3 Ways to Making Your Solo Lawn Mowing Business a Success

Without a doubt, running a lawn mowing business has its peculiarities. While it is easy to enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass and the sight of well-catered flowers when they begin to blossom, running a lawn care business is much more than these. There are several other important aspects of the business to look out for if you are looking to take your lawn mowing business to the next level. Just like most other businesses, you have to make sure your current customers are satisfied as you try to gain new ones. I’ve had a solo lawn mowing business for 3 years now and it is doing really well. I can tell you from experience how I made my business a success and how you can do the same. Do these 3 things well and your lawn care business will make it – guaranteed!

1. Get a Website

Without a doubt a huge factor in the success I’ve experienced is having a website for my business. It makes me look so much more professional. Whether I am advertising on craigslist, on flyers, nextdoor, business cards, or facebook, having my website address listed makes it look like I take my business seriously, which I do. The internet connects people more than ever before. The interesting thing about this is that this connection is only going to increase as time goes by. This is why businesses are now working hard to strategically position themselves online, and mowing businesses are no different.

With a website you can provide all necessary information about your services to prospects around you. People looking for any of the services you offer nearby can just perform a Google search and you should pop up.

And it’s never been easier, or cheaper, to setup a small business website. You do not need expert-level skills to create one. There are several website-creating platforms that have simplified the process. You must get a website for your lawn business!

2. Integrity is critical

The integrity of any small business owner is absolutely critical to getting good reviews and promoting the mouth-to-mouth spread of your name. I’ve had numerous customers tell me that they absolutely love the fact that I show up when I said I would. This is the way I’ve always lived my life, so it was a surprise to me to hear this, especially so many times. I soon realized that most people do NOT do this. People love the predictability of having a worker simply do what they say they will do, whether it is showing up on time, mowing your yard the way you say you will, or anything else. This is a really simple concept, but one that most people simply can’t seem to pull off – do what you say and say what you do. Believe me, your customers will love you for it and they will tell all of their friends how great you are. Your service may not even be as good as others, but by being predictable and friendly they will never fire you for another worker.

3. Always Aim for Excellence

It goes without saying that you need to actually do a good job for your business to be a success. After all, the best marketer of the services you offer is a satisfied customer. As much as possible, ensure that all your latest job is always your best. This way, more people get to see your work and you start to get more referrals. As the business grows, ensure that you get all the necessary tools and equipment to make your work more efficient and faster.

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