Vacation Lawn Mowing

It can be difficult to find a lawn service to mow your lawn just one time. But some people need just that – a single mowing of their lawn. Maybe it’s because they are going on vacation, or their mower is broken, or simply just don’t feel like mowing this week. But most lawn care companies in Charlottesville make their money on services and additional work from their recurring customer base. They like to count on having weekly or biweekly mows, shrub and bush trimming, mulching, aerating, weed removal, etc.

But at Mowing Magic we do offer one time mowing, no matter the reason. And to keep it simple and avoid making multiple trips, we do it for a straightforward hourly rate – no quote is required. We’ll mow and trim your lawn while you’re on vacation or any other reason for $60 per hour.

Come back from your next vacation to find your lawn magically mowed. 😃

Contact us today to schedule mowing service.

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