8 Best Places to Buy Indoor Plants Online

The variety of indoor plants for sale online is endless. The most beautiful varieties are competitively priced and have standardized instructions to nurture and care for them. But knowing which sites are reliable is definitely a concern. You want to pick a site that knows how to care for the plant before you order and can ship it quickly and safely to you. After scouring the internet, here are the best places to buy indoor plants online.

Trusted Websites to Buy Indoor Plants

These sites are dedicated to growing and nurturing various indoor plants to add a touch of green to your space. They use accommodative packaging, insurance, and reasonable transit times to ensure your plants are in good condition upon arrival.

Buying plants online instead of in person means you’ll have more variety in terms of species, plus you won’t have to get your car dirty transporting pots of mud. Once you’ve chosen the right plant for your particular space, you’ll find options available from local nurseries to major retailers, but not all online sellers are created equal. Here are some of our favorite places to find and buy indoor plants.


Plants.com recognizes that not everyone is born with a green thumb. Plants are arranged according to customer preferences, seasons, utility, giftability, emotions, occasions, sizes, and even the maintenance required. You can even find books to help refresh your know-how on plant maintenance and bring you to speed.

Prices start around $20 and go up to over $100. There’s a standard shipping fee of $4.99 for small orders up to $20 and $7.99 for orders up to $100. Overnight shipping is also available; all purchases come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your plant will arrive healthy and green.

It’s important to note that this is not an option if you are shipping to California, Arizona, Florida, or Texas because of certain restrictions on shipping agricultural products. Plants.com is a great choice for first-time buyers or hobbyists just starting with plants.


Livelyroot is your one-stop shop for everything plant related. You’ll find seasonal sales, subscriptions to connect you to plant ownership, and a bunch of interactive content on the site. A unique feature of Livelyroot is their categorization of plants by lifestyle, making it easy to find the right plant for your home.

Livelyroot proudly announces its social responsibility work, including large-scale tree planting and other partnership activities with green nonprofits. They also have a thriving blog to help you dive deep into plant-related topics. You can also sign up for their garden club (or rewards program) if you’re an avid plant parent.

Many of Livelyroot’s indoor plants start at $39 and up, depending on the size and variety of plants you want. Standard shipping is free for orders above $49, with expedited and rush options also available.

Overall, Livelyroot is one of the most user-friendly sites to order indoor plants, but it can be pricey. You definitely want to check out a few of these websites before placing your order to save a few bucks.


Of course Amazon sells live plants, along with everything else under the sun. The reason I love shopping for them on the site is that prices are competitive, shipping is free with my Prime membership, and it’s easy to compare customer reviews of all the various sellers in one place.


Easyplant.com sells you plants catered to your lifestyle, making it extra easy to care for them. They offer self-watering ceramic pots with a separate lower chamber to store water.  This unique design is supposed to keep you from overwatering and killing your plant. The design still ensures that the plant gets an optimum amount of water. You only have to water your plants once a month.

Using this technology, your plants will experience longer shelf life without you having to worry about the water content in the soil. When you’re on the site, you can arrange plants by size, with small plants starting at $49. But unlike other sites, Easyplant always gives you free shipping. You can even pick between home delivery or local pickup via UPS!

Another thing we noticed on the site is the customized photos for each type of plant, implying a sizable inventory. Not only do you get to pick the type of plant, but with most varieties, you get to pick the color of the pot as well. Keep in mind that the larger the plant, the larger the pot that accompanies it.


Bloomscape has a little bit of everything. Although plants here start at $40 (and go up to $250), shipping is free for orders over $75. For smaller orders, shipping is only $7. Bloomscape makes extra effort to reduce its carbon footprint: shipping straight from its warehouse in clay planters or pots made from recycled plastic.

Without all the bells and whistles elsewhere, we found that indoor plants are Bloomscape’s primary focus. You will find low-maintenance plants, cacti, succulents, those needing low light, and pet-friendly plants, as well as a sales section.

