7 Foolproof Gift Ideas for Lawn and Garden Lovers

Looking for a gift for your green-thumbed friends and family members?

It’s easy to defer to a miscellaneous find at your local hardware store’s lawn and garden section. But settling for something standard won’t be as meaningful as selecting a gift that can up their home yard game.

Skip the lawn gnome and aim for something that’ll wow and get them thinking, “oh wow, I really needed this.” Whether they are gardeners or lawn obsessed, there are great options from innovative to simple tools that’ve been improved upon.

We’ve compiled a list of our seven favorite gift ideas for the gardeners and lawn caretakers in your life.

1. Robot Mower

Suffice to say, lawnmowers have come a long way. From human-powered grass cutters to gas-powered yard hackers, lawnmowers have now been revolutionized by cloud technology in robot mowers.

Robot mowers are basically Roombas for your lawn with an app-based technology and battery-powered motor. Robot mowers are guided, in tandem, by wires bordering your lawn and the mower’s sensors that use wires as a perimeter.

The perfect robot mower for your gift recipient depends on their yard and capability. Some mowers differ depending on yard size and how involved the yard owner wants to be.

For those lawn enthusiasts that aim to trim their lawn from afar, there are a few different options with intelligent features, such as the WR150 Landroid L from WORX. Not only can the Landroid cover a large yard (up to an acre), it can also tackle slopes up to 20 degrees. But the app enthused will love that they can measure the lawn, change the layout, edit the mowing route, and track mower progress all from their phone. Plus, the Landroid’s rain sensor tells it to return to the charger station—even though it’s waterproof.

Redback’s MowRo RM24 is a more affordable robot mower for friends or family with small yards. Though it’s the cheaper option, it doesn’t compromise when it comes to function.

Regardless of choice, we know that the robot mower recipients will surely love this one big benefit: sitting back in the AC while their robot does the work outside.

2. Lawn Care Subscription

Have a friend or family member that wants to be into their lawn but doesn’t know where to start?

Sunday Lawn Care Service’s Smart Lawn Plan is a great way to not only kick off their interest but get their lawn started on a healthy foot.

This is exactly the type of service I’ve wanted for years, and now it finally exists. They analyze your specific lawn soil and send you exactly what your lawn needs, when it needs it. I signed up for Sunday myself earlier this year and love it (here’s what arrived in the first shipment). Just attach the product to your hose and spray it on. It also feels good knowing that it’s safe for kids and pets (I have both).

Sunday combines “data and cutting edge science” to help everyone “grow a better, greener lawn with mystery-free ingredients,” with custom plans tailored to each specific lawn.

Sunday utilizes climate and satellite data to model each person’s lawn. Then with a personal soil test done by the lawn owner (or sneaky gift giver), they’ll formulate a plan. They’ll then send the nutrient pouches, add-ons, and instructions in a single box according to when the lawn will need it.

What does the lucky recipient need? Just a hose. The nutrient pouches easily attach to a hose for an easy 10-minute spray.

But how will they know when to treat their lawn again? Sunday sends the next box according to the yard’s custom timetable.

Better yet, Sunday has made a commitment to cleaner products. You’ll find their formulas “packed with effective ingredients” such as soy protein, seaweed, beet juice extract, and molasses.

Healthy, happy yard? Sunday’s ready to make it happen.

Compare the best lawn care subscription services here.

3. Tertill Robot Weeder

Did the robot mower make you think: “Wow, if only they had something like that for that other obnoxious lawn and garden chore: weeding.”

Prepare to be delightfully surprised with the Tertill Robot Weeder.

This robot weeder helps gardeners of all plot sizes with the frustrating, never-ending chore of pulling weeds with a solar-powered design that stays in your garden from spring to fall. Its specially designed wheels help it roll around a garden plot, turning up soil to prevent even the smallest weeds from forming. What’s truly impressive is the robot’s “capacitive sensing” that detects weeds and chops them up with a whacker string.

The Tertill Robot Weeder comes from the same inventors of Roomba. Makes sense, right?

Speaking to Forbes, Helen Grenier, Tertill CEO, said, “Capacitive sensors generate a small electric field and then measure the changes in that field caused by nearby objects … In the case of smartphones and tablets, your finger creates detectable changes in the sensor’s electric field. In Tertill’s case, things like living plants, moist landscaping timbers and wire fences are detected.”

Forbes also reported that more green thumbs were popping up across the country (thanks in large part to an abysmal 2020), causing a significant uptick in Tertill sales.

