3 Best Lawn Mowing Shoes

For professional lawn mowers, having the right pair of shoes is essential to keeping you safe and comfortable while tackling outdoor projects. Though not a glamorous subject, per se, the footwear you choose plays a vital role in your workday. After all, your shoes are responsible for protecting your feet and ankles while performing a slew of strenuous activities. Having the right (or wrong) pair can easily make or break an otherwise awesome workday.

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or just a casual weekend gardener, it’s essential to have the right pair of shoes or boots for mowing the lawn. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to know which pair is the best. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top three brands that will provide you with shoes and boots built to last – Kujo, Keen, and BRUNT. Whether you’re looking to lace up something sturdy or need a slip-on that will keep your feet supported all day long, you won’t go wrong with any of these three great footwear companies.

Kujo Yardwear

kujo shoes

If you’re a landscaper looking for the right pair of boots to help you tackle tough outdoor jobs, Kujo Yardwear offers the perfect solution. Kujo offers both shoes and boots that combine comfort and durability in one attractive package. The unique design of Kujo footwear provides incredible comfort – from a padded tongue to padded ankles. In addition, your feet will stay dry and comfortable thanks to the highly breathable mesh upper and waterproof outsole. Plus, Kujo shoes are lightweight and flexible, so you won’t feel weighed down as you move around your job site.

Unmatched Quality

The quality of Kujo shoes is second to none. The durable rubber outsole grips provide excellent traction on any surface, so you won’t have to worry about slipping or sliding while working outdoors. And with its high-quality EVA midsole cushioning system, you’ll be able to work all day long without feeling uncomfortable or sore afterward. You can also customize your look with different colors and styles available to match your personal or professional wardrobe.

Safety Above All Else

When it comes to safety, there’s no better choice than Kujo’s landscape boots or yard shoes. Kujo boots have an ASTM-rated steel toe cap that protects against impact and compression injuries. They also come equipped with an aggressive outsole that doubles the industry standard, keeping you sturdy on your feet regardless of the terrain.

If you’re looking for reliable footwear for your landscaping duties, consider investing in Kujo’s Yard Shoes or Landscape Boots today! They both offer unbeatable comfort, quality construction, exceptional grip, and all-around impressive safety features – making them an ideal choice for all outdoor work scenarios.

Keen Landscaping Boots

keen boots

If you are in the market for boots that offer protection and comfort while working outdoors in a variety of weather conditions, look no further than Keen Landscaping Boots. These impressive boots provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces and help keep your feet dry even when working in wet environments. The boot features a slip-resistant sole with an agreeable footbed design that contours to the shape of your feet, providing superior cushioning and arch support. Plus, the toe guard helps protect against sharp objects such as twigs or rocks, while the waterproof full-grain leather upper ensures your feet remain dry in wet climates. Additionally, they feature a breathable mesh lining to keep your feet cool even on the warmest summer days.

Built to Work With You AND For You

The Keen Landscaping Boot is constructed with a heavy-duty rubber outsole that provides extra durability and a secure grip on uneven surfaces. It also has a rubber heel counter for added stability and an EVA midsole for shock absorption and energy return. For those needing an adjustable fit, the removable lace-lock system allows for custom tightness when necessary. And if that isn’t enough protection, these boots also feature an internal stability shank which offers additional support and torsional rigidity.

Whether you need protection from harsh outdoor elements or want extra comfort, Keen Landscaping Boots have you covered! Their durable construction ensures long-lasting wearability, making them ideal for landscapers who work outside year-round. Plus, their stylish design makes them perfect for any occasion. Featuring superior cushioning and arch support along with protective features such as toe guards and slip-resistant sole technology, these boots will help keep your feet safe so you can enjoy all the benefits of being outdoors without the pain of sore, work-worn feet!

Brunt Workwear

brunt boots

BRUNT exists for one sole purpose: to make great boots with no B.S. – and it seems they’ve achieved just that! If you’re a landscaper looking for reliable, durable, and well-constructed work boots or shoes, then BRUNT Workwear is the perfect choice for you. BRUNT produces an outstanding selection of work boots and shoes that are specifically designed with landscaping professionals in mind. With superior quality materials and construction, their footwear is ideal for any type of outdoor job.

Flawless Craftsmanship

The unique design of BRUNT footwear allows it to be both highly resistant to wear and tear while maintaining an extreme level of comfort. The outsoles are made from extra-tough rubber that is designed to provide excellent grip on any terrain, so you can feel confident when walking on uneven or slippery surfaces. Plus, the uppers are crafted using strong yet breathable materials that provide enough protection against dirt, mud, and other debris while still allowing your feet to stay cool and dry throughout the day.

Impressive Safety Features

BRUNT’s footwear also comes equipped with several special safety features that make them even more enticing for landscapers. For starters, all of their shoes feature reinforced toe boxes which offer superior protection against punctures or heavy impacts in the field. They also have full-length insoles which provide arch support to ensure long-term comfort during extended shifts. Other features include steel shank reinforcements for extra stability when standing or walking on difficult terrain, as well as lightweight construction, which helps reduce fatigue in your legs at the end of a long day of working outdoors.

Overall, BRUNT Workwear has created some genuinely exceptional footwear that is perfect for hardworking landscapers who need something that can stand up to the harshest conditions. Their products come in a wide range of styles, so you can find something that looks great and performs superbly in the field. Whether you’re just starting out or have been an experienced professional for years, investing in a pair of these fantastic work boots will serve you well!

Lawn Mowing Shoes & Boots You Can Count On

No matter what type of outdoor task you find yourself taking on this summer – whether it’s mowing the grass, trimming hedges, or digging holes – there are plenty of shoe options available from Kujo, Keen, and BRUNT that will ensure you stay safe as well as comfortable during your next landscaping project. From light-duty shoes for the yard to heavy-duty work boots, these three brands have got whatever kind of footwear you need to tackle everything on your list this season.

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