Highest Rated Electric Riding Lawn Mowers

While a freshly mowed lawn looks great, actually taking the time to mow the lawn is a pain, not to mention noisy and bad for the environment. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. With more electric riding lawn mowers coming on the market, mowing is getting easier. No more getting ready only to find out you have to run to the gas station to get more fuel or that the spark plugs need replacing. All you have to do is remember to plug in the battery once you finish the job, so it’s ready for the next session. If you’ve been looking for a better lawn mowing solution, here are some of the highest-rated electric riding lawn mowers available.

Why Buy an Electric Riding Lawn Mower?

Electric riding lawn mowers are growing in popularity, but are they really better than their traditional, gas-powered counterparts? One of the biggest benefits of buying an electric mower is that it’s better for the environment since they have zero emissions. Running on battery means there is no fuel burnt, no exhaust, and no smelly fumes. Another major benefit is the low maintenance required. While traditional mowers have an engine that requires oil changes, belts, air filters, spark plugs, etc., electric mowers don’t have any of those things, meaning the maintenance involved is substantially less. A third reason everyone is transitioning to electric mowers is that they’re much more comfortable. While many are designed with comfort in mind (think high-back seat and USB ports), they’re also quieter, meaning you can finish your lawn without your ears ringing afterward.

If you’re concerned about the charging, you don’t have to be. Most of the electric mowers on this list can easily be charged using a standard 110-V outlet and can be fully charged and ready to go in just a few hours. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder everyone is making the switch to electric. Here are some of the electric riding lawn mowers we suggest.

RYOBI 48V Brushless 38-in 75 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

RYOBI has created a robust line of electric riding lawn mowers that are good for both your lawn and the environment. The 38-inch 75 Ah Electric Riding Lawn Mower offers a smooth and quiet ride with zero emissions. Even though the mower is entirely electric, it packs a punch with three high-powered brushless motors. The 75Ah batteries give you 2 hours of runtime, which should be sufficient enough to cover a lawn of up to 2 acres, with speeds ranging from 3-8 MPH. The rear-engine design makes charging easy with a rear charging port that runs on a standard 120-volt outlet. Simply plug it in the night before, and you’re ready to go come morning time. The electric battery also means that you don’t have to mess with gas or fumes. Likewise, it’s low maintenance since you don’t have to fuss with the belts, spark plugs, filters, etc., found in traditional gas-powered mowers.

While zero-turn mowers often have the best turning radius, the rear-engine design offers excellent handling with a 16” turning radius. The 12-gauge steel deck with two blades can be adjusted to 12 different positions between 1.5-4.5”, offering excellent cutting performance. There’s also the option to use a large-capacity bagger as well. It’s also been designed with rider comfort in mind. Users can easily access onboard control panels to engage the blades, operate the LED headlights, check battery level, and use cruise control. It even comes with a USB phone charger. Worried about something going wrong? RYOBI offers a 3-year limited warranty on the mower and a 1-year warranty on the battery too.

RYOBI 48V Brushless 38-in 100 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

If the previous RYOBI mower was intriguing but not powerful enough, then be sure to check out the 38-inch 100 Ah Electric Riding Lawn Mower. It is essentially the same mower, albeit with a stronger battery. Instead of the 75 Ah that comes with the previous model, this model comes with a 100 Ah battery. In other words, choosing this model means you have more runtime between charges. With a 100 Ah battery, you will be able to mow for 2.5 hours and cover about 2.5 acres. So if your yard is on the larger side or you just want that extra bit of reassurance, the 100 Ah model may be just what you need.

Weibang E-Rider 30-in 72V Lithium-Ion Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Mower

Weibang is a lesser-known brand than others on this list. Its 30-inch 72V Lithium-Ion Battery Electric Riding Mower is an excellent choice for keeping your lawn looking great while protecting the environment. Like the RYOBI models, Weibang’s mower is entirely electric, running on 72-Volt lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries will give you up to 2 hours of charge time, and you should be able to cover up to 2 acres. If you have tight spaces to get into, this model has a smaller cutting width than other models on our list, coming in at only 30”. The mowing deck offers dual blades with ten adjustable cutting positions between 1”-4.1.”

The mower also comes with key features to improve rider comfort, including an adjustable seat on springs. The user-friendly control panel lets you make adjustments to the mower, monitor battery level, etc. The LED headlights make it easy to see if you’re cutting at dusk to miss the peak heat of the day. There are also several built-in safety features to keep users safe. If you’re worried about dealing with impossible jams, you can rest assured knowing the mowing deck is designed to be easy to clean and that you get a 2-year limited warranty with residential use.  

Cub Cadet 30-in 56-Volt MAX 30 Ah Battery Lithium-Ion Electric Drive Cordless Riding Lawn Tractor

Cub Cadet has continually designed lawn mowers that are built to last, and their 30-in 56-Volt MAX 30 Ah Electric Riding Mower is no exception. Using the latest battery technology, this Cub Cadet electric riding mower uses a 1500-Watt hour lithium-ion battery that can quickly charge using a standard 110-Volt outlet in just 4-hours. On a single charge, you can mow up to 1-acre. Because the mower is battery operated, you’re free from the traditional maintenance mowers require. Being battery operated also means your ears and nose will thank you since it runs quieter and cleaner than a traditional mower.

One of the best things about this model is its compact size, taking up the space of only two garbage cans for easy storage. The compact design makes it easy to fit through 36” gates while still giving you reasonable coverage with its 30” single-blade cutting deck and 18” turning radius. Rider comfort is also kept in mind with a comfortable 15” high-back seat, a push-button cruise control, and 2 USB ports. Cub Cadet helps ease any worries when it comes to choosing this model with a 3-year limited residential warranty and a 4-year limited warranty on the battery.   

CRAFTSMAN E150 30-in Lithium-Ion Electric Riding Lawn Mower- Mulching Capable

If you’re looking for a powerful electric riding mower, be sure to check out the craftsman E150 30-inch Lithium-Ion Electric Riding Lawn Mower. This compact mower runs on a 56 V lithium-ion battery with 1500 watt-hours. Easily use the foot controls to mow up to one acre with the hour-long run time the battery gives you. Not only is the mower eco-friendly with reduced emissions and few maintenance requirements, but the compact design also lets you comfortably fit through gates and other narrow spaces in your yard with its 30-inch reinforced stamped steel deck and 18” turning radius.

Rider comfort is also kept in mind with numerous features designed to make the chore of mowing the lawn a bit more tolerable. For instance, the E150 offers soft-touch steering and a telescopic steering wheel, making the mower comfortable for users of varying heights. You’ll also get LED lights for nighttime visibility when you want to skip the heat of the day. Note that like other models on this list, CRAFTSMAN® gives you the option of adding an optional mulching kit to keep your lawn looking crisp. Likewise, you’ll get a 3-year limited warranty on parts and a 3-year battery warranty for peace of mind.  

Choosing the Right Electric Mower for You

When it comes down to it, you want to choose a model that will meet your needs, has the features you want and is within your budget. While traditional gas riding mowers can be more affordable, the long-term benefits of choosing electric will compensate for the initial difference. Plus, your ears, the earth, and your neighbors will thank you. If you know you don’t want a push mower, but these riding mowers aren’t hitting the mark either, consider checking out some of the popular zero-turn electric riding mowers too to find that match made in heaven for your yard. Or if you want to skip the riding part all together, consider getting an electric robot mower to do the work for you.

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