Best Wireless Dog Fence for Large Yards (2+ Acres)

We all love our dogs and want them to stay safe. Traditional dog fences work great, but they can be costly, unsightly, and quite frankly impractical, especially if you have a large yard. Wireless fences are an ideal alternative as they save on work when it comes to installation, cover large areas, and keep your home looking beautiful.

With more brands of wireless dog fences coming to market, it’s hard to know which one is best for your family. We’ve done the research for you to find the best wireless dog fence for large yards over 2 acres.

How Wireless Dog Fences Work

Electric fences have long been a solution for keeping your dog safe without having to install a large, unsightly fence. But, traditional electric fences require installing a boundary wire – a chore that is both time-consuming and costly. Plus, there’s always the risk of the wire getting damaged.

Wireless dog fences simplify things. With a wireless dog fence, all you need to do is plug in a transmitter in the center of your property. The transmitter will create a circular zone to contain your pup using the connected collar.

GPS Dog Fences

While some wireless dog fences work solely with a transmitter, other models function using GPS and geofencing. This brings two advantages versus transmitter type fences: the fence can be any size you want, and the fence can be any shape you want (not just circular). When your dog ventures near the geofence, the transmitter in the dog collar will be activated. A GPS wireless dog fence is an excellent option for large yards and farms with expansive areas for dogs to roam and play.

Best Wireless Dog Fences for Large Yards

All of the wireless dog fences on this list cover yards with at least 2 acres or more using GPS (with its superior flexibility, it’s hard to go wrong). If you’re in the market for a wireless dog fence to give your canines the freedom to roam, look into the following brands and models.

Halo 2 with Cesar Millan

halo collar

Halo Collar is one of the best wireless dog fences available. Working with GPS, Halo Collar lets you set up to 20 different virtual fence zones to give your pup lots of space to run and play while keeping them safe. While the Halo Collar gently redirects your canine back to the safe zone with a light shock, the GPS helps keep track of them even if they do happen to sneak their way out of the fence or even when you are outside of a fenced zone. The battery lasts all day and charges as easily as a cellphone with a USB-C connection.

Installing the Halo Collar dog fence is simple. Unlike invisible fences, there are no wires to install or get damaged. All you have to do is use the app to draw the fenced area(s) on a map. The defined area will then be monitored via GPS, avoiding issues with the fence not working when the WiFi goes out. With Halo, your area coverage is up to 10 square miles.

You’ll also get a few extra benefits with the Halo Collar. One benefit is access to a remote training option, which is helpful when training your dog for specific behaviors. You’ll also be able to track your dog’s activity (how much time they’ve spent outdoors, taking them for walks, etc.)

Note that because this collar operates with cell towers (in addition to Bluetooth and GPS), you will have to purchase a subscription in addition to the collar. While the Halo 2 is $599, the company often offers coupons for a free month-long subscription plan or similar deal. Plans range from $4.49 to 29.99 per month. Your basic plan includes the fencing system, basic tracking, and some training content. Meanwhile, the Gold plan gives you all of this, plus premium training lessons, live sessions with expert trainers, and Q&As with experts for personalized support. Learn more about Halo Collar here.

P.S. There’s another cool feature about Halo collar. It comes with a “beacon” – a small electronic device about the size of a quarter – that you can setup to keep your dog away from certain areas in your house (kitchen table, couch, trash can, etc).

SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

spoton collar

The SpotOn GPS Dog Fence Generation 2 is another excellent wireless dog fencing system. Like other GPS dog fences on this list, establishing the fenced area is easy. While the Halo 2 allows you to draw the perimeter on a virtual map, establishing the fenced area with the SpotOn GPS Dog Fence is similar. Simply carry the collar and walk the perimeter for the fenced area. There’s no drawing, digging, or physical installation required.

It is recommended that you use SpotOn with a yard of at least ½ acre to ensure your pup doesn’t constantly hear tones. This makes it perfect for medium to large yards as it covers 1,000s of acres. SpotOn’s correction system is based on a combination of audible, vibration, and static correction (just like with Halo). But, there is also an option to exclude static correction if you wish.

