6 Best Indoor Garden Kits (Easy Hydroponic Systems)

Whether you’re short on space or want fresh herbs and veggies year-round, an indoor garden kit is a perfect answer. With the right tools, you can quickly start a garden in your home, whether you live in an apartment or a large house.

What Is An Indoor Garden Kit?

Starting an indoor garden used to be an overwhelming undertaking. Simply getting the garden set up was a huge task, often requiring multiple trips to the gardening or hardware store. With so much work involved, it was easier to just buy from the store or stock up on dried herbs. 

The beauty of indoor gardening kits is that they have drastically simplified the process. Now, all you have to do is open the box and get started. Many kits come complete with self-watering containers, seeds, and soil– all the necessary supplies to grow your garden. But, depending on where you will place your indoor garden or its size, you may need to purchase an additional grow light.

What to Look For In An Indoor Garden Kit

When purchasing an indoor garden kit, there are several factors to consider. Such things include:

  • Size: The number of different herbs, produce, or flowers you want to grow will determine which size of grow kit you require. However, you’ll also need to consider how much space you have to work with. Some grow kits are small enough to fit on a kitchen windowsill, while others are as large as a bookcase. Another factor to consider when choosing the size is how quickly you go through produce. Keep in mind that even the smallest gardens supply a decent amount of herbs. 
  • Ease of Use: The entire purpose of the garden kit is to make gardening simple. These kits do this by automating the gardening process, such as adjusting the amount of light and water your plants receive. You’ll still have to do some work (such as refilling water or cleaning between grow cycles), but it’s far less than traditional gardening methods. When making your decision, remember to check the set-up requirements. Some kits are a simple process that can be done in minutes, while others are more involved and require a few hours to assemble and get fully functional.
  • Nutrient Management: To successfully grow herbs and veggies indoors, you have to take care to keep the pH levels up and use the right amount of fertilizers, balancers, etc. Some kits give you more guidance, resources, and a better design to manage this aspect of gardening. For instance, some kits have opaque tanks that prevent sunlight from reaching the water, making it difficult for algae to grow. Meanwhile, other designs are simple to take apart for easy cleaning to help you keep a handle on mold growth.

It’s important to note that the more maintenance your garden kit requires, the more control you’ll have over your gardening. Therefore, if you are a novice gardener, you’ll want to opt for a simple kit with easy maintenance to grow your green thumb.

6 of the Best Indoor Garden Kits on the Market

Many people forgo starting their own indoor garden for fear that the process is complicated and cumbersome. The perfect solution to this fear is opting for an indoor garden kit that takes out most of the headache of growing your own herbs and veggies inside. To ensure your indoor gardening attempt is successful, you want to pick the right kit to start your journey. This list will guide you to the best indoor garden kits on the market to help you start on the right foot.

1. AeroGarden


AeroGarden offers a sleek, beautiful design that suits any style and space. The AeroGarden indoor garden kits use hydroponic technology to keep your plants watered without the mess of soil. Meanwhile, the low-noise motor helps keep the water circulating, preventing algae growth and promoting the oxygenation of plants. Additionally, each AeroGarden kit comes complete with a 10W LED grow light that allows for optimal lighting and automatic reminders for watering and adding plant food.

To use an AeroGarden indoor garden kit, all you have to do is secure the garden, plug it in, add the pods, and add water and liquid nutrients. The smallest model (Sprout) is a three-pod design that is perfect for herbs like basil, oregano, romaine lettuce, and more. Meanwhile, the largest model (Farm 24XL) is a 24-pod design that offers a 36” grow height and trellis. The technology used by AeroGarden helps plants grow 5x faster than traditional methods and yields a better harvest, making it a great indoor garden kit option.

