Sunday Lawn Care Review – Does It Work?

Lawn care can be a bit overwhelming. There’s so many lawn care products available now. Which one is right for my lawn? And when exactly do I use it? Is it safe for my kids and pets? That’s why, when brothers Coulter and Trent, began to explore options to keep their lawn green and lush, they were dismayed at the amount of confusion. They felt there must be a better way.

Thanks to their perseverance, now there is: Sunday lawn care. This science-based DIY lawn service takes the guesswork out of lawn care so you can enjoy your outdoor space without the headaches. This is exactly the type of service I’ve been wanting for several years. Once I discovered Sunday, I ordered right away using a promo code. After my first summer I decided to write this review of Sunday Lawn to help others decide if their service is right for their needs.

Does Sunday Lawn Really Work?

Sunday lawn service relies on a combination of satellite and current and historical climate data to get you started. You can also send a soil test from your yard for even more precise care. The Sunday lawn team will send you a unique lawn care kit tailored to meet the exact needs of your lawn, season after season.

Along with your kit, you’ll get detailed instructions about how to mix and apply the nutrients to your grass. (Hint: the instructions aren’t lengthy. It’s as easy as watering your lawn.)

You’ll also get a few tips and tricks to help keep your lawn lush without spending hours guessing if you’re helping or hurting your grass. No more guessing if you need to reapply fertilizer. When a new box arrives, you’ll know it’s time to spray your lawn again.

Why Choose Sunday Lawn Care?

Caring for your lawn can be a painstaking task. Between understanding it’s watering needs to the amount of sunlight it needs, your lawn can feel like an unmanageable chore. Sunday lawn service can help.

Expert Lawn Care Professionals

With expert know-how, the Sunday lawn care team will determine the specific nutrients your lawn requires without relying on any chemicals or harmful pesticides. The Sunday team uses the latest in plant science technology and practices to offer the most effective and all natural solutions to all your lawn and soil problems from weeds to pests to uneven growth.

Dr. Frank Rossi, the Sunday lawn service Chief Science Officer is one of the country’s foremost experts in turf science. His accomplishments include growing and grooming the grass at Yankee Stadium and Lambeau Field. He’s taking all that professional experience and making it available to you.

All Natural Ingredients

You can feel confident your family will remain safe while relaxing and playing on your beautiful lawn. In 2020 alone, Sunday Lawn Service diverted 35,000 pounds of toxic pesticides helping to keep children and pets healthy.

While each pouch of Sunday lawn nutrients is unique, they all contain combinations of all natural ingredients proven to help enrich soil and improve grass appearance, texture, and color. Soy protein is a nitrogen rich staple that helps grass grow lush while iron gives it a vibrant green hue. Seaweed, molasses, and beet juice extract may also be added to help boost growth and health of both your soil and grass.

Potassium, phosphorus, surfactant, and other micronutrients are used depending on the specific needs of your lawn. But you can be sure that no man-made, toxic chemicals are included in any of the Sunday lawn care products.

Good for the Planet

Using Sunday lawn service is not just good for your family, it’s also good for the planet. They take care to ensure minimal packaging for all their products. In fact, 324 million cubic inches of cardboard was saved by their 2021 shipping boxes. They make every effort to reduce packaging where possible to reduce the use of unnecessary plastics and cardboard.

With easy-to-use pouches, Sunday lawn care products are delivered in the most efficient packaging on the market.


Your Sunday lawn service nutrient pouches will come with everything you need and nothing extra. Simply spray your custom nutrient blend into the soil using your lawn hose. No second guessing what or how much to apply.

Sunday lawn care products have everything you need whether it’s nutrients, weed control, pest control or grass seed. And if you’re not sure what you need, they can help with that too. They’ll walk you through exactly what to do to get the best results, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of worry.


Unlike a full time landscaping service, Sunday lawn care subscription service is not just convenient but also affordable. You’ll know exactly what to expect in terms of pricing before your first box ships so you can plan accordingly.

Sunday lawn care also understands that your needs may change during the year. Therefore, you can update or cancel your plan at any time.

Customer Service

You’ll never feel alone in your lawn care journey with Sunday lawn service. The team of professionals is always available to answer any questions or talk through any changes (for better or worse) with your lawn.

Take advantage of their comprehensive website with informative FAQs as well as an extensive menu of free tools. From seasonal concerns like removing fall leaves, planting spring bulbs, and dealing with summer damage, they have tips and tricks no matter where you live. Their regularly updated blog (The Shed) is a treasure trove of information to help ensure your lawn stays healthy all year long.

Less is More

Sunday lawn care uses a less is more approach to lawn care. This not only helps you save time and money, it also helps your grass and soil remain strong. Instead of relying on excess nutrients, your lawn learns to thrive in your unique climate.

Sunday Lawn FAQ

How much does Sunday Lawn care cost?

Looking at the Sunday website, it’s not easy to tell how much their lawn care subscription service costs (especially now that they offer much more than just lawn care products). You’ll have to enter your address and answer a few questions first, but finally they’ll show you the various plan prices. The most basic plan is $219 per year, and the most comprehensive is $331 per year.

How long does it take for Sunday Lawn to work?

Very hard to answer this question. It depends on the condition of your yard when you begin the Sunday service. Is your yard pretty well off to start with, or is it a disaster? Sunday may improve your yard in just one growing season, or it may take several years. Either way, it’s very nice that they send you exactly what your yard needs and when it needs it. This elimination of confusion is worth the cost of the subscription for many people.

Are Sunday Lawn products safe (for kids, pets, chickens)?

All of the Sunday lawn products were designed with safety in mind from the outset. The ingredients break down quickly and don’t persist in the environment. After you spray them on, just wait until the lawn is dry, then kids and pets can get back to playing outside right away.

Chances Are You’ll Love Sunday Lawn Service Too

Understanding the needs of your lawn can be a daunting task for many homeowners. Trying to create a lush, green lawn can result in wasted hours, money, and frustration. Many companies that promise to help, do so by using harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to people and animals and devastating for the planet. Or they have products that can grow grass but not prevent weeds, or control pests but not produce good growth.

Sunday lawn care was developed to bring effective, safe, and convenient lawn care directly to your doorstep. Using the latest advancements in turf science, the Sunday lawn team perfects their products with science-backed solutions. With non-toxic nutrients to fight weeds, grow new grass, feed your current grass, and control pests, Sunday lawn care is a one stop solution for all your lawn needs.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Lawn Care Review – Does It Work?”

  1. I’ve been using Sunday for a few months and my lawn is better. There’s definitely fewer weeds. Not sure if it works as well as other products, but it’s nice knowing that its not harmful for my lawn or pets. And it’s definitely easy to use. just spray it on.

  2. Cant say for sure how well it works, but it’s certainly a convenient service. i love that they just mail you the right product at the right time. its easy to connect the pouches to your hose and spray it on. love it.

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