5 Best DIY Lawn Care Subscription Services

Plenty of people care about their lawns and are always looking for new, natural ways to improve them. Sound like you? Then you might want to consider a lawn care subscription service that makes natural DIY lawn care a breeze.

Below, you will find the top five lawn care subscription services on the market today. The best part is, they are all really easy to use and get delivered right to your door. Now, creating an envy-worthy lawn is easier than ever before – you don’t even need to leave your home (or lawn, I should say)!


Looking for something a bit less expensive without compromising on quality? Then Sunday Lawn Care might be the best option for you! Sunday Lawn Care offers its customers Smart Lawn Plans that are curated for the soil and climate. Of course, that means you will have to send in a (free) soil test to get a 100% accurate and efficient mixture.

What’s great about Sunday is that they have a wide range of products to choose from. For example, here are some of their powerhouse, nutrient-rich products you may receive:

  • Grass Powerhouse – made with iron, nitrogen, and seaweed, you can expect a lush garden and a dark green hue that is highly desirable.
  • Lawn Strong – This blend comes with nitrogen, soy protein, and molasses to ensure your lawn looks greener than ever before while also being at peak performance.
  • Winter Prep – With potassium, manganese, and a micronutrient blend, this potent blend is ideal for prepping your lawn for the cold, harsh winter seasons.

They also have top-notch seeds designed for certain climates with an accurate measurement of how much sunlight and water are needed for growth. For example, the FESCUE RESCUE blend is best for northern transitional climates and needs medium sunlight and watering. They also have natural weed control, too, for those pesky, unsightly weeds.

All in all, Sunday is a special subscription box that comes with incredible, all-natural ingredients for a beautiful lawn. They only send a few boxes out per year, but that’s why it can be priced so nicely (starts at $119 per year). Tip: Sunday frequently offers promo codes that save you up to $20 and provide free shipping. Read full review here.


Lawnbright is undeniably one of the most sought-after lawn care subscription services and for a good reason, too. This company utilizes science-based data to ensure they’re providing their customers with natural products that suit their soil, weather, and climate.

Another major plus of using Lawnbright is that the products are incredibly easy to use. They don’t require any fancy equipment or extra purchases. All you need is a hose, and you can indulge in these natural lawn products. Simply hook it up and start spraying!

Lawnbright creates custom boxes for their customers with ingredients that suit your needs, and there are no harsh chemicals or toxins – ever. This means a safer product for your lawn and the environment as a whole. To do this, Lawnbright has their customers do the following:

  1. Tell Lawnbright about your lawn in less than a minute.
  2. Send in the (free) soil test kit.
  3. Lawnbright works effortlessly to find custom lawn care that works for you and your yard.
  4. Natural and organic products are delivered right to your door every eight weeks.
  5. Spray the products on your lawn and enjoy.

Need extra help? Lawnbright has you covered. Not only do they provide their customers with sensational, natural ingredients, but they also include a Lawn Intelligence System that sends texts to guide you to use the products based on the weather.

As far as pricing is concerned, each subscription starts at $200 per year ($16/mo). Of course, this price can change based on the yard size and growing season. And don’t worry – plans pause during the wintertime, so nothing goes to waste.

Basically, if you’re looking for a natural lawn care service that takes the guesswork out of things, Lawnbright is your best bet. They create customized plans that will ensure your lawn grows to its peak potential. It’s such an easy-to-use platform, too, that anyone can use this subscription without hassle.

Lawn Serv

You want lawn care that’s easy and natural, right? Well, Lawn Serv is ready to serve you with its incredible products. Oh, and by the way – there are also a few (not) natural products available if you’re into that sort of thing.

Lawn Serv is one of the easiest subscription lawn care services you could ever deal with. They work with a two-part system. First and foremost, you will send in your soil test kit to get customized products for your soil type and climate.

After the first test, you will receive a custom mix of products that will include (as needed):

  • Pro Grade Fertilizer
  • Weed Control
  • Bug Control
  • pH Control

Essentially, each package that is sent to your doorstep will have everything you need to create a rich and healthy lawn, no matter where you live. Subscriptions for all-natural products start at $39 per month and are only shipped out when necessary. Shipments are based on your climate so that some areas may receive more shipments than others.

