yes
  • Mulch Cleaner – Not Included
  • RoboGrips – Available
  • Near Wire Following – Included
  • GSM Module – Included
  • RoboHome – Available
  • Remote Control Accessory – Available
  • Base Station – Included
  • Wire & Pegs – Included
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth

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