Mowbot: The Future of Landscaping

If you’ve been at war with your neighbor over who has the best lawn for some time now, Mowbot has your new secret weapon. Mowbot is helping homeowners keep their yards looking neat and tidy with minimal effort with a fleet of robotic lawn mowers.

Mowbot Is A Complete Lawn Care Solution

While other services that use robots to mow your grass require a level of personal involvement, Mowbot is a complete lawn care solution. Think of it as hiring a landscaping company, except that the mowing is actually done by a robot rather than traditional manpower. While robotic mowers are designed to slightly overlap the wiring that contains it to your yard, many times there is still trimming, edging, and blowing to be done. With Mowbot, all of this is taken care of by their staff, making Mowbot a total solution for your lawn care needs.

Get a Healthier Lawn With Mowbot

So why does it matter whether the lawn is mowed by a robot? Simply put, it’s because robots do a better job than people! Rather than cutting your lawn once a week, a robotic lawn mower cuts your grass a little at a time. As it does this it leaves behind small clippings that then fertilize your lawn. Additionally, robotic lawn mowers are lightweight, meaning they have less impact on your grass, plus it cuts each blade of grass rather than tear it (which is what happens with gas-powered mowers). This means that over time, using a robotic lawn mower actually makes your lawn healthier and greener. The best part is that there is no cross-contamination, which means your neighbors’ weeds won’t make their way into your yard via a shared gas-powered mower by your landscaping company. 

Mowbot Is Earth Friendly

Gas-powered mowers have a significant impact on the environment, contributing to nearly 5% of the air pollution in the US. Mowbot helps you do your part in reducing your carbon footprint with the use of robotic lawn mowers. These mowers run 100% on batteries and use far less energy than traditional mowers. This also means fewer emissions, helping you protect the environment while still getting a beautiful yard. 

The fact that these mowers do not use gas also means you are playing an active role in protecting groundwater. Every year, gardeners spill more than 17million gallons of fuel, contaminating groundwater. By not using gasoline to mow your yard, you are helping protect one of the most precious natural resources we have!

Robot Wranglers Are Ready to Help

Having a robotic lawn mower is great and all, but who wants the headache of installing it, setting it up, and troubleshooting when it stops working? That’s where Mowbot’s robot wranglers come in. Because Mowbot is a complete lawn care solution, they take care of everything for you. The robot wranglers will come to your property to evaluate your yard’s needs, install the system, and maintain the system. The robotic lawn mower communicates with Mowbot’s home office so that robot wranglers can be sent to your yard to fix any problems right away. This means you’ll have a perfectly manicured lawn, giving you the time to focus on other, more important things than yard work. Mowbot currently has franchises in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas. Check to see if they are in your area and talk to Mowbot today about how to get your yard looking its best.

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