4 Crazy Powerful Electric Zero Turn Mowers

Electric zero turn lawn mowers, as intensively as they use battery power, should be seen as your gateway to electric everything, tools-wise. So carefully consider which electric lawn mower is right for you. There are a few different, well-rated families to choose from, including RYOBI, Weibang, and Cub Cadet. It’s important not to bank on an established name to produce an excellent electric lawnmower for you because big names like Husqvarna or John Deere are not battery innovation-oriented, nor are they tool-making companies. Because electric zero turn riding lawn mowers rely on powerful batteries, they get bundled with electric tools more than they get clubbed with traditional lawn equipment.

While there are several options available in the market, we have sought out the top-rated ones for you to consider. Many of these models can be found at traditional retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s, so you can get a feel hands-on, with a good return policy and warranty options.

RYOBI’s 42 Inches 75Ah Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

RYOBI’s 42 Inches 75Ah Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower is among the top-rated offerings in the line. You are investing in a 48 V system, completely electric with little to no maintenance. This model comes with four high-powered brushless motors, and despite using 75 AF batteries, cuts as much as 2.5 acres on a single charge. You’ll also get a 42-inch steel deck, which is fitted with two high-quality steel blades. Despite bigger, more powerful models existing, this one is our favorite because it also comes with zero-turn technology, giving you a clean-cut lawn after every use. To adjust for the cut, you get a 12 position manual deck adjustment system. Typical electric lawn mowers come with a central control panel, which in this case will activate your blades, lower your speed, adjust your headlights, and update you on the amount of juice remaining. The charging port in the back uses an ordinary 120V socket. You can adjust the cutting height between 1.5 inches and 4.5 inches. Since your system is entirely electrical, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, meaning you don’t have to worry about spark plugs, filters, belts, etc.

Some stores, like Home Depot, also offer this mower in a bundled package with other lawn equipment. With this Home Depot bundle, you will pay a bit more than buying the mower itself, but you get a free string trimmer and a blower (everything electric). The included 4.0 Ah batteries will work with the collection of RYOBI electrical tools, batteries, and chargers. Intended as a residential product, you also get the reverse mowing function, swivel front wheels, tool-free adjustments, a charging USB port, a built-in hitch, and everyone’s favorite- a cupholder. This is also a mulching lawnmower that uses a keyed start.

If your budget is $5000 or more, or if you have four or more acres to trim at one time, you could go with the next model up, which features a 54-inch cutting width and a fabricated deck type. This model features five brushless motors. While still billed for residential usage, you also get an adjustable handlebar assembly and pneumatic tires. Everything is supersized here; for example, you get two cupholders, three precision-cut steel blades, armrests, a one-year battery warranty in addition to the standard three-year warranty overall, together with side discharging and mulching capabilities. This model does not have bagging capabilities or extra freebies.

RYOBI’s 42 inches 100Ah Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

The most notable feature of this model is the 100 Ah battery. This riding lawn mower comes with three brushless motors, and yet you get a super smooth and quiet battery-powered riding experience. There is a three-year warranty to help you make the transition to electric. Given you are reading this, that should only help you commit even more firmly to an electric choice. The cutting performance is unmatched, with two of the brushless motors having instantly available torque powering the twin-blade cutting system. You also get an onboard control panel for the price tag you will pay, with straightforward engagement with blades, LED headlights, etc. While you can check the battery level and use the provided USB port, there is a separate lever for adjusting the mowing height between 1.5 inches and 4.5 inches. There are 12 positions for deck adjustment. This model is equipped with a 12 gauge steel deck, and the overall design is rugged. This makes sense, given the rigor that big mowing jobs can bring. But given the electric system, you should enjoy the intuitive handling that comes despite the size of the beast. You can thank the instantly available electric torque for that (precisely what helps a Tesla beat a Ferrari in a speed run).

