Review of iRobot Terra t7 – No Boundary Wire Needed!

As robotic mowers are sweeping the nation and rapidly replacing manual mowers, it only makes sense that the company that revolutionized the robotic vacuum cleaner should come out with their version of the robot mower.

iRobot introduced their Terra t7 model robot mower in Germany last year to critical acclaim. What sets it apart from all the other robot mowers on the market is the fact that it does not need a boundary wire to guide it around your yard. This is a much-anticipated advance in the fledgling robot mower technology that will eventually become standard in the robot mower market.

How the Terra t7 Works

The boundary wire is a major point of contention with robot mower owners because it takes some adjustments before it is correct and it tends to break as a result of routine maintenance such as edging. The Terra t7 robot mower takes care of this problem by eliminating the need for a boundary wire at all. Instead, iRobot’s unit uses a series of wireless beacons that users place strategically around their yard. Then, the Terra t7 uses the signal from the beacons to “learn” its way around your yard.

Another striking difference between iRobot’s Terra t7 and other robot mower models is how it cuts. The Terra t7 will cut your lawn in back and forth stripes like most people do when pushing a manual mower. This reduces the time it takes the robot mower to cut your yard, making the Terra t7 a quicker and more efficient option than other robot mowers.

The Terra t7 is also equipped with enough power and strength to traverse hills and tougher terrain than many other robot mowers. It can even easily drive over rocks, tree roots, and bumps in your yard while it cuts your lawn. 


A major concern before anyone considers buying a robotic mower is its safety. After all, it is an autonomous machine with rotating blades. iRobot has taken the safety of its Terra t7 robot mower very seriously, making it the safest of its kind. Any lift or tilt in the unit will automatically stop the blades from rotating. They also have fashioned a large red emergency stop button to the top of the unit. And finally, they have tucked the blades well under the unit itself, greatly reducing the risk of anyone or anything getting accidentally cut.

The Terra t7 also has a sophisticated obstacle avoidance system that will prevent it from running over any child toys or dog toys left in the yard. This system also aids the unit as it navigates around your yard, enabling it to see and avoid stationary objects such as bird baths and furniture.

Controlling the Terra t7

iRobot has created a smartphone app that owners will use to control their Terra t7 robot mower called the HOME app. This app will allow you to control and schedule mows as well as monitor the status of your unit. The app will also alert you to any issues or required maintenance of your Terra t7. The app even allows you to manually control your robot mower and set the grass-hight that you want your Terra t7 to cut your lawn to.   

Final Thoughts

*Coronavirus Update: iRobot has decided to delay its release of the Terra t7 robot mower in the United States due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new date for release will be sometime in 2021.

It will be worth the wait when the Terra t7 is finally released because of its capability to cut your lawn without the use of a boundary wire. The wireless beacons are a much better navigation system for the robot mower and will be more user-friendly than having to bury that pesky wire in your yard. Pair that with the Terra t7’s obstacle detection system and its advanced safety features and this should become one of the best robot mowers on the market once it is released.

The Terra t7 will also be the most portable robot mower on the market because it does not need a boundary wire. Lawn care services will be able to use it as a part of their service and homeowners will be able to bring it to their rental properties and easily take it with them when they move.

Like the iRobot Roomba that made the company famous, the Terra t7 should quickly become a top robot mower in the United States once it is released.  

2 thoughts on “Review of iRobot Terra t7 – No Boundary Wire Needed!”

    1. The best robots out there right now, in my opinion, are the irobot, worx vision, segway navimow, and mammotion luba. The problem is none of them are actually available right now. The luba will be available in May and the Worx vision should be sometime this summer.

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