2. Rise Gardens

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated indoor gardening setup, consider opting for a Rise Gardens kit. The overall design of the garden kits is functional and maximizes the utility of space. The smaller kits are suitable for kitchen countertops, while larger ones can double as a side table. However, if you want to increase your capacity, you can add an additional grow tray with more pods. Like the AeroGarden, Rise Gardens uses hydroponic technology with full spectrum LED lights to grow a huge variety of herbs, greens, and veggies. What sets Rise apart is the Alex integration to control lighting and water levels and run SmartCare. The garden kit comes with a customized app that notifies you when to add water and which nutrients are required.

The smallest Rise Garden is the Personal Garden, which is an 8-pod design and includes eight pods, three bottles of nutrients, and eight net cups. Meanwhile, the largest is the 48-pod Triple Family Garden, with 48 seed pods, nine bottles of nutrients, and 54 net cups. However, unlike other options on our list, Rise Gardens does require a bit more set-up and hands-on attention, including regular pruning and adding nutrients weekly. This makes the Rise Garden a good option for intermediate to expert gardeners.

3. Click and Grow

Click and Grow garden kits are perfect for those apartments and homes with limited sunlight. The mod design gives it a futuristic yet sleek look in your kitchen or living space. The Click and Grow garden kit is as simple as using a coffee pod to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables. All you have to do is pop the plant pods into the Smart Garden, add about a liter of water, and your garden is planted.

One unique feature of the Click and Grow indoor garden is the dome that accompanies it. Attaching the dome when you insert the plant pods aids in the germination process so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor sooner. Once you begin to see sprouts, you can remove the dome. Just make sure to keep track of the attachment so you can use it with your next batch of plants. You’ll also get a quick start guide full of pro gardener tips to help you get the most out of your garden.

Like others on our list, Click and Grow indoor garden kits come in a variety of sizes. The smallest garden (The Smart Garden 3) is a three-pod design that comes with two lamp extension arms and three complimentary basil seed pods. Meanwhile, the largest smart garden is The Wall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden, featuring three shelves with 51 growing holes. In addition to the smart garden, this kit comes with six complementary plant starter kits (54 plant pods). The ease of using the Click and Grow garden makes it ideal for beginners and the perfect gift.

4. Gardyn

If you’ve had an indoor garden before and are looking for an upgrade or are ready to jump in headfirst, check out Gardyn Home Kits. Gardyn indoor gardens are some of the larger kits on our list. Their large size means you’ll have to have some dedicated space, as they won’t fit on your kitchen counter. Using its unique patented Hybriponics™ Technology, each plant has its own water reservoir and can easily be moved around as needed or desired. Growing plants with this technology also uses 95% less water than traditional gardening methods. 

While other indoor garden kits come in a variety of sizes, Gardyn only has two variants– Gardyn Home Kit 2.0 and Gardyn Home Kit 3.0. Both of these models allow you to grow 30 plants (which come free with your initial purchase). Gardyn also capitalizes on its technical prowess by using next-generation AI to boost germination and maximize plant growth, an ultrasonic water sensor, and an automated water and light schedule. Gardyn kits also come with a unique live view and time-lapse feature that lets you see the evolution of your plants.

The larger 3.0 Gardyn features enhanced durability and a modern design that is easier to clean. It also requires less effort to set up compared to the earlier 2.0 model. While the 3.0 is a bit more costly, the new design is worth the extra money. So if you’re looking to grow a variety of herbs and veggies, Gardyn may be the perfect fit for you.

5. Veritable

Another indoor garden kit that has caught our eye is the Véritable® indoor vegetable garden. Created by a French company, these indoor gardens feature a sleek design that simplifies the gardening process. Each Veritable garden model can accent your kitchen countertop without taking up more space than a large toaster. However, this does mean you can’t grow as many varieties as you can with other garden kits on our list.

Veritable garden kits use a patented lingot technology for their seeds designed to meet the specific needs of your plants. The brick-like lingot has perfect spacing between seeds planted at the optimal depth. The completely natural material gives you a healthy and abundant harvest for each of the 70+ varieties offered. The included grow lights give ample light to also help your plants grow, and when it’s time to refill the water reservoir, they’ll blink to let you know.