That brings us to the battery: your 100Ah battery will mow down up to 3 acres on a single charge. The smaller 75Ah option will proportionately complete 2.25 acres. Brushless motor design makes them long-lasting, low maintenance, and high on torque and power (stay away from models without such a motor). You get a 42-inch heavy-duty steel deck with side discharge that is capable of mulching and bagging. The charging port is provided in the back and uses a standard 120 V outlet so you can park and charge anywhere. A towing hitch comes included by default. Here is the best part: your system is powered by a widely available battery, including from other manufacturers (making it reasonably priced).

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1

This is a 56V system, but it comes with a 60 Ah battery. This model made it to our list because it allows you zero turn cutting. Despite a smaller battery, you can trim up to 2 acres on a single charge. Lithium-ion batteries give you full speed on consistently high power until you exhaust the battery – so no power fade. Brushless motors are powering the blades, balancing airflow and efficiency. You have the side discharge option, as well as bagging and mulching capabilities. Cub Cadet gives you a four-year battery warranty which is quite something (the machine itself only has a three-year warranty). Then there is the focus on rider comfort. You can choose between the 15-inch or 20-inch adjustable premium cut and seal, high seat options. As with RYOBI, you have great attachment versatility. You also get two USB ports and powerful LED lights in the head.

Its corrosion defense system is automotive grade, keeping your 2″ x 2″ tubular steel frame protected over the years. The rear tires provided are larger for added traction. Once again, you can charge this mower using a standard wall outlet, letting you park flexibly. Another feature that caught our eye was a dual automatic electric transmission that enables weaseling out of the toughest ruts with ease. You can count on powerful electric torque, available immediately on command and without fade to help with that. The twin blades are set on a 42-inch deck, which is 13 gauge. Your foot pedal is provided with spring assist for deck lift, upon 15 positions. There is also a special polymer seat suspension system to add to your comfort, together with other ergonomic provisions like handgrips to bring down operator fatigue. There is little to no assembly required, and this model is fully crated.

EGO POWER+ 42” Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Like other zero-turn mowers on this list, the EGO POWER+ Z6 is a versatile electric lawn mowing solution. Running on 56V 10 Ah ARC Lithium batteries (compatible with your other EGO POWER+ tools), you can mow up to 2 acres on a single charge. When you purchase the Z6 you’ll get 4 of these powerful batteries, but there is actually a capacity to hold six batteries, so you can get a total battery power of 60 Ah and extend your mowing time. These powerful batteries will give you the power equivalent to a gas engine with 22 HP, reaching up to a top speed of 8 MPH. Charging time is often a concern with electric mowers, but not with the Z6 as it is one of the fastest charging electric zero-turn mowers on the market, fully charging in about 2 hours.

The Z6’s brushless motor gives you both the power and performance you want. With a 12 gauge 42” deck, side discharge, an adjustable cutting height of 1.5-4.5”,  and an LCD interface with three different driving modes, your lawn is sure to look good. This model also comes with mulching and bagger capabilities but they must be purchased separately. The hydraulic high-back seat with lumbar support will ensure the chore is as comfortable as possible. This comfort is enhanced with premium features including LED lights, a USB charging port, and Bluetooth. The dual lap bars and 11” front wheels make the Z6 an optimal choice for uneven terrain. This model even offers a 5-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

Which One To Choose?

Much of what you go with depends upon your situation: what kind of grounds must you tend, your budget, the size of your lot, etc. We recommend going with a more rugged model, from among the ones discussed initially, even if you invest more upfront. This way, you will access battery systems that are reasonably priced in the long run, with good availability. Cheaper products will make you pay in the end, and you will never have the premium features that you didn’t invest in – no matter what accessory pack you buy. As technology has improved, so have electric zero turn mowers. This is why only a new mower can get you more brushless motors and larger deck size. If you prefer the steering wheel and style of a standard riding mower but still want to go electric, check out some of the most popular electric riding mowers.

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