And don’t worry about struggling with Lawn Serv products. While you shouldn’t have an issue understanding how to use their products, extra help is available. Lawn Serv is known for its great customer service, and there are plenty of how-to videos available for streaming. Also, check out their tips to caring for your lawn a cinch!


Anyone that is specifically struggling with a weed or disease (or both) problem in their lawn should highly consider going the Turfbox route. Yes, the products are still all-natural, but they are guaranteed to work.

With Turfbox, you have three superior options, including:

  • Weed Prevention Program – With this box, customers receive a granular pre-emergent herbicide that works through spring and fall to ensure no ugly weeds are hassling your lawn.
  • Disease Prevention Program – This box contains fungicides that are essential to keeping disease away from your lawn. This means you won’t have to worry about thin turf, unsightly bare patches, or spotting of the soil.
  • Weed and Disease Prevention Program – This program offers you both! So, if you know your lawn routinely struggles with weeds and disease, you will want to go with the combo package.

Turfbox products are easy to use, and each package is designed to suit your grass type and lawn size, so you will get exactly what you need shipped right to your front door. Now, you can finally say goodbye to weed and disease for good. Did I mention this company tends to have some great specials on their subscriptions, too?


Looking for organic and nothing less? Lawnbox has you covered. This company strives to produce organic, top-of-the-line products that are safe for your lawn, family, and the environment. Here are just a few reasons why Lawnbox is such a standout natural DIY lawn care subscription service.

  • OMRI listed – All products used in Lawnbox are OMRI listed, which means a third party has reviewed them, and the ingredients have been approved as 100% organic ingredients.
  • No manure, biosolids, or waste products – This organic fertilizer isn’t like the rest. They never use manure, biosolids, or any other waste products to gather nitrogen. Instead, the products rely on soybean meal and sodium nitrate to gain natural nitrogen.
  • No fillers – This company also does not use fillers! That means that every ingredient in Lawnbox products serves a purpose for your lawn.
  • Designed with humic acid – Humic acid has proven to benefit the soil by improving its ability to hold onto nutrients and water while also helping the grass stand up against heat, droughts, and traffic. It is also known to strengthen roots, enhance a beautiful green color, and improve germination.

Pretty great, right? If you’re not sold yet, you will be happy to know that this company also uses data to create a customized subscription box. The company relies on your soil and grass types, expected rainfall, and growing days to create the right plan for you.

That said, the company relies on data rather than soil tests to compile your ideal box. This means you don’t have to wait to start getting your shipments. Just enter your information, select a plan, and start enjoying products delivered to your door right away.

Plans start at around $150 per year, and they even offer spreaders to help you with your journey towards the best lawn ever.


Gnome has offered some organic products for the past few years but launched its first-of-its-kind organic lawncare subscription recently. Subscription boxes start at $99 and run for six months at a time. The prices for subscriptions depend on your lawn’s size, and they include a soil testing kit to diagnose any nutrient deficiencies. The all-natural lawn treatments use only ingredients safe for kids and pets, yet the company guarantees a greener lawn in a few weeks. As a matter of fact, Gnome subscribers get a “Love Your Lawn” in 100 days or get your money-back guarantee. Read full review.


Lawnifi is one of the newer lawn care box subscriptions available. What distinguished their service from the others is three-fold: total lawn care, grass specific, and high quality. Whereas the others lawn boxes listed here primarily provide fertilizer for your lawn, Lawnifi also provides protection against insects and weeds. This distinction makes a huge difference in the appearance of your lawn. Lawnifi also sends you products that are specific to the grass type that you have. Finally, Lawnifi doesn’t send you weak lawn food and hope you don’t notice. In fact, they only use the best, commercial quality ingredients. Read full review.

Yes, Lawn Care Can Be Simple, Affordable, and Natural with these Subscription Services

Any of these lawn care subscription services for natural DIY lawn care will provide you with superior results that won’t disappoint. However, everyone has certain needs when it comes to choosing a subscription. That said, it is important to pay attention to the minor details of these subscription services.

Some people may prefer a lower price while others want entirely organic products. Others might have specific problems they need to combat, such as weed or disease.

Whichever lawn care subscription service you choose, you can rest assured that these lawn care subscription services will provide you with a lush, healthy lawn that the whole neighborhood will be envious of.

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