Robin Autopilot Helps Landscapers to Offer Robot Mowing to their Customers

Often referred to as the “Uber for lawn care,” Robin Autopilot helps traditional landscaping companies offer a unique, automatic lawn mowing solution for their customers. Unlike other companies that offer robotic lawn mowers to individuals, Robin Autopilot is focused on helping traditional landscapers enhance their own businesses by putting customers’ lawn mowing on autopilot.

Benefits of Using Robotic Mowers

Opting to use robotic lawn mowers instead of traditional gas-powered mowers can have many benefits for both customers and landscapers alike. One of the biggest benefits is that using robots to mow the lawn is far more environmentally friendly than gas-powered mowers. The fact that robotic lawn mowers run 100% on battery means less energy is used, drastically reducing emissions. Additionally, robotic lawn mowers cut a small amount of grass at a time, leaving the clippings as fertilizer for the lawn. Over time this makes the yard both healthier and greener.

When landscaping companies work with Robin Autopilot, they can save substantially. Firstly, savings come in the simple transportation of the mower. Traditional gas mowers require large vehicles that can fit the mower, whereas robotic lawn mowers can be transported in smaller electric vehicles. This saves on the wear and tear of larger vehicles and substantially reduces the amount of fuel used each season. Savings are also realized in the fact that less manpower is required. With robots, landscapers only need to have a staff to do peripheral lawn work such as edging, trimming, seeding, etc. With better quality work and lawns that are well-manicured, customer satisfaction can be improved, which benefits the overall business of local landscapers using Robin Autopilot.

A Subscription-Based Model

One of the major differences between Robin Autopilot and other robotic lawn mowing companies is the B2B business model. With other companies, the robot is either purchased outrightly or leased. Instead of only selling robots, Robin Autopilot is a subscription-based model that gives landscapers access to software, CRM systems, proprietary systems (including the Patented Robotic door for navigating fences), specialized training, etc. to use with a fleet of robotic lawn mowers. The number of customers that a traditional landscaper works with will determine which subscription level is required. This means that for a monthly fee (plus set up fees) any traditional landscaper can take advantage of the Robin Autopilot brand image to amplify or enhance their own.

Taking Robotic lawn mowing nationwide

Robin Autopilot is actively looking to go nationwide and is working with franchises throughout the country. Currently, you can find landscapers using Robin Autopilot in:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin

If you’re a landscaping company looking for that edge over your competition, Robin Autopilot can help your business move towards the future with their robotic mowing systems. Get in touch to see how Robin Autopilot can help you grow. If you’re simply a customer looking for a robotic lawn mowing service, check with your local landscapers to see which one is working with Robin Autopilot so you can get the yard you always wanted.

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