When Will Takl Arrive in Charlottesville?

If you haven’t heard of it, Takl is a relatively new phone app that allows people to quickly find help with common household tasks. It’s kind of like an Uber for homeowners. People can find help for lawn care, cleaning, delivery, moving, furniture assembly, handyman chores, or anything else a homeowner may need to get done. All of these tasks are ones that people simply don’t have the time, or the desire, to do for themselves anymore. And Takl provides a simple and convenient way to get them done.

Already in Richmond, Harrisonburg, and Lynchburg – but when will Takl be available for homeowners in Charlottesville? With lawn care one of the most popular chores that people use the app for, it’s sure to be a hit with Cville homeowners as well. So I reached out to Takl support to ask them when they expect to launch in Charlottesville and this is what they said:

We are currently signing up customers and providers all over the country! Please know that no chores will be posted until the Takl App goes live for customer use in each area. We do not have an exact date for when the Takl App will go live for customer use in specific areas at this time. Please make sure to check out the interactive map at www.takl.com for the most recent updates.

When we know the answer we’ll post it here. Meanwhile, we’ll be glad to help with your lawn care needs. Just get in touch and we’ll come give you an estimate.

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