My 6 Month Halo Collar 2+ Review

Update: There is a new version of the Halo Collar. See that review here.

As a pet parent, keeping your furry best friend safe is a top priority that is always on your mind. Whether it’s making sure they don’t run out into the street or getting them back home if they ever escape the yard, there are a lot of things to worry about when it comes to your pup’s safety. I had all of these concerns and more when we got our Beagle puppy earlier this year.

We got a Beagle puppy about a year ago, Pickles, and we wanted him to be able to roam around our 2 acre yard. I assumed that I would need to hire an electric fence company to install a fence boundary wire to keep Pickles in our yard. But the cost of this would have been at least $1200 for our yard. But when searching for alternatives to in-ground fences, I stumbled upon another option. After lots of online research it appeared that the Halo collar was just what I needed. And now, six months later, here’s my review of Halo and how it’s worked out for me.

My dog Pickles

A One-of-a-Kind Creation

Endorsed by world-famous dog trainer Cesar Millan and designed to keep dogs safe, the Halo Collar acts as a Wireless Dog Fence, a GPS tracker, and more.

The Halo Dog Collar is the only product of its kind on the market that offers so many features in one convenient package. The collar is designed to be an “all-in-one safety solution” that you can use at home or on the go. This collar comes in two neutral colors (black and white) and is adjustable to fit any size dog. Plus, it has a bright LED light that makes your pup more visible, even at night or in low light conditions.

Halo claims to produce the safest and most advanced wireless fence in the world. How do they do this? By creating a comprehensive, high-tech device that has everything a pet parent needs for peace of mind.

According to their website, “The Halo Wireless Dog Fences keep your dog safely inside the boundaries that you easily define, and prevents them from leaving (unlike other tracking collars, which only track and notify you when they escape).”

How Does it Work?

The Halo Dog Collar includes a GPS receiver that detects signal sent from GPS satellites. You can customize this signal to create an invisible boundary around your yard – perfect for keeping your dog from running out into the street or getting into other people’s yards. One feature that I love is that the Halo Collar will emit a warning sound before your dog gets to the boundary, so they have time to turn around and stay safe. By the way, the collar also communicates via wifi and cellular. So there’s a total of three communications technologies in use to keep your dog safe at all times.

The Halo Collar allows users to create up to twenty customizable GPS wireless fences, making it the perfect accessory for dogs who enjoy off-leash hiking, swimming, and exploring. This is a revolutionary concept that gives you way more freedom than an in-ground wireless fence ever could.

Once your defined boundaries are saved and synced, your dog’s Halo Collar will automatically guide them to stay inside of those boundaries. This means that a lost wifi or cellular signal will have no effect on pre-saved fences, ensuring that your pup is safe and sound regardless of time, location, or signal.

If you’re ever worried about your dog getting lost, the Halo Dog Collar can help with that too. The built-in GPS tracker will show you exactly where your dog is at all times – whether they’re at home with you or out for a walk with the dog sitter. And if your pup does happen to get lost, the Halo app makes it easy to share their location with friends or family so that you can be reunited with your lost pup as quickly as possible.

The Halo collar manual is very well written.

Cesar Millan Loves the Halo Dog Collar

It’s clear to see that the Halo Dog Collar is a revolutionary pet safety item unlike any other. But don’t take our word for it… the endorsements speak for themselves! World-famous dog trainer Cesar Millan loves the Halo Collar – so much so that he designed Halo’s expert dog training program himself!

“This one is very special to me,” says Cesar Millan. “Halo Collars keeps your dog safely inside your Halo Fences by teaching rules, boundaries & limitations.”

Included in the purchase of your Halo Collar Plan is an all-access pass to Cesar’s training guide. In this guide, you will learn how to safely train your dog with positive reinforcement. You’ll also learn how to customize the device’s settings to create a unique response that is just right for your own pet.

