5 Best GPS Wireless Robot Mowers

GPS robot mowers make life very simple if you have several locations to tackle using a single machine. Not only do you not need perimeter wires, but you can also allocate specific and complex portions of a large lot to be mowed on a schedule.

Why Choose a Robot Mower that Skips the Boundary Wire

A smarter question would be, why choose a robot mower if you still have to lay a boundary wire?  Working on the ground, laying a wire out, is additional work that doesn’t seem appealing, spending their way into automation. Why pay hundreds of dollars for upgrading to a product that isn’t everything you wanted? If you rely on someone to install the wire for you, the additional costs notwithstanding, it takes from your satisfaction that should ideally come with an automatic upgrade.

If you’re opposed to installing the wire, imagine the feeling when repairs are due.  Are there strays or lots of small animals in your region? There’s a good chance these animals could break your wire. Or worse, if your neighbor isn’t careful, they could leave a gaping hole by accidentally driving their mower over your wire. If you’re not keeping up with your lawn, your mower could escape through that hole.  Although reinforced wire solutions exist, they add to the cost.

Of course, your boundary wire mower would make you reevaluate your decision if you are working with a large area since they can quickly escalate your budget. Sometimes, it can even cost more than you paid for your mower. To cut small portions of your lawn, you’d have to rearrange your wiring each time you want to change your configuration. Plus, wiring can get damaged or simply wear out from exposure to the elements, at which point you’ll need to replace it.

Top Wireless GPS Robot Mowers

Now let’s look at a couple of mowers that won’t tie you down to a wire. Keep in mind that in the coming years, we’re going to see more GPS robot mowers coming to market as manufacturers perfect their product development.

Mammotion Luba

The Luba model mower from Mammotion is one of the newest mowers on the market. It’s wireless, handles slopes with ease, and can mow a relatively large area – up to 1.25 acres. The mower is completely managed via an app. You use the app to define the mowing area, keep out areas, mowing frequency, etc. The Luba has all of the latest features and a relatively low price: $2799.

Update: In January of 2023 the Worx Landroid Vision was unveiled at the CES show. This mower, at first glance, seems to be one of the very best mowers on the market. Its neural network technology truly sets it apart from all other mowers in the field.

Ambrogio L400i Deluxe

One of only two models we could find that substitute a GPS system for a perimeter wire, the Ambrogio L400i Deluxe is very well equipped to manage huge areas. To accomplish this feat, it uses an innovative navigation system that integrates numerous robots to mow simultaneously over a large area. The latest model features a fast processor that processes data at a higher rate while consuming minimal power.  Physical keys have been replaced with a touch screen, which is more intuitive and encourages interaction.

Connectivity and Tech

Bluetooth and GSM technology are provided for easy updates to the software onboard. Besides, they help with driving the robot at close ranges – using the ZCS Connect feature. You could download the app on your tablet or mobile phone to interact with your robot from anywhere.  You could quickly find where it’s at, pinpoint where the robot needs to work with the click of a button, set up robot time profiles, check the status of the various systems, and receive an alert in real-time when the robot is taken out of the designated area. The geo-fence alarm works like a highly evolved anti-theft system. There are two common sense features: Go Home and Work Now—these force the robot to find the charging station and return to chopping, respectively.

Voice Functionality

The ZCS technology now has a SMART ASSISTANT function, allowing the likes of Alexa, Siri, and Google Home to communicate with the robot.  You can use voice commands to get things done and keep a tab on the statistics.

Technical Features

Brushless motors in the robot mean low maintenance and excellent efficiency.  You can divide the work into eight different areas, no matter how big your lot is. You just have to program access such that the robot doesn’t get on slopes over 45 percent. Powerful lithium-ion batteries and flexible rear rubber wheels ensure a perfect cut, regardless of the terrain.  The satellite dynamic memory allows you to skip the perimeter wire. Other features include blade motorization, a reliable carbon cover, and AMICO.  AMICO ensures that robot operation is safe in the vicinity of animals tagged with an AMICO chip.

Husqvarna Automower 450X

The Husqvarna Automower® 450X comes with patented GPS-assisted navigation technology. This model features automatic passage handling with electric height adjustment. For the most efficient way back, Husqvarna provides patented guide wires, despite GPS navigation. These wires extend from the charging station and bring down the searching time even if your lawn is over an acre or divided into complex areas. 

This model scores high on durability. Despite a compact form factor, you get a rubber front bumper to protect the mower when the large coarse tread wheels push the machine into an obstacle. Your mower can easily handle slopes of over 40%. There are LED headlights for low visibility and a high-resolution display that presents all the vital information on one screen.

The mower’s GPS tracking allows you to locate it at all times. It also has a built-in alarm activated when the machine is lifted to protect against theft.


The Automower® 450X works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to speak a voice command into your favorite home assistant for the mower to start working. Common commands include start, stop, park, and retrieve status updates.


This mower uses ultrasonic technology to detect obstructions, enabling the mower to slow down. The electric height adjustment technology allows for swift cutting height adjustment- a feature found in the main menu itself. There is a weather timer feature that adjusts the mowing time to the growth rate of the lawn. The machine will spend less time working late in the season, reducing wear.

Passage handling allows the mower to tackle a well-known challenge: narrow passages. No passage is too narrow for this mower – which learns to avoid the tricky patches.

Overall, mowing activity is uniformly distributed using remote start points along the patented guide wire. These starting points are automatically chosen owing to the GPS-assisted navigation.

Spiral or spot cutting technology helps tackle patches with higher grass. The mower operates in a spiral pattern to even out the grass patch before continuing to the rest of the lawn. The spot cutting mode allows you to tackle small areas of overgrowth, such as from under removed furniture.

