GizMow: The Easiest Solution for St.Louis Lawns

When it comes to household chores, mowing the grass is one of the most dreaded chores on the list. The process itself is tiresome, often hot, and requires special equipment. If you don’t get it just right, you run the risk of damaging your lawn and taking away from the curb appeal of your home. Now you can’t get rid of this headache thanks to GizMow.

GizMow is a full-service robotic lawn care service in the St. Louis metro area. GizMow works with the Husqvarna Automower to give you a long-term lawn care solution that is not only affordable but environmentally friendly as well.  One of the unique advantages of using the auto mower is that it cuts a small amount of grass at a time, keeping your lawn healthy and Green.

Benefits of Robotic Mowing

Using a robotic mower has many different benefits, making it the perfect household chore to outsource. Rather than trying to coordinate with a landscaping company with uncertain results, a robotic mower from GizMow is the perfect solution.

  1. Save Time. Have more time to run errands and hang out with the family by leaving the mowing to the robot. You can even pair the Automower to Amazon Alexa and incorporate it into your Smart home ecosystem.
  2. Save Money. Avoid trips to the gas station, expensive gasoline, and having to get your lawnmower repaired when you use a lithium-ion battery-powered robotic mower.
  3. Save Space. Your robotic mower can easily be installed wherever it’s convenient, leaving your garage empty for your car or hobby.
  4. Save Your Ears. Robotic mowers operate silently. With GizMow’s Automower you can mow your lawn whenever you want without waking up the neighborhood.

Keep Your Yard Healthy

GizMow cuts a little grass at a time, helping keep your lawn fertilized with small grass clippings. Additionally, the weight of the mower is significantly less than a traditional mower, protecting your grass from getting smashed or worn down by heavy equipment. The Automower also uses razor-sharp blades that slice grass rather than tearing it, further contributing to the health of your yard. Simply using GizMow means your lawn will be both greener and healthier, without all the extra work.

Do More for the Environment

Traditional mowing with a gas-powered mower produces 11 times the pollution produced by a brand-new car. The EPA estimates that gas mowers represent 5% of US air pollution. Not only are gas-powered mowers dirty, but they are noisy too. The Automower has an efficient motor that is powered with lithium-ion batteries, significantly reducing the carbon footprint that comes with lawn care.

How GizMow Works

Using GizMow is easy. Before you start, their trained technicians will visit your home and survey your yard. This will help them know if there are any special needs for your lawn so they can recommend the best robotic mower for the job. GizMow technicians will install the system for you, and then you’re good to go. You can mow your lawn whenever you want, keeping your home and lawn looking sharp. If you’re in the St. Louis metro area and are sick of mowing the lawn, get a free consultation from GizMow today.

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