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5 Best Places to Buy Indoor Plants Online

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An industry that has continued to grow since the early days of the Internet is the online tree and plant sales industry. Online plant and tree stores are exactly what they sound like – you browse, select, and purchase the greenery you want and the stores ship them to you! With more and more online nurseries popping up, it can be difficult to pick which one to buy from. They all offer different plants and trees, so you may have to check out more than one to find what you are looking for. Keep reading to find out the 5 online stores with the best indoor trees and plants. 


First and foremost, FastGrowingTrees.com is one of the top options if you are shopping for indoor trees and plants. Founded in 2005, the South Carolina-based nursery is well-respected because the staff hand picks every indoor item that is purchased. The nursery also provides a Plant Care Resource Guide for every single indoor tree and plant purchased that has instructions on how to care for them.   

FastGrowingTrees.com is also great for beginners, as customers can make use of the “FGT Plant Finder” that tells them what indoor plants would be the best for their specific living layout and situation. Customers who know what plants are right for them can sort and use various filters to find their preferred options. Available houseplants include air purifying ones, pet-friendly ones, and “carefree ones,” which are great for customers wanting plants without having to care for them constantly. Available indoor trees include money trees, Ficus trees, umbrella trees, and more. 

FastGrowingTrees.com is very confident in its work and has a 30-day “Alive and Thrive” guarantee that ensures you will get your money back if a product is unhealthy when it arrives or if it withers within 30 days. If you have questions, the company’s website is a great place to contact them or you can call 800-973-8959.


Perhaps one of the most popular and best stores to find indoor plants and trees is PlantingTree.com. This family-owned store has very helpful staff that inspects every item before it leaves the nursery to get shipped to customers’ homes. Based in North Carolina, the nursery offers a “growing zone” tool that helps you choose which indoor plants and trees would be best in your specific location, as some plants and trees thrive more in different areas of the U.S. 

While PlantingTree has a slew of outdoor items to choose from, it also has plenty of indoor plants and trees, too. A fan favorite is the Key Lime Tree, which is always great for pies and refreshing limeades in the summer. Indoor blood orange trees and the Meyer lemon trees are also top picks from the nursery. Plenty of indoor gardenias are available and you’ll need to hurry if you want the Arabica coffee plant, as it’s a best seller and runs out of stock often. 

Another reason customers love PlantingTree is because they pre-grow the roots of many of their plants and trees, meaning they will bloom faster than those that do not have pre-grown roots. The company boxes items in specially-made boxes that are geared towards holding plants and trees, and you can even get free shipping if you spend more than $119. Visit the website or call 980-444-2353 for any questions. 

Nature Hills Nursery

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Nature Hills Nursery prides itself on being “America’s Largest Online Plant Nursery.” The nursery was founded 20 years ago and has since grown into a huge operation that offers endless plants and trees, including indoor ones. This nursery is Plant Sentry-certified so customers can be sure it follows all applicable laws, which includes blocking the sales of certain plants and trees if they are not allowed to be sold in a certain state or area. 

An excellent indoor tree, especially for the entryway of your home, is the Neanthe Bella Palm that can be purchased from Nature Hills Nursery. If you’re looking for a pop of color, the Scarlet Star Bromeliad or any of the indoor azaleas are perfect picks. If you’re interested in plants and trees in general, Nature Hills Nursery has a blog that provides great information and advice for any type of nature. If you grow outdoors, too, be sure to check out their selection of roses, as it’s incredible! The nursery makes sure you know how to care for your indoor trees and plants by including instruction forms for each one. For questions, call 888-864-7663 or browse the website. 

Spring Hill Nurseries

Spring Hill Nurseries is located in Harrison, Ohio and offers a slew of plants and trees that can be grown indoors. The “Hardiness Zone Map” helps customers determine which plants and trees might thrive the best in their home, and the nursery provides instructions on everything from what to do when your plants or trees arrive at your home to how to maintain them for their lifespan. 

You can’t go wrong with the Washington Navel Orange Tree that smells great and looks even better year-round. The Herb Sweet Basil Plant has touches of mint, anise, and cloves, making it a great addition to your favorite recipes. If you like unique-looking plants, the indoor pink voodoo lily is beautiful and it is also fun to watch how it grows. The website has a great chart for what is growing and shipping at various times of the year, so be sure to check that or call 513-354-1509 to find out more. 

Garden Goods Direct

Last, but certainly not least, Garden Goods Direct is another stellar choice if you are looking to buy indoor plants and trees. Located in Bowie, Maryland, the nursery sells countless products for you to choose from and has deemed itself “America’s Online Garden Center.” The company offers high quality, hand-picked plants and trees at affordable prices and also sells accessories and other gardening needs you may need. The website includes a blog with useful guides and tips, and orders of more than $125 ship to you at no cost. 

Garden Goods Direct has more indoor trees than many of the other available online nurseries, which includes tangerine trees, fig trees, mandarin trees, and more. The nursery truly understands the benefits of having plants and trees in your home, so it makes sure to sell a wide variety of them. The houseplant selection is extensive and includes unique offerings such as snake plants and dieffenbachias. Don’t forget to browse the “Miscellaneous” section, as you might find what you want hidden in there. If you need assistance, you can submit a ticket on the website. 


Since you have read this far, you now know what the five online stores with the best indoor trees and plants are. The nurseries outlined above undoubtedly have what you are wanting for your home, and their websites and customer services are all more than willing to assist customers regardless if they’re novices or plant aficionados. If you’re looking for some indoor greenery, start at the nurseries above. 

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