5 Best Online Landscape Design Services

Your yard is an extension of your home. You want it to look beautiful, but you also want it to be functional. A landscape designer can help you maximize the functionality of your space while making sure your yard stays visually appealing and not too busy.  The only problem is that hiring a professional landscape designer can be costly and out of your budget. The good news is that you can still make your yard look beautiful with the help of online landscape design services. Here’s the best ones to work with:

1. Shrubhub

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Shrubhub is a popular online landscape design service loved throughout the home and lifestyle industry. It is a highly affordable option, offering landscape design services under $300 without compromising on expertise. The company also offers a completion time of 15 to 30 days, about 50% faster than its competitors. With Shrubhub, you’ll get a design consultation, a designer e-book, frequently used designs, patented technology, and planting consultation. You’ll also get a 3-D landscape and hardscape design, a product shopping list, and a contractor quote. 

Once you’ve provided the details of your yard and what you’re looking for, you’ll be instantly assigned a professional designer. The design team at Shrubhub is made of some of the best designers in the industry. They are known for taking yards from drab to fab, adding value to the property with a simple yet beautiful design. 

With a phone consult, your designer will learn more about your personal style and what you want to get out of your yard. They will then provide you with a design plan that you can easily implement. The comprehensive product legend will ensure you get exactly what you need to finish your project quickly. All you have to do is select a contractor from the list provided by Shrubhub and watch your yard get transformed before your eyes. 

If cost is a concern, but you still want a professional design, Shrubhub is an excellent option.  

2. Tilly

Tilly has been featured in numerous lifestyle-oriented media, including the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. This service uses a three-step process. You start by sharing the most important details of your project and your inspiration behind the remodel. Tilly will match you with a designer based on these details. Can you imagine a better way of engaging with your designer than with a virtual consultation in your yard? Square away all the details for your project and finalize your yard’s new design. Once you approve your design, you can begin preparing for installation. 

Tilly’s core design package includes a comprehensive planting plan with a list of the most recommended plantings. Of course, the second most important thing is your hardscape design, which is also included. This will position your patios, decking, walkways, etc. A plant schedule, materials images, and designer notes (your designer’s narrative) are also included to help you hit the road running. Finally, the installation guides will help you set up and provide you with good maintenance practices. 

For an bit extra, you can get 3-D images crafted, get your side yard planned out, your lighting and fixtures included for optimum ambiance, and an irrigation plan for your design. These extra features will make your design plan even more robust and complete. 

Go with Tilly if you value a personal approach without losing the expertise. Your plan will be sustainable for the right price and will come with complimentary post-design support.  

yard plan with retaining walls

3. Yardzen

Unlike Shrubhub, Yardzen is definitely on the pricier side, but the customized options make the extra expense worth it. The focus is definitely on customization around your theme and style, exploiting the uniqueness of your property.  Yardzen’s process starts with understanding your vision, where you also reconcile your budget, share media, and all of your inspiration. 

Once you start the process, the first two weeks will entail Yardzen’s professional designers crafting a custom design for your yard. Then you get to review and revise before approving your design. Finally, Yardzen put you in touch with a vetted Pro Network contractor to make your design a reality. 

Yardzen offers a variety of fixed-rate packages. Packages start at $649+ and go up to $2395+. Most of these plans include the Yardzen team of landscape designers and horticulturists, a planting plan, contractor-matching and build support, and front, back, and side yard design. The most expensive plans include hardscaping, lighting design, an exterior plan (exterior paint, doors, windows, and roofing), and shoppable, custom decor and furniture selections. 

Worried Yardzen isn’t the right option for you? The company offers a free consult call to get a better idea if this online landscape design service meets your needs and which package is best for your project. 


BACQYARD is another service like Shrubhub that caters to the cost-conscious homeowner. At this point, you reckon what the process looks like for the most part as it is similar to other online landscape design services on our list. However, the one-on-one time promised with a BACQYARD designer definitely caught our eye. 3-D renderings are promised so you can visualize the transformation beforehand. Lastly, everything is dictated by your budget. 

Packages start at a measly $365 and go up to $1075. When we checked them out, they were having a flash sale of 20% off of these prices. Most of these packages include comprehensive designs catering to your lifestyle and budget, one-on-one interaction with your designer, revisions to your design, and immediate access to your designer all day. The costlier packages included the 3-D realism promised above, an immersive 360o virtual tour, collaboration with the most experienced designers, unlimited video and audio calls with the assigned designer, and exterior paint recommendations. 

From time to time, BACQYARD offers coupon codes on design packages, making this already affordable design service even more budget-friendly. 

5. Home Outside

Home Outside stood out for its personality. This online landscape design service appears to be taking genuine interest and joy in client outcomes. The landscape design process is similar to the other design services on our list. A landscape design session gets you a designer perspective on your outdoor living space design, including walkways, side yards, fencing, shading, locations for water features and fire pits, and other aspects of space planning.

To get started, you’ll fill out an inquiry form, send them the site photos, your inspiration, etc. Once you are connected to a designer, you’ll join them for a screen-share session. In this session, you can discuss your goals, priorities, and ideas with some oversight. The result is a cost estimate for your design, finalized with your design professional.  

Home Outside is one of the costlier options available, with prices ranging between $800-$5,000. The larger packages include advanced functions such as 3-D rendering.

Unlike others on our list, Home Outside also offers a service dedicated to just garden design. Garden design sessions are devoted to the flair and personality of the shrubbery, plants, and trees. You can also discuss whether you want an edible garden or a privacy hedge. The price of a simple garden design session is a bit more affordable, costing between $500 to $1,000 depending on the complexity and size of your garden. 

How Is Online Landscape Design So Affordable?

Online landscape platforms use real life landscape designers to create a custom design just for your yard. They factor in your style and your property’s unique characteristics to create a yard plan you will love.

They are able to work more affordably by using software to help automate a lot of the common design tasks. They also earn revenue through installation packages and selling trees and plants.

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