Deep Lawn Automatic Quote Tool Review

Historically, lawn care businesses looking to grow would rely heavily on referrals and mailed advertisements, but ways to expand businesses have changed quite a bit in the last few years. Of course, the Internet has revolutionized advertising and provided ways to reach people without having to communicate with them directly. Online ads and price-calculating widgets are extremely commonplace now, and they can make sales processes a bit easier for businesses. The use of e-Commerce is becoming more and more popular, and companies in all industries – including the lawn care industry – are increasing the utilization of software to connect with potential customers. 

Deep Lawn Overview

A lawn care business looking to get more customers may want to look into Deep Lawn. Deep Lawn has created its own proprietary software that uses geospatial mapping and other technology features to determine the area of different lawns and properties. Deep Lawn’s services cater to all lawn care service companies, including landscaping businesses and pest control companies. The tool has also recently expanded to include accommodation for snow removal services. 

Deep Lawn makes it easy to gain new customers, as it makes the quoting and payment processes seamless and much quicker than customers are used to. There are various plans (described later) that cater to differently-sized businesses, and all come with no setup fees and no hidden fees. Deep Lawn may be a great solution for companies wanting a widget that can instantly provide customers with quotes 24/7 instead of having to individually address each quote request throughout the day and night. 

How it Works 

Think about it: Traditionally, a customer would call a lawn care company and ask its team to come out and provide a quote for lawn care services. The lawn care company would go to the prospective customer’s property, take measurements, and give a quote. If the quote was approved, most lawn care businesses would then have to schedule a different day to complete the job. The back-and-forth is time consuming and takes a long time to just get the services done. 

Deep Lawn, however, allows lawn care businesses and prospective customers to completely eliminate the back-and-forth. Instead, Deep Lawn’s e-commerce tool allows customers to input their addresses on a company’s website and automatically be given a quote for their lawn care services. Quotes are calculated based on Deep Lawn’s geospatial estimation technology, which can electronically analyze the overall square footage of a property and provide a corresponding quote. If something ever looks incorrect, customers can manually edit the calculated area and square footage. 

After getting a quote, customers who want to book with the specific lawn care company can pay directly and immediately with a major credit card. Overall, Deep Lawn says the sign-up-and-pay process can take under a minute, which is miniscule compared to the traditional way of landing lawn care customers. 

What It Includes and How to Register

Signing up for Deep Lawn is simple and lawn care businesses can choose from one of four plans: 

  • Launch – $40/month which provides 40 free searches and $1 for any search after that
  • Professional – $85/month which provides 100 free searches and $0.85 for any search after that
  • Performance – $150/month which provides 300 free searches and $0.50 for any search after that
  • Premium – $400/month which provides 1,000 free searches and $0.40 for any search after that

Deep Lawn’s plans all include its e-commerce tools, payment processing, automatic quote tool, data analytics, and unlimited services/packages. Deep Lawn does not charge any type of commission for any plan.

The process to sign up is quick and easy, as lawn care businesses interested in Deep Lawn simply need to choose a pricing tier, fill out a profile for their companies (including service areas), add lawn care services and packages, set up payment processing, and embed the Deep Lawn app on their websites. 

I signed up recently and the whole process took me about 30 minutes.

Here’s where you enter the services that you offer and the amounts you charge.
Here’s where you tell the software where your service area is. You can draw any shaped area of any size.
Here’s where you setup payment methods that your customers can use to send payment.
In your Deep Lawn account you’ll see lots of training videos if you need help.
This is what customers see when they use the app on your website. They enter their address and the app draws off an area that is their yard. They can modify the area to make it more accurate.
The app then generates a quote based on the size of the customers yard and the price per square foot that you entered in your account.
On this screen your customer can enter their information, special instructions, and submit payment.

How Well Does Deep Lawn Actually Work?

I have tested the app with a handful of properties in and near my home in Virginia. The key to getting it to generate a good quote is by playing with the [per thousand square feet price] that you enter in your settings. So just start with a property you know the cost to mow, and then change the [per thousand square feet price] until it generates the proper quote. You can get a test quote for any address in your account.

Is Deep Lawn Worth the Cost?

I have to say I don’t know yet from personal experience. But I can imagine that, based on your business and your market, it certainly could be. With more and more people (especially younger people) used to doing everything on their phones, Deep Lawn brings the capability to sign up and pay for lawn care (without having to interact with anyone) to them. This could be a huge boost for many lawn care businesses across the country.

How to Contact Deep Lawn

Deep Lawn offers a “live and local” customer service team that can answer any question business owners may have. Deep Lawn can be reached through a submission form on the website, by phone at 512-479-7256, or via email at

Ultimately, Deep Lawn’s software can cover properties all throughout the United States, so it might be the exact thing many lawn care businesses need to expand. 

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