Best 5 Places to Buy Zoysia Grass Seed and Plugs Online

Zoysia grass is widely used in many areas because it is both hardy and lush. In fact, Zoysia grass is commonly used on golf fairways because it produces thick grass that requires less watering and less mowing than other grass varietals. This is because Zoysia grass doesn’t simply grow vertically, it expands out to the sides as it grows to cover more area.

Zoysia grass is heat and drought resistant. While it loves plenty of sunshine, it’s also well equipped to grow in shade. Similarly, it is primarily a warm weather grass but can tolerate cold temperatures (up to 30 degrees below freezing). It is a truly low maintenance grass that can withstand heavy traffic and is great for families with young kids and pets. Because it grows so thickly, it helps to choke out weeds, insects, and pests.

Late spring or early summer are the best times to grow Zoysia grass and hardiness zones 6-11 offer the most ideal conditions for growth. It can be grown either from seed, sod, or plugs though most often grown from sod as growing from seed can be a long process.

So where can you buy this almost too-good-to-be-true grass that will provide your yard with a lush, green carpet? We’ve got 5 of the best places to buy Zoysia grass seed and plugs online.

Do My Own

Started in 2004, Do My Own has grown to become one of the premiere lawn, garden, and pest control online retailers. With competitive pricing and convenient shopping, Do My Own is a great option for anyone looking to buy Zoysia grass online.

The Do My Own website is neatly organized into several categories like pest control, equipment, animal care, and lawn and garden. Not only will you find related products to purchase under each category, but you’ll also find helpful resources like lawn care and DIY gardening videos as well as a super-handy fertilizer selector tool.

With competitive pricing and a wide selection of seeds and plugs, you can easily compare different brands, sizes and products to find exactly what you need. You can filter your search results according to price, brand or even climate. It is a convenient one stop shop for all your lawn care needs.

Located in Georgia, Do My Own is focused on bringing customers quality products and providing the best customer experience. They carry only professional-grade products and have a team of lawn care and pest experts dedicated to making sure you are satisfied. They offer free and fast delivery all over the country. Because they buy in bulk quantities, they are able to pass along savings to their customers.


Amazon needs little introduction especially for consumers who are familiar with popular online shopping sites. In addition to the thousands of other products available on Amazon, you can also find Zoysia grass seed. One of the biggest advantages of shopping on Amazon is their selection and convenience. You will find a huge variety of brands, sizes, and types of Zoysia grass from seeds to plugs and even sod.

Amazon offers convenient shopping with fast and efficient delivery, easy returns, and competitive pricing. You can easily compare brands and prices but be sure you clearly read the labels, so you understand the exact quantity and product you are purchasing.

Unlike some of the other retailers on our list, Amazon does not have some of the important ancillary information you may be looking for like tips and tricks to for growing. However, they do have hundred (often thousands) of reviews of their products as well as FAQs that you can browse to better understand the products you are interested in buying.

Zoysia Farms

Zoysia Farms is a Zoysia grass seed, sod, and plug specialist. The experts at Zoysia Farms specialize is this type of grass so you know you’re getting not only the best quality product but also the most comprehensive information about this particular type of grass.

Their website is easy to navigate and if you know what you need and are simply looking to make a purchase, it is quick and convenient. However, we’re pretty sure you’ll end up spending some time reading their helpful tips and tricks or watching their videos about how to get the perfect lush, green lawn. They have tons of articles and instructions to ensure you have everything you need to get started.

Zoysia Farms is beloved by customers all over the country. From the northeast to the southwest, families love the look, feel and durability of their Zoysia grass and especially love the unparalleled customer service of the team at Zoysia Farms. They frequently run deals and discounts (especially if you sign up for their mailing list) and their pricing is transparent. They help you to understand exactly how much you need and are always available for any questions.

All their products go through strict quality control measures and are shipped as soon as the grass is freshly harvested. The professionals at Zoysia Farms are so sure you’ll love their products the guarantee to replace any grass that does not produce new green shoots within 45 days.


Like Amazon, Lowe’s is another massive and popular online retailer that regularly stocks well-known brands of Zoysia grass seed. Here you can buy seed, sod, or plugs to be delivered or sometimes to be picked up in store. Lowe’s regularly runs sales and offers convenient free shipping.

If you have a brick-and-mortar location nearby, you can visit them for more information or expertise on growing Zoysia grass. Many employees in their lawn and garden departments may be able to answer your questions or able to help.


Lawnifi takes a scientific approach to lawn care starting with building a strong foundation of better soil. They offer high quality Zoysia plugs that will produce dense grass with a beautiful dark green shade.

As part of the Sod Solutions Family, there is tons of helpful information on the Lawnifi site to help you grow and manage your Zoysia grass. They have a comprehensive maintenance guide that will take you from spring to fall to ensure you get the most out of every season and keep your lawn healthy for years to come. Their downloadable PDFs can be easily saved and referred to as needed. You can also browse their impressive collection of blog posts to answer any questions or concerns that arise.

Lawnifi takes extra steps to ensure you get the best products available like only shipping on Mondays and Tuesdays so your seeds or plugs are never sitting in a warehouse through the weekend. Customers love the expertise and advanced knowledge of the Lawnifi team. They are committed to helping you grow a lawn that your whole family can enjoy and is the envy of the neighborhood.

In addition to Zoysia grass plugs, they offer and impressive line of fertilizers to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant.  

Zoysia grass is one of the most popular types of grass throughout the country and for good reason. It is low maintenance and produces are luxurious, carpet-like lawn that is both beautiful and durable. Visit any of these online retailers to get started on transforming your lawn today.

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  1. Hello. I would like to know where I may purchase Zoysia plugs in Australia. I have planted Rye grass and Kentucky Blue grass and they are both not doing well in NSW Mid North Coast. I am trying to establish a lawn.

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