Best Lawn Treatment Companies for Virginia Lawns

If you have a yard, you know how much of a chore it can be to care for it yourself. While maintaining your lawn yourself may save you money, it can end up being an exhausting and fruitless experience. As with many other home maintenance tasks, sometimes it is best to just hire an expert to do it the right way. Many homeowners are unaware of how exactly to treat their lawns to have them looking as good as possible, so many companies are available to help. If you’re looking for the best lawn treatment companies for Virginia lawns, the services outlined below may be right for you. 


TruGreen is one of the most respected nationwide lawn care companies, and luckily it is available in dozens of Virginia zip codes so you can likely get their service wherever you are in the state. It prides itself on being “America’s #1 lawn care company” and reports that it is trusted by over 2 million people. TruGreen also offers commercial lawn care services and has an excellent lawn care blog on its website. 

The company offers an extremely wide variety of services that go beyond your basic lawn care. This includes options for tree and shrub care, aeration, and overseeding. TruGreen is also a great option if you have a problem with mosquitoes in your lawn, as the TruGreen mosquito defense lawn treatment is backed by their “Mosquito Free Guarantee” that ensures the mosquitoes in your yard are gone within 24 hours.

TruGreen offers various plans including TruHealth, TruComplete, and TruSignature, so you are able to pick the one that is best for your needs. Each plan comes with lawn care tailored to your specific lawn care needs as well as includes weed care and fertilization. The company normally offers a discount for first-time customers (sometimes 50% off!), so be sure to look into deals before booking a lawn treatment. Check out TruGreen’s website for an initial quote. 

Virginia Green

If you are in the Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Midlothian, Richmond, or Williamsburg metropolitan areas, Virginia Green may be the best option for you. The company’s unique specialization is fertilizer and weed control and the company’s goal is to help you “maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn.” If you’re interested in the company’s services, you can get a no-obligation consultation in which an expert will come to your house or business and provide you with a free estimate. 

Virginia Green offers two different programs, including the Premium program and the Estate program. The Premium program comes with 7 applications per year; fertilization, weed, and pre-weed control; liquid and granular applications; and starter fertilizer for seeding germination. The Estate program includes everything in the Premium program as well as an additional 4 applications annually, lime application, soil sampling, and sedge, grub, and systemic disease control. The average price for the Premium program is $413 per year and the average price for the Estate program is $770 per year. Factoring in the time it would take you to maintain your lawn yourself, this is quite a deal. 

You know you’re getting great lawn care from Virginia Green because all of the company’s technicians have an active pesticide license in the State of Virginia. The company guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and goes “the extra mile” to make sure customers are happy with the services rendered. Request a quote by calling 804-285-6200.

Complete Lawn Service, LLC

In business since 1972, Complete Lawn Service can carry out lawn services including lawn mowing and edging, shrub and bed care, and various lawn care programs that include different treatments for different seasons. The mowing and edging offering saves you a lot of trouble and is done professionally and with top notch equipment. If you need shrub and bed care, the company offers various programs for that, too, instead of just a single offering. 

The lawn care programs feature a 5-visit, a 6-visit, and two 7-visit options. These include a basic program but also a Premium Lawn Care Program, a Zoysia Lawn Care Program, and an Organic/Watershed Lawn Care Program. If you’re needing help with irrigation installation and maintenance, landscaping and drainage, mosquito control, or snow removal, this service can help you with those issues as well. 

The company truly wants to tweak your program to fit your needs, so the expert(s) will come out and inspect your yard to give you the best quote possible for your lawn care. Complete Lawn Service oftentimes has at least one great deal on its website, which typically includes 50% off a service, so be sure to look before contacting the company. You can contact the team online or at 703-560-5296 to see if they service your area of Virginia.

Lawn Love

If you’re looking for a great lawn care company that offers all kinds of lawn care services, Lawn Love may be for you. With locations scattered throughout Virginia (and the U.S.), Lawn Love offers your basic lawn care and maintenance as well as aeration, fertilization, weed control, seeding, yard cleanup, leaf removal, and more. Lawn Love partners with “pros” who are experts in lawn care and have various specialties, including weed prevention and gardening. Therefore, even if you just hire someone on Lawn Love to mow your grass, he or she may end up being your go-to yard expert. Visit Lawn Love’s website for a 2-minute quote or call 800-706-4117 – oftentimes, the company can send out an expert to work on your yard the same day! 

Virginia Lawn Service

People who live in and around Fairfax and Prince William County, Virginia can enjoy the yard care services of Virginia Lawn Service, which self-reports that it has a “long history of putting the customer first.” The owner and president, Kent, has had a “green thumb” since high school and oftentimes joins his crews at their lawn care jobs. The team does basic lawn mowing but also lawn maintenance that includes “feed and seed,” aerator operations, leaf removal, and garden maintenance. One unique offering of Virginia Lawn Service is the experts can also give you guidance on hardscape design, which many other landscaping services cannot do. 

The technicians and operations staff are all extremely friendly and enjoy forming long-term relationships with their customers. Customer satisfaction is Virginia Lawn Service’s main goal, so if you are looking for dedicated lawn care in the areas the company serves, you can give them a call at 703-494-4857 or connect with the company online. 


Your lawn is incredibly important, seeing as you come home to it every day and want it to look nice and healthy. The companies outlined above are good places to start if you are looking for lawn care, as they all offer various services that are guaranteed to meet your needs. Forget the hassle of maintaining your own lawn and hire an expert, as he or she will be able to transform your lawn into a luscious oasis in no time and give you advice on how to keep it that way. 

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