While other models vary based on size, Veritable garden kits vary based on how smart your garden is. You have three different options. The classic edition, the most basic model, comes with manual lighting and is available in only white. The smart edition comes in four color variants and uses Adapt’Light Technology to adjust lighting for optimal plant growth. Lastly, the connect edition is the premium model with all the features of the smart edition plus Veritable app connectivity. If the Veritable garden is too big, the classic and smart editions also come in Exky (a 2-lingot model). The Veritable indoor vegetable garden is the perfect option for apartment dwellers who want to grow their own fresh herbs.

6. iDOO

So far, all the indoor gardens on our list have been ideal for gardeners of all skill levels. Now, let’s get into the more serious indoor gardens. iDOO is an indoor hydroponics system with a simplified setup that lets you grow whatever you want. The iDOO garden kit comes with the water tank, fan, and LED grow lights– everything you need to successfully grow herbs and veggies in any room of your home without the mess of soil.

Using a hydroponic grow system can help your plants grow faster than if they were planted in soil. The liquid nutrients also mean the roots can absorb nutrients better, making them even healthier. The included fan helps with the pollination process and disperses heat to aid in the germination process. The unique LED light comes with two growing modes –one to automatically simulate the sun and another to emit blue or red light depending on what you’re growing.

With an iDOO gardening kit, you’ll get everything you need. All you need to do is add water and the seeds to the sponge basket. The included ‘grow domes’ will help germination and can be removed once you see sprouts. The iDOO does require a bit more effort than other indoor garden kits on our list. You’ll have to find hydroponic seeds to grow and monitor and apply liquid nutrients on your own. You can get the iDOO hydroponic system in three different sizes– basic (7 pods), premium (12 pods), and new flagship (20 pods). Each of these garden kits will come with the equipment to successfully grow a garden indoors, making it an excellent option for exploring hydroponics without all the extra equipment for skilled gardeners.

Maintaining An Indoor Garden

The level of maintenance your indoor garden will require depends on its type. For instance, garden kits that use soil need regular upkeep. Without an irrigation system, you’ll need to monitor water levels closely. If you want to make it a bit easier on yourself and still want soil, opt for a self-watering option.

Some self-watering variants and hydroponic garden kits will have a water tank. To keep your plants growing as strong and healthy as possible, you’ll need to ensure the tank stays clean. You can do this by regularly taking the garden apart and manually cleaning the tank. But you can also take steps to increase the time between cleanings, such as making sure you have a pump for water circulation to prevent the growth of algae and mold.

Consider What You Want to Grow

Before you decide which indoor garden kit is for you, think about what you want to grow. Some models are suitable for herbs, vegetables, and flowers, while others are only suitable for herbs and mini vegetables. You’ll need to choose a large enough gardening kit to grow full-size vegetables. Larger kits like the Click and Grow are ideal for large plants like tomatoes, peas, etc.

While you’ll want to consider what to grow, you’ll also need to factor in how much you’ll be able to consume. If your family is not a fan of salads and fresh herbs, you’ll want to use a smaller indoor gardening kit. However, if your family is vegetarian or eats lots of veggies, a bigger, more robust garden would be ideal.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing an indoor garden kit, you’ll want to consider your lifestyle and what you can comfortably incorporate into your existing life. A simple plug-and-grow setup is your best bet for those gardeners just starting out, while more experienced gardeners have a wider range of options.

At first glance, many of these indoor garden kits appear to be quite costly. However, once you factor in how much money you’ll save by growing your own herbs and veggies, the cost is well worth it. Additionally, the produce quality will be much higher than anything sitting on the grocery store shelf. While it takes a bit of time to grow herbs on your kitchen counter, it is the freshest produce you can possibly get, making your favorite dishes even tastier. 

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