LUBA Robot Mower Review

There is a new version of this mower available – the Mammotion Luba 2.

Yardwork is by far one of the worst chores on a homeowner’s to-do list. While some homeowners choose to hire a landscaper to deal with their lawns, many people tackle their yards by themselves. But this task just got easier with the LUBA robot mower. Designed to help homeowners have a perfectly manicured lawn, LUBA gives you your weekend back.

Who Makes the LUBA Robot Mower?

The LUBA robot mower is a product from Mammotion, a company dedicated to creating cutting-edge electric autonomous lawn mowers. The team’s staff comes from some of the world’s leading robotic companies, with experience in creating and perfecting autonomous driving algorithm technology, sensor fusion, and mechanical control.

Mammotion is built upon the self-driving robotics solution from AgileX Robotics and is a part of the Songling Robot Shenzen Limited Company based in Shenzen, China. The Songling Robot Shenzen Limited Company is responsible for developing many different types of robots, including the newly launched LUBA robot mower.

Special Features

As with most robot lawn mowers, many of the features are universal. However, the exact combination and specifications help LUBA stand out from the rest. Here are some of the most notable features that make the LUBA robot mower appealing to homeowners worldwide.

No Perimeter Wire

Unlike other robotic lawn mowers, there’s no need to find a shovel to bury any perimeter wires. All you need to do is open the app and walk along the boundaries of your lawn with your mower. You only need to do this when you are establishing a new zone.

The LUBA mower uses the highly sensitive real-time kinematic (RTK) technique to keep the mower within the precise boundaries you establish on setup. The special RTK antenna and reference station mean that your mower will know exactly where to go, even with a weak satellite signal. 

App Connectivity

You get the ultimate level of control by using the smart app that connects to your LUBA lawn mower. Using this app, you can easily see where your mower is and create no-go zones around children’s toys and lawn furniture. Need to change your mower settings or your mowing zone? No problem! The app makes it super simple to make changes to your mowing zones, cutting height, etc., all from the comfort of your smartphone.

Collision Sensors

To help protect both your robotic mower, lawn ornaments, and flower beds, LUBA comes equipped with an advanced collision avoidance system that uses four ultrasonic radars to detect objects in the mower’s path and change the mower’s direction. These precise radars can detect objects as small as 2-inches within a field of view of 220 degrees. If the system fails, the mower has three bumpers for further protection.

Off-Road Capabilities

One of the challenges robotic mowers face is the uneven terrain in many lawns. The LUBA mower has been given four rugged tires that increase the traction in rough terrain to keep it from getting stuck. These strong tires have powerful in-wheel motors helping the LUBA climb up to a 75% slope (38o).


The LUBA robot lawn mower comes with a large 10Ah battery that lets you cut for approximately 3 hours before needing a recharge. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about charging since it has an auto-recharge feature. Once the battery is low, it will automatically return to its charging station. Once it is 85% charged, it will resume its mowing session until the zone has been completely mowed.

The underside of Luba showing two spinning discs, each with 4 cutting blades.

Mows in Straight Lines – Stripes Lawn

Many mowers go in a unique pattern that isn’t all that efficient. What sets LUBA apart is the Intelligent Navigation System with multi-sensor fusion. The navigation system uses a planned route to eliminate repetitive movement. In the app, you can set which mode you prefer (single grid, double grid, or rectangular ambulatory). Then, your LUBA will mow with three times improved mowing efficiency over other robotic mowers and give you a healthier and greener lawn as well as an attractive striped pattern.

Anti-Theft Protection

You don’t have to worry about pirates stealing it from your lawn when you use a LUBA robotic lawn mower. Every LUBA has an anti-theft system that automatically locks the device down when it leaves your geofence. You’ll also get a notification through the app of potential theft. You can also use the app to track your LUBA so you can get it back.

Safety Sensors

With a spinning blade, safety is no joke when mowing the lawn, which is why safety is a top priority in LUBA’s design. You’ll find several safety sensors on your LUBA, including:

  • Front and Side bumpers: change the mower’s direction when they encounter hard objects
  • Lift and Tilt sensors: stop the blades from spinning when the mower is lifted or unbalanced
  • Blade fender: covers blades within the mower to avoid injury

Multiple Zones

LUBA’s auto-recharge makes it a great option for large lawns. But this feature is enhanced when you can divide your yard into multiple zones. Whether it’s simply multiple zones in your backyard or creating separate zones for your front and back yards, LUBA’s multi-zone feature means you only need one mower to tackle your entire yard. Plus, the process of switching between zones is simple with the smart app.

Low Noise Operation

There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in or spend time on your patio only to be interrupted by a noisy lawnmower at your neighbor’s place. With LUBA, you can avoid being THAT neighbor and still mow your lawn at any time. LUBA operates at less than 60dB, which means your dishwasher and hairdryer are now louder than your lawnmower. 

