7 Insanely Powerful Battery String Trimmers

With the peak Voltage number on your battery string trimmer increasing, you can expect a higher peak power rating and longer performances. Therefore, powerful tools have a higher Volt rating for that extra torque when needed. Bear in mind, though, the Volt rating isn’t everything. Your battery must also produce enough current to increase the power in your tool. Along the lines of this discussion, let us look at some of the most powerful battery string trimmers.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX String Trimmer, Brushless, Two Speed, 15-Inch, 3-Ah Battery (DCST970X1)

dewalt string trimmer

This machine is easily our favorite, with the largest battery in its price range, 3 Ah. The build of this DEWALT battery trimmer is designed around power. The gear drive design of the trimmer allows you to tackle thickets of any intensity. You get longer run times on an already large battery via the brushless motor, which takes no maintenance. The trimmer accepts both lines, the 0.08-in and the 0.095-in, and the cutting width is 15-in. The Hi/Lo power setting helps you conserve energy for longer run times or draw that extra oomph for when you need it. At only 12 pounds, it’s definitely one of the lighter machines out there. One spool of 0.08-in dual-line comes installed. Enjoy the low noise and trigger-activated workflow (that means no pull cords) that comes in a FLEXVOLT system, letting you use a 20V battery should you need to.

Kobalt 80-Volt Max 16-in Straight Cordless String Trimmer (Battery Included)

This second-generation, improved Kobalt model is designed over an 80V system with ample power in mind. You still get 60 minutes of runtime when the 2.5 Ah battery is fully charged. The cutting width is adjustable to either 14-in or 16-in for fast results. You can expect brushless motors in most high-power battery string trimmers because they deliver more power easily when you face off with the corner thicket. Besides, there are technological and design upgrades over the previous generation, boosting performance significantly. For example, the rapid reload head takes only a tap to feed an additional line. Premium grade 0.08-in line is provided on the spool; an extra spool with 0.095-in line is additionally provided. Given your machine is centered around battery power, an onboard indicator helps keep a tab on the remaining juice. At the click of a button, you go between high and low power at the click of a button, modes providing you more control with ease. The tool itself is warranted for 5 years, though the battery is only covered for 3 years. Expect to cover between ½ and 1 acre over a single charge, which takes almost 75 minutes.

Greenworks Pro 80-Volt Max 16-in Straight Cordless String Trimmer (Battery Included)

With this Greenworks model, you get a slightly smaller battery at 2.0 Ah, but your system is still 80V. You don’t have to worry about the brushless motor; it’s included, plus it’s digitally controlled, quiet, and long-lasting. The runtime, as per the company, is 45 minutes. You again get a 16-inch wide cut path with 0.08-in dual-line bump feed heads. A word on balancing the tool in your hand: regardless of power, unless you have tried it for yourself, don’t buy! Front-mounted motor designs require a perfect balance, which Greenworks especially promises over an aluminum straight shaft. The battery for this trimmer charges in a half-hour and comes warranted for only 2 years (the tool itself is covered for four years). With some tweaking, you should be able to cover between a ½ to 1 acre in a single charge.

Greenworks Pro 60-Volt Max 16-in Straight Cordless String Trimmer (Battery Included)

The budget option in the Greenworks line comes with a 60V battery system that is compatible with 40+ tools. The Load N Go trimmer head allows for fast reloading, whereas the brushless motor is just as quiet and powerful, without maintenance. This model shows how comparable battery-powered trimmers are up to 25 pc lighter than their gas-powered counterparts. Although, in this case, the trimmer head and shaft are both Aluminum, which contributes to its lightness.

EGO POWER+ POWERLOAD 56-volt 15-in Split Cordless String Trimmer with (Battery Included)

ego power battery string trimmer

Even though the system bills at 60V and is priced as high as the more powerful competitors, the EGO POWER+ POWERLOAD 56-Volt is a bestseller. It comes with what’s known as POWERLOAD technology, which basically automatically winds the trimmer down, improving the user experience significantly. Replacing the string line is the other challenge with a trimmer, and this model makes it as easy as feeding the head and pressing the button. The Carbon fiber shaft is stronger than the Aluminum shafts with the more powerful models and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can quickly see how this model is already revolutionary (it’s also called as such). The brushless motor is to be expected and is highly efficient. The trimmer also comes with a dual-line feed, with a cutting swath of 15 inches. What we loved the most was that the model was compatible with all ARC Lithium batteries to adhere to Power Beyond Belief level performance (a full charge would take about 50 minutes). Additionally, your trimmer is covered for a period of 5 years.

EGO POWER+ Multi-Head System 56-Volt 15-in Split Cordless String Trimmer with Attachment Capable and (Battery Included)

If you love the EGO POWER+ 56V 15-inch string trimmer, but it just doesn’t have enough bells and whistles, there are certain upgrades available for an additional price. This advanced model is exclusively compatible with the EGO POWER+ Multi-Head System. It comes pre-wound with a 0.095-inch dual twist line. Besides, the construction is water-resistant to an extent (ipx4). Finally, the battery is upgraded to 5Ah (don’t worry, the fast charger comes included).

EGO POWER+ 56-volt 15-in Split Cordless String Trimmer with (Battery Included)

EGO POWER+ also has another option available for those looking for something more budget-friendly. With this model, you still get EGO’s 56V system, with a 15-in cutting swatch, and a 2.5Ah battery. You’re just swapping the Carbon fiber shaft for an Aluminum one. The rapid reload head, variable speed controls, high-efficiency brushless motor, weather resistance, etc., are all included.

Why Go With Battery Powered Trimmers Over Gas Based?

Battery-powered trimmers definitely have the edge over traditional gas-based trimmers. For one, you do away with the smell, smoke, and vibrations. You’ll also get a lighter machine that’s cordless and at times more powerful than the gas engine. This allows you to maintain a balance in your forearm and fight the bush for longer.

Battery-powered tools, including battery powered zero turns, are getting stronger and cheaper as Li-ion batteries become more accessible and cost-effective. They also allow uninterrupted workflows, needing a simple battery swap for the longer jobs. You can use the same battery pack often in nearly your entire family of tools, helping along your adaptation to a cordless workflow. A fast charger can miraculously improve how you feel about things, and one can be acquired aftermarket if your model didn’t come with one. In the future, recharging these battery packs may be super convenient and cheap with renewable sources.

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