Lawn Mowing Cost Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the cost to have your lawn mowed by a lawn care professional.

Cost to Mow a Lawn

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As with any other service provided by contractors, there are lots of factors that determine the exact cost to mow a lawn:

  • Size of lawn – Is your lawn 1000 square feet or 10 acres?
  • Difficulty – Is it a sloped lawn or have lots of obstacles?
  • Height of grass – Was it recently mowed or is it up to your waist?
  • Regularity of service – Do you want a one time mow or do you want to be a regular customer?
  • Proximity – Are you right in town or a 30 minute drive away?
  • Expenses incurred – Is gas $1.50 per gallon or $4?

For this reason you’ll need to get a quote from a lawn care provider in your area. But using this tool will give you a ball park estimate of the cost you can expect to pay to have your lawn mowed.

Lawn care price calculator

Every landscaping company has its own way to calculate the cost they charge you. Some companies need more customers and are willing to charge a lower price. Others really don’t need any new customers and will only take on an extra yard if they can make a lot of money on it. Also, some lawn mowers charge by the hour, but most will give you an estimate for the job which will be based on the size and difficulty level of the yard.

If you choose to mow your own yard instead of hiring a professional, you can estimate the time required to mow by using this calculator.

National average mowing cost

Lawn mowing price per acre
Large lawns are usually priced a bit differently than small yards. The cost per acre will decrease as the number of acres increases. Prices vary from $70 per acre (1 acre yard) to $40 per acre (5 acre yard).

Lawn mowing cost per square foot
For smaller lawns, the mowing costs are usually calculated by the square foot. The average price per square foot is around $0.02.

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