The pots are simple without technology or innovation. Still, the buying process is entirely holistic if you take the time to watch their supply chain video. We found the best-selling section at the bottom of the webpage, although some plants appeared to be big-ticket. Also, in the site’s support section, you’ll find tips and tricks for taking care of your plant (in case of a harsh winter, if there’s something wrong with your plant, etc.).

plant nursery worker

The Sill

Be it the free shipping or the 30-day guarantee, The Sill is an excellent place to start buying plants. The site has an excellent user interface that is easy to navigate, with plants listed under no-nonsense headings, including a  section for beginners. Another unique feature of The Sill is an exciting catalog of paired plants that work well together.

The Sill also stands out for its in-person and online workshops for all levels of expertise. You’re sure to find something for everyone. If you’re in California and want to buy indoor plants in person, you’re in luck. The Sill has stores in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for a deal, subscribe to their newsletter to get an extra 15% off. Also, be sure to check out the rest of the site for other home decor options, bouquets for gifting, and a variety of other green gifts.


Many of the sites on our list focus solely on plants, but Terrain specializes in everything for your home. Their plant offering is diverse, including live indoor plants, dried, preserved, faux, and metal plants for your home. You’ll find plants in your typical plastic pots and unique ceramic, brass, and metal pots to add a designer flair to your greenery. Terrain also helps accentuate your home inside and out, offering furniture, decor, gifts, etc.

Despite the designer look many of their products offer, you don’t have to worry about penetrative pricing.  Live plants are reasonably priced, with small pants starting at just $22. At this price point, you’re bound to find something for everyone. There are plants with urns, collections of colorful succulents, tropicals, etc. Standard shipping on orders under $49.99 starts at $7.95 and goes up depending on the order size and if you expedite your shipping.

A unique feature about Terrain is that they also offer an in-person experience for shoppers in Pennsylvania, California, Connecticut, and Maryland with a nursery and a cafe. So if you’re in the area, be sure to check it out.     


1800Flowers, known for its bouquets of traditional stems, also offers a variety of houseplants and indoor plants. While you can certainly shop for yourself, this site is geared towards gifting with quick and easy order fulfillment.

Keep in mind this might not be a place to find the best deals if you are a serious plant collector. You can snag an extra 20% off just for subscribing, and AARP members get an extra 20% off, but the convenience is still a bit pricey.

If the higher prices don’t bother you, the selection of plants is more colorful, cheery, and bright compared to the simple themes on other sites. You’ll also find that the pots are unique, quirky,  and colorful but not technologically innovative. If you send flowers a few times a year (or more), you may want to consider 1800Flower’s passport program. This program offers free standard shipping, no service charge, reduced expedited shipping fees, and no minimum orders. They also offer international deliveries – perhaps the only one!


While we are on the topic of colorful and stylish planters, let’s bring in Bouqs.com.  This retailer is also geared toward gifting, especially flowers, but the quirkiness carries over into its plant offering tool. You’ll find planters of all varieties ranging from simple to intricate designs. Another exciting thing about Bouq’s is that you learn about the farmer who has raised your plant in the nursery and the processes they use.

Looking for a guaranteed deal? Sign up for Bouqs’ subscription for up to 30% off and free shipping. Subscription plans are flexible, with deliveries ranging from weekly to every other month, costing $40-$65. Don’t want a subscription? You can register without a subscription and get shipping for only $15 per order, while unregistered guests are charged $25 per order. Remember that there is an additional $12 charge for Saturday delivery (included on subscription orders too).

Always Choose a Reliable Site to Buy Indoor Plants

There are many online options for indoor plants, but not all offer reliable shipping and quality plants. When you shop for an indoor plant, make sure you go with a retailer that makes you feel comfortable and provides the hand-holding you need.

Also, be sure to research which plants are suitable for your home and your lifestyle. You really don’t want to kill the plant you choose to get with so much care!  It’s too easy to get discouraged once you do. So, if you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to start with your favorite hardy plants to bond with this biome and find your footing!

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