8 Ways to Get Your Lawn Ready For Summer

With summer fast approaching you’ll want to take action now to make sure your lawn looks great in a few months. With a bit of attention paid to your yard now, it will save you lots of frustration ans work later.

With that in mind, below are eight tips for lawn maintenance and getting it ready for the summer ahead.

1.    Prevent Weed Growth

Since your yard is transitioning from winter to spring and summer, it must be free of unwanted weeds for proper lawn maintenance. You ca do this two ways: by removing the biggest weeds by hand (using a root remover tool to pull out weeds helps a lot), and by using a quality pre-emergent herbicide. Pre-emergents kill weeds before they even have a chance to emerge from the ground. This is the very best way to kill weeds – early before they can grow and spread.   

2.    Remove The Debris

Over time a layer of dead grass builds up in your yard and needs to be removed. This layer, called thatch, blocks sunlight from reaching new seeds and young grass —hindering their ability to grow. Therefore, getting rid of all this debris with a good de-thatching tool is a necessity for proper grass growth.

3.    Aerate Your Lawn’s Soil

The arrival of spring or summer means saying goodbye to the damp air quality of the winter season. And this is exactly what your garden’s soil needs in order to make a proper medium for the growth of grass. This is why aerating your soil on a regular basis is necessary to achieve a healthy and attractive lawn. Aerating allows water, nitrogen, and other necessary nutrients to penetrate through the grass easily.

4.    Treat The Bare Patches

If your yard has some bare patches, then now is the best time to fix it. Be mindful of the fact that it should be done before the peak blooming season arrives. When you fix patches now , it allows the grass seeds to get established well in the soil before growing time.  

5.    Trim Dead Ends

Pruning dead branches is considered another essential thing to do for your lawn maintenance. Doing this helps you protect the healthier plants and flowers from the shrubs or branches damaged by weather, infested with harmful insects, or anything else. Moreover, trimming your plants also means shaping shade trees and other bushes for an aesthetic look.

6.    Keep It Hydrated

Next up on our list of tips for lawn maintenance is keeping your lawn well hydrated. But, be careful not to water them so much that the soil and roots lose their ability to utilize carbon dioxide and essential nutrients from the soil and sunlight.

7.    Introduce A Layer Of Mulch

Mulch is widely known to help stimulate plant growth by retaining enough moisture in the roots to grow at a steady rate. And since summer brings with it lots of hot days, it’d be wise to get your mulch ready now.  

8.    Don’t Forget To Mow The Grass

Lastly, mowing plays a crucial role, among other things, that keep a lawn lush and healthy. It helps you eliminate damaged and unnecessary grass tips, gives a well-kept and neat look to the yard, keeps the pests at bay, and more. However, the thing you should keep in mind before you mow your lawn is not to cut the grass too short. Take a minute to learn about the best lawn mower blades for various types of mowing. The ideal length to trim different types of grass is considered from 3 or 4 inches high, which you should be following as well.

Bottom Line:

Hopefully these tips will help you to get your lawn off to a great start his year. If you know of any others, please leave them in the comments section below!

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