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Robot Mower Guide – Getting Started

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Have you decided to finally buy the robot mower that you have been dreaming of but you aren’t sure what to do now? There are a lot of variables that have already played a part in your robot mower selection.

  • How much acreage do you need it to cover?
  • What is the battery life?
  • How frequently do you need the robot mower to perform?
  • After you have satisfied all of these requirements, one obstacle remains: what are you going to do about installing the boundary wire?  

Unless you are planning on purchasing the only robot mower on the market that does not require a boundary wire to guide it, more than likely you are trying to figure out how to handle the question of having the wire installed. Here are a few boundary wire options for you to consider before purchasing a robot mower.

Pay a Professional to Install the Boundary Wire For You

While robot vacuum cleaners can safely use your walls or furniture as a guide, robot mowers function a little differently. Most models need a wire installed around the perimeter of your lawn so it doesn’t go charging into your rose garden by mistake.

Because of the delicate nature of burying anything in your yard, it is best to hire a professional installer to do this job. Third-party sellers of robot mowers will usually have installation options to accompany the purchase of your new robot mower. But this can be an added expense that some people will not be happy about incurring.

Some robot mower manufacturers like Honda offer an installation credit if you purchase a mower from their website. In Honda’s case this rebate is up to $500. Standard installation is often included when you buy from third-party sellers such as Lowes, but it is best to check out the fine print before assuming that this is the case.

There are many professional installation options for you to consider when purchasing a robot mower. But a yard is best-known by its owner and some people may want to take care of the boundary wire installation themselves.

Install the Boundary Wire Yourself

Installing a robot mower boundary wire can be easy if you know what you are doing. Most manufacturers provide detailed instructions on how to install this wire as well as tips for preventing breakage during routine lawn maintenance.

Husqvarna has a simple how-to guide on their website that will move you through the installation of their mower that includes laying the boundary wire. They also have a video that accompanies the guide. Plus, there are many videos on Youtube that show you how to install the boundary wire for whichever model robot mower you choose.

Every manufacturer cautions that you should follow their instructions and know where you are placing the guide nails to prevent damage to your yard or irrigation systems. And, installing the boundary wire correctly is important so that your robot mower works as it is supposed to and to prevent any unintentional damage to areas of your yard. 

One problem that robot mower owners deal with constantly is breakage due to routine lawn maintenance such as edging. An engineer at SuperSod has come up with a nifty tool to prevent such breakage called the Wire Hawk. The Wire Hawk is a system of metal wings that will protect your boundary wire in vulnerable areas.

If you are unsure about the installation of your robot mower boundary wire then it may be best to hire a professional to do the job for you. Many manufacturers provide installation credits and there are plenty of local businesses that offer an installation service that you can choose from.

Hire a Lawn Mowing Service that Uses Robot Mowers

Robot mowers can bring ease and tranquility to your lawn maintenance, but they are expensive to own. A more prudent option may be leasing a robot mower from a “smart-lawn” care service that will allow you the convenience of using a robot mower without the hassle of its cost or upkeep.

Companies such as Autmow will allow you to lease their robot mowers to service your lawn just like hiring a lawn care team. The difference is that the robot mower will always be there to mow your yard and cannot get held up in traffic or delayed by weather.

Robot mower rental companies will lay the boundary wire professionally for you so you do not have to worry about that headache. Plus, they have packages that include other yard maintenance so you will still get all the typical yard services in addition to the service of your robot mower rental.

If you are not ready to commit to buying a robot mower, then hiring a service that uses robot mowers is the better, more cost-effective option. That way you can get all the benefits of a robot mower without the burden of price or the inconvenience of figuring out how to get the boundary wire installed.

Robot Mowers are a Great Solution

No matter how you decide to tackle the boundary wire issue, you will enjoy having a robot mower at your home. Even if you rent one or hire a “smart-lawn” service, you will be amazed at the ease and convenience robot mowers offer.

If you choose to hire a professional to install the boundary wire, then there are many included options from sellers or rebates from manufacturers to help with the cost. Installing the wire yourself is easy if you follow any of the many guides or online videos. And if you instead hire a professional “smart-lawn” service, then they will install the boundary wire for you at no extra cost. 

All of the above options will end up saving you time and money when you choose a robot mower over a conventional option. Robot mowers will save you time and money in the long run. Hopefully this article has explained to you your options after you have decided to purchase or rent a robot mower.   

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