4 Best Smokeless Fire Pits for Decks, Patios, and Backyards

A fire pit can quickly transform your outdoor living space. While safety and ease of use quickly come to mind, it’s also important to consider aesthetics when purchasing a fire pit. But, to get that high-class, chic vibe, it needs to be smokeless. You’ll want to stick with the four best smokeless fire pits for decks, patios, and backyards listed below to transform your backyard from drab to fab. 

Benefits of Smokeless Fire Pits

Beyond looks, smokeless fire pits have many other advantages for your bank account, health, and environment. 

  1. Low levels of odor. Often using more intense heat, the smoke you otherwise smell is burnt up to achieve greater efficiency in using your fuel. 
  2. Greater fuel efficiency. With higher fuel efficiency, you need to use less fuel to achieve a similar heat, flame, or cooking outcome.  
  3. Cost-effectiveness. Lower fuel consumption leads to more savings. Playing the devil’s advocate, though, you will have to pay a bit extra upfront to buy a smokeless fire pit. 
  4. Improved health outcomes. Even if you feel nothing, inhaling lots of smoke will have long-term repercussions on your respiratory and heart health.
  5. Environmentally friendly. The more complete the combustion, the less reactive the products out of such a fire. The hotter the fire, the more complete the combustion. 
  6. Easy clean-up. A smokey fire leaves the least amount of charcoal and ash. Smoke is the surest indicator of smelly messes that you’ll have to clean before putting your fire pit away for the season. 
  7. Wind-resistant. Smokeless fire pits are very good at channeling air (or wind) such that the impact on the fire is minimal. The fire burns more evenly, allowing greater control over it. 
  8. More enjoyable experience. Of course, a smokeless fire will not bother people in the vicinity of your pit or even your neighbors. It’s never okay to smoke out an area no matter how badly you want to make s’mores.   

In addition to all of these, there are other advantages related to a smoother lifestyle, cooking a wider variety of foods, and fewer safety worries too. 

Best Smokeless Fire Pits for Your Outdoor Space

The best smokeless fire pits come with a double-walled design and are crafted using an alloy of Corten steel. Such a design allows for the re-burning of smoke, leading to better efficiency. Check out the options below. 

Breeo X Series Fire Pits

breeo fire pit

Breeo X Series fire pits, ranging from $350-$1250, are some of the more expensive options on the market. Breeo achieves the smokeless status by ensuring there is plenty of heat and plenty of oxygen or air when you use the right fuel. Maximum airflow is generated to keep the fire burning as hot as possible. There is some nifty design work that goes into accomplishing this. 

Stand out features of the Breeo X Series include: 

  • Their custom airflow uses a raised air vent design. The raised design feeds oxygen into the fire, even if there is a significant ash buildup. 
  • Breeo’s double-walled design allows hot air to be fed into the fire by forcing air from outside through the middle cavity heated by the existing fire. 
  • Secondary combustion is achieved when the rising hot air exits via the holes on the pit’s rim and blends in with the smoke, causing a re-burn. This re-burn allows for an optimum mix of fuel, heat, and oxygen, resulting in a smokeless fire. 
  • Breeo fire pits are made in America and come with a 5-year rust warranty. 
  • A range of grilling and other accessories from Breeo are compatible with their fire pits, and you can use them interchangeably. 
  • Their Corten steel options are designed with patina in mind, so you’ll have a firepit that becomes even more beautiful with time. 



Cuisinart’s COH-800 Cleanburn Smokeless Fire Pit is perhaps the most affordable option at only $210. The cost savings is realized via its stainless steel alloy body. However, there is no negotiation on functionality or size. Like others on the list, this model fits yards of all sizes, with its handy 24” diameter. 

Here are some of the shining features of this model. 

  • A double-walled design allows for the heated airflow that assists in re-burning and achieving higher efficiency. 
  • Bottom vents are provided to help pull oxygen in so that the flames are fed from below. 
  • The ashtray design lets the collected ash be periodically cleaned with ease, plus this design prevents coals and embers from clogging airflow. 
  • Assembly is relatively straightforward with only a couple of steps. 

Note that you must use this model on a masonry surface (brick, concrete stone, etc.). It is not recommended for yards, decks, or other flammable surfaces. 

Solo Stove 

solo stove

Solo Stove has a couple of different patents built into its most popular fire pits, starting at around $250. Their fire pits are portable, making them ideal for every occasion, from camping trips to your backyard hangout. Of course, there is the promise of next to no smoke, with a residue of only fine ash (which is easily cleaned). Then you don’t have to worry about smelling like a campfire each time you use it. Solo Stoves feed off of logs, and the secondary burn they create will produce an Instagram-worthy flame each time, so your lighter won’t be the only thing clicking. 

Here are additional features that help Solo Stove stand out from the crowd. 

  • Beautiful minimalist designs are created entirely from stainless steel, making it less prone to rusting if left outside or uncovered. 
  • Matching functionality with design maximizes airflow, giving you a fire experience that is lovable and consistent with every use. 
  • Solo Stove efficiently burns fuel. Bonfires in Solo models release no smoke, allowing you time to enjoy rather than fret about the smell or about collecting half-burned logs when you’re done. 
  • The provided ash pan helps increase the fire pit’s efficiency by reducing the heat lost into the ground. It also prevents loose ash from reducing airflow. 
  • The bonfire stand allows you to use your Solo Stove on surfaces, such as your concrete patio, that are not as heat resistant as solid ground.
  • Compact product dimensions make it easy to carry. The stove is not so heavy, weighing only 30lbs.  


titan firepit

TITAN fire pit models are crafted around wood. They use Corten steel and are heavier on the design end, coming in at nearly 85lbs, despite being reasonably priced. Their unique selling point is the super-efficient airflow design, which ultimately allows the fire to be smokeless. 

Let’s look at some of the most salient design points that set this product apart.

  • TITAN promises a life-long relationship with their product, given the highly corrosion-resistant Corten steel construction. 
  • The ongoing oxidation process on the steel alloy body forms the protective patina that further defends against corrosion. 
  • With an outer diameter of only 24”, the dimensions allow the fire pit to be accommodated in backyards of any size. 
  • Perfect for long fires, given its heavy-duty construction

Remember that the lid that fits TITAN fire pit models must be ordered separately. 

Best Smokeless Fire Pit for Heat

Of course the amount of heat coming from any fire pit depends on how big the fire is as well as how close you sit to it. But the Breeo is one of the shortest smokeless firepits made. This in turn allows it to radiate out more heat at a lower level. This means you’ll feel more heat coming from it relative to other fire pits. If one of your main reasons for getting a smokeless firepit is to warm up, the Breeo brand is the one you should consider the best.

Best Smokeless Fire Pit for Cooking

If you’re looking to cook on your smokeless firepit as well as hang out and enjoy the ambiance, the Breeo brand offers several accessories for cooking over fire, which make the X Series as much as grill as it is a fire pit. You can buy a sear plate, a kettle hook, or a grill that can be suspended over the fire.

Best Smokeless Fire Pit for Large Groups

Breeo recently introduced a new firepit model, the X Series 30 (X30), which is the world’s largest smokeless fire pit. So if you have a large group to entertain on a cool evening, this is the model you’ll want to get, which accommodates 60 percent more fire.

Smokeless Fire Pits Elevate Your Yard

Your home should be your oasis. While interiors get most of the attention, your backyard should get just as much love. A smokeless fire pit lets you have regular bonfires at home, letting you relax to the crackling of wood, the dancing of flames, and crickets chirping on a summer evening. The four fire pits listed above are some of the best available and will help you quickly make your backyard your favorite place to hang with family and friends. 

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