3 Cheap Robot Lawn Mowers You Wont Regret Buying

Lawn care has come a long way in the past couple of years. No longer do the dog days of summer mean hours baking under the unforgiving sun and punishing humidity while you try to tame your lawn.  It’s not just moving from a push lawn mower to a riding mower —which definitely saves time — now you can actually find an effective and super convenient robot lawn mower.

If you get a robot to vacuum your floors, why not use a robot to mow your lawn? Robotic mowers work much like vacuums, working in a random pattern over a certain area of ground, leaving you free to do more important or more fun activities.

Robotic mowers not only save you time, but they also save on gas and help to eliminate noise and air pollution. There are several makes and models available to fit any size lawn and budget, but we’ve got three you definitely won’t regret buying. These three mowers are the cheapest we’ve found and are all highly rated and highly effective.

Worx WR140 Landroid M 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower

The Worx Landroid is an excellent choice for anyone looking to fully automate their lawn mowing. It is one of the smartest and most innovative robot mowers on the market, and – considering its advanced functionality – one of the cheapest. The Landroid works by outlining the perimeter of your lawn with a boundary wire. You’ll then enter some information into the easy-to-navigate app and let the mower run while you head to the golf links, the beach or back to the couch for more Netflix.

Once you get started with the app, the Landroid will suggest the optimal schedule based on the size and conditions of your lawn. Easily customize your automated lawnmower directly from your phone with options for setting your schedule, adjusting the cutting height and setting notifications so you never miss a software update or know if your mower’s gone missing.

The Landroid is not only convenient, it’s also a highly effective mower. It’s 7-inch offset cutting disc cuts closer to the edge than traditional mowers so there is less area to trim. The Landroid’s patented AIA technology provides a state-of-the-art algorithm that allows the mower to move into narrow passageways ensuring all areas of your lawn are cut. The Landroid moves randomly across your lawn which will ensure and maintain an even, neat cut all season long.

The Landroid is available in two sizes for lawns up to ¼ acre or ½ acre and comes in easy to see orange color.  While the mower is weatherproof, it also has a rain sensor, so it does not attempt to mow wet grass. When the Landroid detects rain, it will go to the nearest boundary wire and follow a direct path back to its charging station. It will resume mowing once the lawn has dried out.

The smart mower will also automatically return to the charging station when its battery is running low. Once it is fully charged, it will resume mowing. The Landroid also has advanced inertial sensing technology. It provides real-time information on drift, inclination, and speed and adjusts its wheels’ torque accordingly. Each wheel is controlled individually for exceptional maneuverability.

The Landroid also has some highly useful accessories available like anti-collision control (to avoid running into bikes or toys), an anti-theft device (to lock down the mower if it is taken) and a Radio Link WiFi extender (to reach in further into your yard).

The Landroid is a great robotic mower for anyone looking to take advantage of the latest technology and reduce the arduous hours spent on yard work. Take your weekends back with this reliable and effective mower.

Robomow RS612 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower

The Robomow RS612 is a great option for those with smaller yards. This battery powered robotic mower is ideal for lawns up to ¼ acre and with inclines of up to 20 degrees (35% grade). It’s easy to set up so you can get going quickly. Not only does it have all the features you’d expect from a mower, including dual blades, a 22-inch cutting width, and a unique edge mode, it also has innovative technology to make your life easier.

Using Bluetooth connectivity and the intuitive My Robomow app, you can manage and adjust your mower from the palm of your hand. Easily adjust the height of your cut, set your mowing schedule and even connect your Robomow to your Alexa home system so you can run it on voice command. Spending your weekends doing what you love (instead of chores) has never been easier.

Like similar robotic mowers, the Robomower uses boundary wires to set the perimeter of your yard. However, with the Robomower, you can set up different zones with the peg wire to allow your mower to automatically travel to different zones in your yard. It has a convenient integrated rain sensor to detect inclement weather that sends the mower back to its charging station until conditions improve.

One notable feature of Robomower is its reduced noise level. This allows you to run the mower any time of day without disturbing you or your neighbors. The anti-theft and safety system automatically shuts off and locks the mower if it is picked up or tilted so whether someone tries to walk away with it or the kids accidentally knock it.

The Robomower comes in an inconspicuous green and black color scheme and requires much less storage space than a traditional mower.

Redback 7 in. Fully Autonomous Robotic Lawn Mower

Like the Robomower, the robotic lawn mower by Redback from Home Depot is an excellent choice for those with yards up to ¼ acre who don’t need all the bells and whistles of a top-of-the-line model, but who are looking for a convenient and efficient mower.

The Redback robotic mower runs on a 28-volt 2 Ah lithium-ion battery and features a highly effective brushless motor for long running times. It uses 3 cutting blades and has a 7-inch width. Because the blades revolve at 2900 RPM, you get impressive performance from this compact mower.

You can easily adjust the cutting height and customize your mowing schedule according to your needs with convenient buttons on the front of the mower. Easily set the perimeter of your lawn (no matter the shape) with the simple peg and wire install kit included and get started.

The Redback robotic mower has safety features like a bump sensor for any objects in the way and a rain sensor to detect inclement weather. The mower will automatically return to its charging station until the rain has stopped and the lawn has dried out.

The Redback robotic mower’s compact size make it easy to store and because it is battery operated there are no harmful fumes or exhaust. It’s also much quieter than a traditional mower so you can run the mower whenever is most convenient.

This mower will satisfy those looking to automate their lawn mowing without breaking the bank to do so.

Robot Lawn Mowers Are Now More Affordable Than Ever

These robot mowers may be cheap, but their quality is good enough for most users. Whichever model you choose, you can relax knowing that you have a reliable and efficient mower that will eliminate the need for you to ever have to hassle with a pull starter or pop on ear protectors for a Sunday drive on your lawn.

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