Best Lawn Mower Blade for Every Situation

Lawnmowers are essential for most homeowners. Even a small patch of grass will become an unruly eyesore if allowed to grow uncut. It’s important to purchase a sturdy, well equipped lawnmower for a well-manicured lawn. The type of mower you purchase will depend on several factors including the size and layout of your yard, the type of grass, and your budget.

But it’s not just the mower itself that can mean the difference between a lush and tidy lawn and a plot of overgrown weeds. The right lawnmower blade can make all the difference. You want to be sure whichever mower you purchase, it’s fitted with the right kind of blade. A dull or incorrect blade can render even the most expensive and reputable lawnmower, ineffective and useless. Be sure the blade is the right size, as one that is either too long or too short will cause problems.

Lawnmower blades are easy to replace and surprisingly varied in purpose and price. So how go you know what’s the best blade for the job? We can help.

Best Blade for Mulching and Bagging

To properly mulch, you need to ensure grass is not clumped together and the blades enter the bag with plenty of air flow. Some blades are better at promoting air flow. These blades often have teeth that separate the grass as it enters the bag.

Rotary Blades for Deck/Craftsman/Poulan/Husqvarna

The Rotary Blades for Deck/Craftsman/Poulan/Husqvarna is not only compatible with most 48-inch lawnmowers, but it also comes with three sturdy blades for unparalleled performance. It has a five-point star mounting hole making it easy to attach securely. These blades are thick and sturdy and will withstand encounters with rocks or other small objects. 

Each blade has serrated edges that comb through grass and easily lift clippings into the mower bag.

MaxPower 21-inch Universal Mulching Mower Blade

Another highly versatile and effective mulching mower blade is MaxPower’s 21-inch Universal Mulching Mower Blade. This blade is designed to fit over five-point star and bow-tie mounting shafts so it can be used with any push mower (with a 21-inch deck). It is a cinch to install and well-priced for the value.

The blade has teeth designed to obliterate clumps of grass and has a steep lift, perfect for mulching. The blade is 4 inches wide and comes with all the washers and fittings needed to install it.  

Best Blade for Cutting Thick Grass

Thick grass like Bermuda or St. Augustine looks amazing but can reap havoc on your mower. Thicker grass tends to dull blades more quickly and make your mower work harder. Installing blades meant for lush grass can not only save you time but will also help your mower work more efficiently so it lasts longer.

MaxPower 561713X

MaxPower blades can work on a variety of mowers including Craftsman, Husqvarna, and Poulan. The MaxPower 561713X is a 42-inch powerhouse that has a five-point star mount for easy installation. Each blade is 2.5 inches wide and highly durable. They work well on uneven ground and will withstand pebbles or debris.

You’ll need to sharpen these blades on arrival and twice per year for maximum benefit. They work quietly with minimal vibrations and are considered a high lift blade.

USA Mower Blades

USA Mower Blades are another great option for cutting through thick grass. Like MaxPower blades, they have a universal fit and can work on most mower brands that have a 42-inch deck. Unlike some other blades designed for thick grass, USA Mower Blades also work well for mulching.

These high lift blades have a five-point star installation and are ideal for both heavy-duty and light-duty jobs. Be sure to balance these blades properly though, as the vibrations can be difficult when out of balance. They work better on flat ground than on uneven terrain.

Best Blade for Striping

Adding stripes to your lawn elevates it from ordinary to extraordinary – and it’s not as hard as you think! You just need the right blades.

Stens 340 178 High Lift Blade

For larger lawns, you can’t beat the Stens 340 178 High Lift Blade. These durable blades come in sets of two and will easily produce a lovely striped effect. Each blade is 21 inches long and 2.25 inches wide and reasonably priced. The blades are 0.14 inches thick and are built to last.

These blades will fit on a variety of brands like Craftsman and Husqvarna but be sure to check that your model has six-point star installation before purchasing.  They work best on lawn mower tractors.

EGO Power +AB2101 High Lift Mower Blade

Although this EGO Power blade is designed to work with EGO Power mowers, it is compatible with other brands that match its size specifications. The EGO Power +AB2101 High Lift Mower Blade is a 21-inch, high lift steel blade that will stand up to the elements (like wet grass). It will not rust easily and will only need to be sharpened once or twice a year depending on the frequency of use.

It will help you achieve a striped look and enhance the overall look and feel of your lawn. It is well-priced and comes expertly sharpened.

Best Low Lift Lawnmower Blades

If you have a yard with sandy soil, try using a low-lift blade for best results. Low lift blades have lower suction power and edges that are less curved than standard blades. These blades with effective trim your grass without blowing dirt and debris into the air.

8TEN LawnRAZOR Low Lift Blade

8ten blade

8TEN LawnRAZOR blades are compatible with most major lawnmower brands. The steel blades are highly durable, and feature 8TEN’s signature bright green powder coated blades for maximum protection. These blades are built to last and affordably priced.

The blades come in sets of two and will arrive well-sharpened. The five-point star center hole makes them a breeze to install and further speaks to their compatibility. These well-made blades will work on residential or commercial sites and offer smooth cutting.  

USA Mower Low Lift Sand Blades

USA Mower offers low lift sand blades that are perfect for sandier soil. Each blade is 2.25-inches wide and 0.187-inches thick for superior quality. The five-point star center mounting makes them compatible with several major mower brands and easy to install.

These blades have very little lift and suction, so they take less power to operate. The USA Mower Low Lift Blades are also quieter and produce less dirt. They are the perfect blade for dusty terrain that requires less suction.

Understanding which type of lawnmower blade is best for your lawn is almost as important (arguably more important!) as finding the right lawnmower. Once you’ve determined which mower suits your lawn, climate, and needs best, you should consider your different blade options.

Most blades are made to fit on different machines so be sure to do your research and ensure you have the best blade for the job. This will not only make the job go quicker, but it will also give you a better looking lawn and help increase the lifespan of your mower.

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