Bonus Features

The Halo Collar is saturated with innovation and quality. It is, perhaps, the most feature-filled dog collar on the market, designed with your pet’s safety in mind. In addition to GPS tracking and a wireless fence program unlike any other, the Halo Collar boasts many more features that users love. Some of the most pup-ular include:

Waterproof Design

While there are many water-resistant dog collars on the market, the Halo Dog Collar is perhaps the only true waterproof device of its kind. According to Halo, their collars are safe for swimming, splashing, and submersion, whether in freshwater or salt water. This is a great feature for water-loving dogs and their owners. Pickles has gotten the Halo very wet, though not submerged, and it handled it just fine.

Outstanding Battery Life

The Halo Dog Collar ensures that playtime never ends, whether at home or on the go. According to Halo, the collar itself is designed to last 20+ hours at a time on just a single charge. I’ve noticed more like a 12 hour life, but this is still plenty of time for my needs. Simply take your pet’s collar off at bedtime and place it on the charger. In the morning, it’s ready to go again.

charging dog collar
Charging Halo collar

Perfect for Multi-Pet Households

The Halo Dog Collar is designed to work seamlessly with a smartphone app. You can create new boundaries, edit existing ones, and manually operate your dog’s collar all with the tap of a smartphone screen. For users with multiple pets, the Halo app is incredibly useful. In the app itself, you have the option to operate as many or as few collars at a time as you’d like. Halo fences can be turned on and off for each dog without affecting the other dog(s). You can even have up to 10 unique dog profiles on your account at one time.

Like a Fitbit for Dogs

In addition to these impressive features, Halo tracks your pup’s daily activity just like a Fitbit or an Apple Watch would for humans! Using the Halo app, you can monitor how much time your pet spends active versus resting, measured by the day, week, or month. You can also track where your pet has been to ensure his or her life-long safety.

Outstanding Quality that’s Worth the Price

While the cost of the Halo Collar made me hesitate, I’m ultimately glad I took the plunge. I got the collar for $699 – not a cheap purchase. But in the 6 months since I’ve had it, it’s truly been a gamechanger. Now, instead of taking Pickles out on a leash, or carefully watching his every move off leash, I simply put on his Halo and let him go. He’s much happier in his ability to wander where he wants. And I’m much happier knowing he’s where he’s supposed to be. And if he does get outside of the fence (this has happened once), I just open the Halo app and can see exactly where he is. No need to panic, scour the neighborhood screaming his name, or post lost dog flyers. Just see where he is and go get him.

halo collar beacons
Beacons keep your dog out of areas where he shouldn’t be, inside or outside your home. Inside beacon is included with collar, outside (on right) is not.

Is a monthly fee required?

Yes a monthly subscription is required since the collar uses cellular towers to communicate. Here’s the plan costs and details.

  • Basic Plan: $4.49 /month – lets you create up to 20 automated fences with access to the data, storage, basic tracking, and training content you need to keep your dog safe with even more peace of mind.
  • Silver Plan: $9.99/month – provides with even more customizable options, advanced activity tracking, historical data, and logs to track your dog’s feedback response progress over time.
  • Gold Plan: $29.99/month – includes premium training lessons released each month, live sessions with expert trainers, and Q&As with experts to get personalized training support.

Is Halo Collar worth the cost?

In my mind the answer is clear. Yes. If you’re tired of cheap products with bad instructions from China, then yes. If you’re tired of limitations in fence size and shape, then yes. If you’re tired of poor on non-existent product support, then yes. If you really want to protect your dog and know where they are all the time, yes.

If you think Halo is right for your situation, you can save $50 by using the coupon here.

Clearly the people at Halo have done their homework. they know exactly what pet owners wanted and they delivered. I am really impressed with how well the Halo Dog collar performs. The GPS tracking is exceptionally accurate, and I love that it comes with a virtual leash feature that notifies you if your dog starts to wander too far away. The wireless fence feature is easy to set up. I created the fence around my yard in just a few minutes. Overall, I think the Halo is a fantastic option for any pet parent who wants to keep their canine companion safe and happy. See below!

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