My 6 Month Jobber Review (Favorite Lawn Care App)

Let’s be real – after you get more than a dozen customers or so, lawn care businesses can be a challenge to manage. Scheduling your work and billing customers, in particular, can get overwhelming quickly. But luckily there are great software solutions like Jobber to help you manage your lawn care business.  

As with any business, keeping track of scheduling and billing are two of the most critical parts to success. This is no different in the lawn care industry, which requires just as much organization as any other industry. Thankfully, software is available to help lawn care businesses manage finances as well as keep track of crews and customers. I signed up with Jobber about six months ago and though I would review what I like and don’t like about the app so far.  

Jobber – My Favorite Lawn Care Software and App

Jobber has turned out to be the best software tool I’ve used to help me stay organized. I’ve used Yardbook before (and Service Autopilot) and I like Jobber the best because it’s so user-friendly and intuitive. I never had to read a manual, never had to contact support – it was just plain easy to figure out.

It was created by two software developers and a painter who were looking to help small businesses operate more efficiently and be more organized. Jobber offers all kinds of features to help you organize your operations, impress your customers, and grow your business. 

Stay Organized

To help you organize your operations, Jobber provides customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, meaning you can search for specific clients and see their client history, including services previously provided as well as invoicing data and full billing histories. If you (or your customer) have a question about a bill or payment, it is simple to look it up with the CRM features. You can make special notes for each client and upload a photo of him or her, which is incredibly useful when getting to know your customers. 

Scheduling Management

As mentioned, Jobber allows you to simplify your scheduling and dispatch methods. Scheduling capabilities include jobs, administrative tasks and meetings, visits, and pending quote assessment requests. Scheduling entries are easily sorted and can be color-coded if you wish. Also, there is a “bulk schedule” feature, meaning you can schedule visits for multiple clients in a few seconds. This is an especially useful feature for lawn care business owners when it’s necessary to reschedule visits due to weather conditions, for example. 

A huge component of running a lawn care business is dispatching crews, so it’s important to be able to see which crews are set to be in specific places at any time. Another neat feature is the ability to send a customer a notification when a crew is on its way. And of course giving customers the ability to book directly through a your website is a huge plus in today’s virtual world. 

Invoice Management

With Jobber you can track, create, and send invoices to customers automatically, either individually or in a batch at your request. Having software do invoicing for you can drastically increase the amount of time you have to build a wider customer base and spend time on other tasks. Of course Jobber also accepts automatic payments, track payments, and sends invoice reminders to clients.

The Jobber lawn care software will also allow clients to log into a portal and see their appointments, payment information, and receipts as well as request more work or get in touch with you. Jobber automatically sets up this “client hub” for your clients, which not only simplifies things for you, but also for them. Clients may also be able to seamlessly approve quotes or invoices and provide their signatures electronically instead of in-person. 

Time and Expense Analysis

One of the most useful features of Jobber is the ability to create reports that can help you advance your business. For example, real-time financial reporting allows you to see your projected net gains and payments. Other reports include data on what you and your team spend the most time on, which helps you cut down on certain tasks and make changes that will increase income instead. These types of reports can turn out to be extremely beneficial for learning what is working for your business and what is not – sometimes, you may be surprised with the results! 

Jobber starts with a 14 day free trial. After that, plans start at $49 per month. But for the amount that it helps me to manage my lawn business, I’d gladly pay even more. I love the fact that I can manage my whole business from my phone!

Jobber Reviews

Trustpilot: 4.0

G2: : 4.2

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