Are Robot Mowers Any Good?

Just as the vacuum went the way of automation nearly a decade ago; cars, search engines, and more have followed suit. So it’s a reasonable question to ask yourself whether mowers can get the job done just as well when it comes to automation. We’re talking about robot mowers and if they’re any good. Because during uncertain times, when things get a little hectic, having a robot mower take care of your lawn would be a great thing. So before you start to ask yourself what’s the best robot lawn mower or where the cheap robot lawn mowers are, let’s first explain whether they’re good or not.

What is a Robot Mower?

Essentially a robot mower is a Roomba but for grass. Just as Roombas clean your household floors by themselves, with a robot mower you simply put up a perimeter around your lawn. This acts as a guide to where the mower can and cannot go on its own. Today, robot models are so sophisticated that some models even have a self-docking feature. When they need to re-charge, they return to the docking station, charge up, and then head back out to mow more.

What to Look for in a Robot Mower

As with any other consumer product, there is a wide range of features and prices available when it comes to robot lawn mowers. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when shopping for one: 

  • Are you looking for something more sophisticated?
  • How often do you want to cut your grass?
  • How much automation do you need?
  • Do you want a model that you don’t need to tend to often?
  • How much time do you put into your lawn care?

All these questions need to be asked so you can:

  • Find the best robot mower for your lifestyle.
  • Find a model that fits your lawn care experience.
  • Choose a model that fits how much automation you need daily.
  • Find a model that is best suited for your location’s climate.

These are all important questions before embarking on the journey of whether or not you should buy a robot mower. Some people often buy one to only realize after the fact that they actually enjoy doing more of the legwork for their lawn and were better off getting a model that only does light work.

The Big Question: Are They Any Good?

That’s the big question here: should you even look into something like a robot mower or are they still eons away from being perfected. Robot mowers have gotten great reviews for the most part and gave become a very trendy item for homeowners. They’re actually far more advanced than the fields of car automation in some ways. For the most part they get the job done and they get the job done well. All of the major brands of robot mowers will do a fine job mowing your lawn. When you buy one, the work is pretty much taken care of after you perform the initial initial setup. Then you’ll need to replace the blades every few months, but this is a simple job and way easier than mowing your lawn with a push mower several times a month.

How do I get a robot mower?

If you’re sold on the idea of getting a robot mower now that you know that they get the job done nice and easy, check out your local home improvement stores where lawn equipment is sold along. 

And there you have it, the answer to whether robot mowers can stand toe to toe with the old fashion way of things. They’re totally worth the investment if you’re looking to do a lot less work on your lawn during the summer months. So sit back, relax, and let the robot mower do the work.

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