The profile feature allows you to use the same mower in different locations. You can allocate a profile to a specific location and switch between the various setups.


This mower is ultra silent, using special wheel motors with 2 step gearboxes, yet the biggest advantage you’ll get with this mower is nighttime operations. You can comfortably use this machine 24/7 without fear of reprisals from anyone.

For reliable docking, the placement of the charging station is highly flexible. This model features balance control, diagnosing damage to the blades, double-mounting, or when a blade goes missing.

Ambrogio L60

The Ambrogio L60 Elite stands out for its quick and simple installation.


Of course, the most notable feature is not having to install perimeter wires, and yet you’re not paying for GPS sensors and technology. On the flip side, you can only use this robot for smaller lot sizes up to 200 square meters. 


The robot mower can be quickly put to use: easily transported and used across multiple lawns. Remote commands and software updates are made easy with the Ambrogio Remote App.  The Bluetooth receiver helps the app get in touch with the robot, and there’s also an intuitive grass sensor that can tell if it has ended up over empty spaces or holes.

The robot is also safe around animals if you pay for the AMICO integration. The robot automatically shuts down in the vicinity of an animal wearing the AMICO protective tag.


You get a 5Ah battery that allows for a two-hour cutting time on a single charge, after which you will manually place your robot for charging.  The cutting width is 25 centimeters, but you can adjust the height between 42 and 48 mm. There is no PIN code safety feature, nor is there a rain sensor, so you have to ensure the safety of your machine. But, you do get a no-nonsense design allowing the robot to be lightweight; powerful motors thus allow it to toggle slopes of up to 50%. You also get four-wheel drive while the robot skips over mowed areas courtesy of the ECO mode sensor, preventing excessive wear and tear.

Navimow: the Segway Robotic Mower

This entire line of robotic mowers works without the need for boundary wires. The entry-level model H500E is suitable for garden sizes up to 500 square meters. Higher models in the range are capable of tackling larger lot sizes.


The Navimow mower is equipped with a proprietary technology for determining locations up to an inch in accuracy, known as the Exact Fusion Locating System. Once again, there is tremendous ease of use and superior efficiency.

Even before it starts, the robot configures the area, drafting a fixed route it will take. The operations are highly systematic. Please note that the robot requires a Wide Area Network, aka Wi-Fi network, that can reach all corners of your garden if you want to use all of the functionality provided in the mobile app.

This product is also billed as super quiet at only 54 decibels. The mower is certified to be IPX6 when it comes to rain protection. There is a versatile cutting height adjustment between 30 and 60 mm; besides, slopes of up to 45% can be tackled despite the heavier weight of the machine. Safety for animals and the machine itself is delegated to ultrasonic sensors that can bring the blades to a halt when they detect an obstruction. The Segway Robotic Mower and higher models all have a rain and frost sensor, with three blades mounted over brushless motors. You have a variety of accessories to choose from, including antenna extensions, ultrasonic sensors, robot garage docking, a temporary fence, etc. The weight of the mower comes in at 15.6 kg.


With its powerful electric drive, the Navimow easily tackles a cutting width of 21 centimeters. The battery capacity is 5.2Ah which doubles in capacity in the most expensive models. This robot also features automatic charging and off-road tires to bring the robot home.  There is also edge-cutting prowess using ultrasonic sensors.


4G connectivity is provided in the higher models, where you also get years’ worth of free data, which will help with the app control. GPS anti-theft is also available in the more expensive models. All in all, Navimow allows you to get away without boundary wires.

Terra t7

The iRobot Terra t7 is another choice that allows for simple operation without installing boundary wires. 


The mower has its own smart mapping technology to determine which area to mow. The mower features straight-line navigation and wireless connectivity, putting most of the control in your mobile phone app. There is a lot of customization possible with this machine which comes with advanced safety features.


We were amazed at the sleek and compact design, allowing easy storage. This robot shuts down automatically when picked up, reducing the likelihood of anyone tackling it and getting injured inadvertently. Of course, there is also a big red stop button to turn off the motors. Truly autonomous in its core functioning, this mower finds its base when it detects the battery is running low. Once it has been charged at its base, it will resume trimming where it left off previously. The dimensions of the machine are all under two feet. The manufacturer mentions the back-and-forth cutting style of the Terra mower, complementing its ability to handle obstructions and hilly and rough terrain. The model comes pre-assembled.


You get features like zone control, mowing time, operation alerts, etc., no matter where you may be because the connectivity is wireless and not Bluetooth.

You need to find and download the iRobot Home app to pair your phone with the mower: we found it to be one of the most versatile mobile phone applications for robotic mowers available today.

Why Arent There More Robot Mowers Without Perimeter Wires?

GPS-enabled robot mowers feature a lot of patented technology. Such geo-location ability allows the mower to not only self-restrict its movement but to schedule complex portions of your lot to be mowed per a schedule. These significant achievements are weighed against the complete loss of the machine in case the GPS technology fails. Therefore, the barriers to entry are high, and in the years to come, we should see more manufacturers come out with their perfected versions.

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  1. I have been researching perimeter less mowers for a couple of years now. I see some blurbs about certain mowers than nothing. This like SmartMow from FutureGenRobotics or Heisenberg Robotics, or Toro. Do you anything about these products. Also, for the RTKs antenna setups, are there monthly service costs like with your internet? I am also trying to understand my total cost of ownership. Another thing I see relates to the blades themselves. Some need appear to need replacing every 3 months and some seem to just need resharpening? Can you comment on those. Lastly, I have about an acre of land with about .8 or so with grass and I’d probably need multiple zones. Any guidance is appreciated

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