The SpotOn fence uses a lightweight collar that is comfortable for your canine companion. It is even waterproof so they can play whenever they wish, rain, snow, or sunshine. The lightweight collar uses a GPS antenna that connects to three different GPS systems to ensure ultimate accuracy and won’t be affected by poor WiFi signals.

There is also the option for connecting to a cellular service via AT&T or Verizon to help you track your pup with instant feedback, warnings, etc. This is independent of your own cellular service, and plans range from $5.95 to $9.95 per month. When you purchase a collar, you’ll get a 90-day free trial as you and your dog learn to use the fence and a 1-year warranty. Cost: $999.

SpotOn has a few features that Halo does not. Check out this comparison chart to see if the features are worth the additional cost. In addition, SpotOn gives customers more time to try it out. Their return period is 90 days, vs 60 days for Halo Collar. SpotOn also has live customer support on the phone – no group chats or zoom sessions.

Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

wagz collar

The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is another GPS wireless dog fence that makes the cut. Not only is it affordable, but unlike the others on our list, it is the only fencing system that is shock-free by default. Instead, it relies solely on ultrasonic, audible tones, and vibration to direct your canine pal. These sounds and vibrations are based on the geofences you establish. Note that you need at least ¼ acre, although larger yards will ensure fewer correction stimuli for your dog.  

Another unique feature of Wagz is its Keep Out Zones. This feature lets you designate specific areas within the geofence you want your pup to stay away from (think pools, gardens, near wells, etc.). Wagz is also different in that it has two removable, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries last up to 25 hours, depending on your dog’s activity level. If your pup is especially active, you can easily upgrade to the Freedom Boost Battery for $59.99. This upgrade simply snaps onto the collar and can be charged using the same Freedom charger and micro-USB charging cables.

Wagz detects five different GPS satellites to help you keep track of your dog. This signal is sent to your phone’s app using Bluetooth. If they are outside your Bluetooth range, it will use your home’s wireless signal. Still further away? You can connect Wagz to a cellular service so you can always track their whereabouts. You can also connect the collar to other IoT devices like Alexa.

The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is much more affordable than other options on our list at only $249.99. However, like the others, a subscription is required. You can opt for a monthly plan at $9.99 per month or an annual plan for $99.99. This subscription includes the cellular network for tracking and all wellness tracking (including calorie burn, steps, sleep time, and temperature alerts).

Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle

Halo, SpotOn, and Wagz have all put a lot of effort into making a comfortable user interface. The Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle feels a bit clunky compared to these options, but it still gets the job done with its geofencing capabilities. This bundle shines because it can easily be taken out of the geofence and continue to provide pinpoint accuracy, making it an excellent option for hunters, adventurers, and large property owners.

The Garmin Alpha 100 pairs with the TT™ 15X to train and track your dogs in the field effectively. Unlike others on this list, the Alpha 100 is a handheld device with a glove-friendly screen that displays a map and the dog’s profile. It pairs with the Garmin TT™ 15 Mini Dog Device and gives you a range of 4 miles, or the Garmin TT™  15X gives you a maximum range of 9 miles.

Another unique feature of the Alpha 100 is its ability to cover up to 20 dogs at once. It also is incorporated with a GLONASS positioning system to improve its GPS performance even in difficult terrains. The system works via rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs, and you can extend battery life using the Rescue Mode, which slows the ping rate. Another plus is that it holds up to 4 GB of data plus has the option for external memory storage.

You must pair the Alpha 100 with the TT™ 15X or TT™ 15 Mini for this system to work. The Alpha 100 runs around $599.99. The TT™ 15X costs around $349.99, while the TT™ 15 Mini costs around $299.99. Note that the clunkiness of the Alpha 100 also applies to the collar itself as it sports a rather large antenna, which is a major contributor to its accuracy. But you may get some strange looks if you take a walk down the street or visit a dog park.

However, unlike others on this list, you are free to use the device right out of the box. There is no subscription plan or cellular service required.

Are Wireless Dog Fences Safe?

While wireless dog fences are helpful, it’s essential to remember that they only work to keep your own dog in. A wireless dog fence will not keep any other dogs, livestock, or wildlife from coming onto your property. Having other animals come onto your property may not be something you want, but if you have a large yard or farm, this is less concerning than in the suburbs or in town.

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