Water Resistant and Easy To Clean

The LUBA robot mower can stand up to water with its waterproof IPX6 protection. This makes it easy to clean with the hose for regular washing. It can even withstand some rain on its way back to its charging station after the advanced rain sensor detects the change in the weather. If the LUBA does dock during the rain, it will continue its mowing task automatically once the rain stops.


Here are some of the key specs you need to know about the LUBA mower:

  • Dimensions: 27x21x10 in
  • Weight: 44lbs (20kg)
  • Tires: (4) diameter 6.3in, width 3.3mm
  • Battery: 10Ah Lithium-Ion
  • Cutting Width: 15.75in
  • Cutting Height: 1-2.4in
  • Cutting Area per hour: up to 0.125 acres
  • Cutting Area per day: up to 1.2 acres
  • Work Time: 3 hrs
  • Charge Time: 2.5 hrs
  • Max Slope: 75% or 38o
  • Noise Level: <60dB
  • Waterproofing: IPX6
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Obstacle Detection: 4 Ultrasonic sensors
  • GPS: Yes
  • Anti-Theft: Yes
  • Rain Sensor: Yes
  • Bumper Sensor: Yes
  • Lift Sensor: Yes
  • Tilt Sensor: Yes
  • Auto-Recharge: Yes

Where to Find LUBA Robot Mowers

The LUBA robot mower began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2022. Now the AWD 5000 and other models are available at:

  • the Mammotion website (US and internationl)
  • Autmow (US only) – use coupon MOWINGMAGIC to save 5%
  • Amazon

Other Luba Models

Currently there are 3 Luba mower models: Luba AWD 5000, Luba AWD 3000, and Luba AWD 1000. The 3000 and 1000 models are designed for smaller yards and carry a smaller price tag. The AWD 3000 was recently redesigned to include omni directional wheels, which allows it turn much easier and lowers the chance of it damaging your lawn. Here’s a comparison of the 3 models.

AWD 5000AWD 3000AWD 1000
Lawn Size1.25 acre3/4 acre1/4 acre
EngineAll wheel drive (AWD)All wheel drive (AWD)All wheel drive (AWD)
Max Climbing Ability75% slope65% slope65% slope
Grass typeThick grass and
rough terrain
Thick grass and
rough terrain
Light grass and
flat lawn
Area capacity per hour1/8 acre1/12 acre1/12 acre
Battery capacity10 Ah10 Ah4.5 Ah
Mowing time per charge3 hr3 hr2 hr
Cutting height1-2.4 inch1-2.4 inch1-2.4 inch
Virtual boundaryYesYesYes
Number of zones1063
Obstacle detection
and avoidance
Charging systemAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
No-go zonesYesYesYes
Waterproof levelIPX6IPX6IPX6

What You Get with a LUBA Robot Lawn Mower

So when you order a LUBA mower, what exactly will you get? Each LUBA mower comes with the following:

  • LUBA mowing device with dual cutting plates
  • Charging station
  • RTK antenna and cable to connect to the reference station
  • Antenna installation kit
  • Power supply with a 10 32 ft. extension cord

Everything you need to get your robot mower up and running comes in the box, making it quick and easy to start using your mower right away. 

Is It Worth It?

LUBA is one of the newest robot lawn mowers on the market. I just got mine setup in late March and so far I’m really pleased. It climbs hills easily and the striping pattern it makes looks truly amazing. And for the features you get with Luba, I think the pricing is really reasonable.

10 thoughts on “LUBA Robot Mower Review”

  1. I’ve paid for my Luba mower last July during the kickstarter days. Never heard any word of delivery or a ship date. Send many emails with no replies. I don’t believe the mower will ever arrive or will I ever see my refund. Good luck.

  2. Can Luba be mapped multiple times by one owner to use at multiple properties. I occasionally assist a neighbor and daughter in high pollen times of the year.

    1. Officially, Luba can only have one map at a time. There may be some sort of workaround, but I’m not sure how to do it.

  3. Can you access Luba remotely? If so, what is the functionality. I read that the only way to connect to Luba is via bluetooth, is this correct? I also saw there is a cap on the back that says SIM, is this planned to be used in future?

    1. I tried using the Mammotion app today remotely and I was able to get it to mow. I thought it required bluetooth also but it seemed like I had the ability to mow, stop mowing, etc.

  4. How long do blades last in sandy soil? Are they able to be sharpened? Are they hard to change? Where can new blades be purchased? What is the cost of new blades?
    How long does the battery last before needing to be replaced? What is the cost of a new battery? Are the tires inflatable or solid?
    I am looking at the AWD 3000 but may need the AWD 5000.
    Thank you for your attention to my questions.

    1. Blades usually last a couple of months. They are very easy to change. Typically just one small screw holds them in place. A new set is about $15.
      Mower batteries last about 5 years. Mower tires are solid.

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