Best of all, the Tertill Robot Weeder is one of the best continuously improving products to hit the market as they’re soon to release a software update further optimizing the device’s ability to maintain home gardens.

4. Meyer Lemon Tree

Give a gift like no other. Like one that can give again, and again, and again.

A Meyer Lemon tree is the perfect gift for a special someone looking for the perfect fruiting tree for their garden or outdoor pot.

Meyer Lemons are the choice lemons for many baking recipes. According to FastGrowingTrees.com, Meyer Lemons are quite a contrast from “small, tart and acidic lemons at your grocery store because the fruit is literally a cross between traditional sour lemons and sweet oranges.”

Delicious, versatile citrus aside, a Meyer Lemon tree has an exceptional tolerance against both the cold and the heat, making it one of the best fruiting trees to grow anywhere in the country.

FastGrowingTrees.com recommends Meyer Lemon Trees as an exceptional present for all occasions but advises, “trees max out at around 8 feet so you don’t have to worry about them out-growing your space. And when you bring it indoors, you can enjoy the jasmine-citrus fragrance throughout those long winter months.”

A Meyer Lemon tree is the perfect potted tree plant for a friend or family’s patio. Or perhaps their garden.

However you gift it, just make sure to reap some of its delicious benefits.

5. Expanding hose

This would be a great accompanying gift to the Sunday Lawn Care Service package we discussed above,

But by itself, an expanding hose is a great gift for the person who needs that extra stretch but dreads rolling the hose back up.

Hoses are great because of their versatility. Garden and lawn care aside, hoses can be used for any outdoor water need—washing a car, bathing a pet, or even filling up a baby pool.

For instance, the TBI Pro Garden Hose is a 50 ft flexible hose that purports to never “kink, twist, burst, or get tangled up during use.”

Its anti-leak system is an innovative design that comes with a connector protector that guards against leakage while getting on with your lawn or garden activities. The material is also lightweight, helping waterers avoid hefting a heavy thick hose around. The TBI Pro also has rust-free connectors helping to mitigate any strenuous unscrewing that comes with a weathered and rusty metal hose.

Help your family and friends get back to watering zen with a hose that makes it easy.

6. Patio Greenhouse Cover

There’s nothing worse than watching your gardener friend and family member work tirelessly to preserve their unique or edible garden, only to find that it’s been damaged by bugs, sun, or other natural hazards.

Patio Greenhouse Covers, like this one from VegTrug™, are perfect for saving patio or raised plant beds from inevitable exposures. The VegTrug™ Patio Cover is made with a steel pipe, plastic connectors, and a polyethylene cover to provide adequate height for growing plants.

The handy cover can be zipped down in the winter to help preserve warmth during frost-prevalent temperatures. The cover can then be zipped up in the warmer weather to allow more light through, and a mesh layer helps keep bugs out while plants are soaking up the sunshine.

Accessible roll-up panels on either end allow the gardener to secure the cover while attending to vegetables.

7. Nitrile Touch Gloves

“Gloves? Really?”

If that’s what you’re thinking, hear us out.

Good gloves make a difference, and these Nitrile Touch Gloves are the best yet.

Wildflower Tools boasts the importance of protection for gardeners while allowing them with the proximity of touch to feel their work with a “standard for gardeners, growers, greenhouses, and landscapers for years!”

Plus, if your friend or family member is constantly losing their gloves in the garden or misplacing them in the garage, Nitrile Touch Gloves come in a variety of fun colors such as Mango, Fuschia, and (of course) Green.

Also, if you’re looking for a more inexpensive option or stray stocking stuffer, the price point on this item is perfect and on point.

Bonus Gift Idea for Lawn Lovers: Landscape Makeover

Update: Since this post was originally published, a new lawn service has become available: online landscape design. These companies provide the same service as an in-person landscape designer – only the interaction with them is online and they tend to be MUCH more affordable. You just upload pictures of your existing yard, explain (and upload more pictures) of the type of outdoor space you wish you had, and they go to work designing your new landscape. This is an interactive process with a real person – no automated software hassle. When the process is finished you’ll have blueprints and exact specifications (plant types, walkway material, etc) you can take to a local nursery or landscape service to install.

Gifts for gardeners and lawn owners are only getting better

From robots to sustainable lawn formulas to simple watering solutions to gardening gifts, gadgets, and gloves, garden and lawn care gifts are only getting better for your friends and family members.

Make their day or surprise them with a gift that’ll accompany their gardening obsession or help them finally get “that lawn under control.”

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