4 Best Robot Mowers Under $1000

With lots of warm weather and fun to be had, household chores can become all the more dreadful. Instead of having fun after a long work week, you may have to mow the lawn on the weekend. But there is another way – have your robot do it! While residential robotic mowers may seem like a fairly new concept, they have been around even longer than the robotic vacuum. These robotic mowers have been used for years for commercial spaces, like with golf clubs that need to cut a massive number of greens with precision. But it hasn’t been until recently that prices have come down enough to warrant mainstream adoption.

If you’re tired of devoting your spare time to lawn maintenance, you may be excited to hear that recent innovations have brought down the cost of robotic mowers drastically! Automated mowers are now coming in at below $1000. Although that price may seem high, when you consider the time you save – both mowing and maintenance time, it becomes a lot more reasonable. Since a lawnmower is a purchase meant to last a decade or more, the decision can be a nerve-wracking one – especially when you’re considering making the switch to a robot mower! Here’s our 4 favorite robot lawnmowers that cost less than $1000.  


When thinking about trying out a robotic mower for the first time, the MowRo is a great place to start. The mower is great for residential applications, as it can cut up to ¼ of an acre at a time. The newest model will only set you back $899, which is cheaper than most manual ride-on mowers! You can also spring for an outdated model to save even more, but you won’t get all the bells and whistles included with the newest model. Namely, the newest MowRo mowers do not exude as much noise pollution as a standard mower, clocking in at only 65 decibels. The MowRo is also perfect for hilly lawns with the ability to climb slopes up to 30 degrees. The benefits of the Mowro don’t stop there, though, because this handy mower is great for setting customizable grass heights to get the perfect cut every time. The Mowro also will not take up any garage space, as it’s fine to leave outdoors with its water and dust resistant construction. The Mowro is a lot less work than one would imagine a robotic mower would be, because once the mower is programmed to your preferences and schedule, it will cut the lawn automatically at your programmed time. Given the high quality to cost ratio, the MowRo is a great place first robotic mower to purchase.

Worx Landroid

The Worx is another great high functioning mower for less than $1000, with the newest model coming in at $950. Like the MowRo, the Worx Landroid 20-Volt 7-in Robotic Lawn Mower can only cut 1/4 of an acre at a time. The Worx also has pricier versions that can cut all the way up to ½ an acre at a time! In our opinion, if your lawn is less than 1/4 of an acre, it probably won’t be worthwhile to spring for the more expensive model, since the Worx mower can be re-charged after every cut.

In addition to standard mowing capabilities, the Worx Landroid mower has built-in GPS to track the cut pattern and see where the unit is at all times.  Another extra feature that the Worx mower has is the ability to remotely control the mower from your phone via Bluetooth or WiFi. Despite this extra feature, the Worx app is extremely user-friendly, even for those not technologically savvy. User-friendliness is a common theme for the Worx brand, so if you’re worried about managing the technology of a robot mower, Worx may be a good option for you! Worx even offers an affordable protection plan to protect your investment in your new electric mower.

One last great feature of the Worx is its ability to handle rugged terrain. Those with uneven lawns will know the hassle of getting a mower stuck and re-adjusting – with the Worx, that becomes a problem of the past! Where other mowers get stuck, Worx overcomes and continues to cut according to plan.  The floating disc blade on the Worx automatically lifts up to avoid getting jammed on uneven terrain, making it require little to no monitoring from its user.

Sileno City

The Sileno City robotic mower by Gardena is slightly more pricy than the previous two models on the list, coming in at $1000 on the nose. At this price, the Sileno City mower can cut up to 5400 square feet at a time, which is about 1/8 of an acre. The Sileno City mower comes with many of the great features that the two previous mowers possess, creating a technologically-loaded combination of the two.

The Sileno City mower also features the user-friendly Bluetooth technology that the Worx does, while maintaining a slightly quieter mow than the MowRo (57 db versus 60 db). The Sileno City also mows regardless of the weather and boasts an impressive max climbing angle of up to 35%. The Sileno City can even strategically leave behind grass clippings it cuts, which can be useful for fertilizing your lawn. Given the Sileno City is such an expensive purchase, it may also be useful to know that every model has the option to purchase a two- or three-year protection plans from $70 to $94.


For those a little wary of spending so much on a robot mower without ever having used one before, the Yoleny is a great place to start. The Yoleny is one of the most budget-friendly electric mowers available, coming in at almost half the price as the other mowers on this list. The $499.99 price point is especially impressive considering that you won’t have to sacrifice too much quality when compared to the other mowers on this list. The Yoleny can cut lawns up to 4,305 square feet (1/10 acre) at a time, with a maximum cutting angle of 30 degrees. Unlike other robotic mowers, the Yoleny is not waterproof, and returns to the charging base if it feels rain. Unlike other mowers, the Yoleny features a great safety system, making it a great option for families with young kids or pets. When the mower is knocked over or picked up, it automatically shuts off, preventing anyone from being harmed by the mower. This mower does boast some adjustability in grass cutting height, although not as much as some other brands of robotic mowers. The cutting range can be adjusted from one inch to two inches off the ground. Given the price, the Yoleny is an excellent choice for those who want to dip their toe into the robotic mower market.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a new robotic mower at the best value, or simply eager to eliminate a chore, these 4 mowers are great choices for you. There are a wide range of features, price points, and more in the robotic mower market. Keep in mind, these mowers also come with different models, so if you want to spring for extra options at an increased price point, that’s an option you can pursue as well. One of the most fascinating things about robotic mowers is their user-friendliness. Although these mowers are an advanced piece of technology, many of these brands have worked diligently to make the robotic mower experience as easy as possible. And as more and more people buy robot mowers, more of them will be available for less than $1000.

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