3 Best Lawn and Landscape Trailer Racks

Are you a lawn care provider or landscaper searching for the best trailer rack brands on the market? Look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss three of the top names in trailer rack manufacturing – Green Touch Industries, Elite Will, and Equipment Defender. All three brands have established themselves as leaders in their respective fields, offering customers a wide range of options and features. Whether it’s customization or general utility you’re after, there’s a perfect rack out there with your name on it!

Green Touch Industries (TrailerRacks.com)

For over thirty years, Green Touch Industries has been a beloved household name among construction workers, handymen, and landscapers alike. So much so that many current and previous customers of this forward-thinking brand have become die-hard fans, referring to themselves as the “Green Touch Army.” But just what is it about this brand that’s got people so excited? Keep reading to find out. 

A few years back, Green Touch Industries reinvented themselves by announcing the launch of a new and improved website – an announcement that, for most companies, wouldn’t cause consumers to bat an eye. But, then again, Green Touch’s die-hard fans are no ordinary consumers. What was it about this announcement that had fans riled up? They changed the name.

Instead of shopping for their favorite trailer racks, fuel cages, and power tools at greentouch.com, as they were accustomed to doing, consumers of this popular brand would now be directed to shop at trailerracks.com. And while we’re not totally sure what prompted this change, the important thing to note is that the quality of Green Touch Products has remained consistent.

Green Touch Industries is one of the only companies out there that produces trailer racks specifically for landscapers. In fact, according to their website, “(Green Touch) racks have been crafted by landscapers, for landscapers.” This is one of the main reasons that Green Touch is so wildly popular – they understand the specific needs of your business and can meet them in a way that no other brand can!

Built To Last

Green Touch trailer racks are made from high-quality materials designed to withstand all types of weather conditions and wear and tear. They feature galvanized steel frames that won’t corrode or rust and a powder-coated finish to protect against corrosion. Additionally, these products come with heavy-duty hardware designed for long-lasting use.

Versatility At Its Finest

Green Touch trailer racks are incredibly versatile – meaning that there’s something for everyone, no matter how specific your needs are! With Green Touch, you’ll find an array of configurations and sizes suitable for virtually any vehicle. Whether you need a single-wheel rack or a multi-wheel option, they’ve got it all! Plus, they provide custom designs so you can get precisely what you want without having to settle for something less than perfect.

Competitive Pricing That Wont Break The Bank

In addition to superior product quality, Green Touch offers competitive pricing that you won’t find anywhere else. To do this, Green Touch relies on an efficient manufacturing process that keeps costs down while still delivering exceptional value to its customers; that way, customers get high-end merchandise at an affordable price point without sacrificing quality.

Any landscaper looking for superior trailer racks at an unbeatable price should look no further than Green Touch – we promise you won’t regret it! Green Touch’s commitment to durability and customer satisfaction makes them one of the best in the industry when it comes to fulfilling your transportation needs safely and securely, from the first light of morning until you tuck your trailer in for the night.

Equipment Defender

Equipment Defender offers a wide selection of trailer racks designed to meet any landscaping business’s needs. Whether you need a simple loading dock, an adjustable rack for hauling heavier loads, or something in between, Equipment Defender has the perfect rack for you. Not only do they offer high-quality products at competitive prices, but they also provide excellent customer service and support. So why choose Equipment Defender when you’re in the market for trailer racks?

These Trailer Racks Are TOUGH

First, Equipment Defender’s racks are made from durable and reliable materials that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Each rack is constructed with heavy-duty steel tubing and a powder-coated steel finish, ensuring a long-lasting product that won’t rust or fade over time. The powder coating also gives them a sleek, attractive look that will match any vehicle’s design (unlike Green Touch racks which are bright green). Additionally, each rack is built using precision welding techniques, so it’s sure to fit perfectly on your trailer. This small (but mighty) detail ensures a safe and secure load every time.

Unmatched Innovation

Another thing that sets Equipment Defender apart from the competition is their commitment to innovation and quality. By continuously striving to develop new technologies that will improve the safety and performance of their products, Equipment Defender is able to keep consumers coming back for more. One example of their innovation is the patented Adjustable Ramp System, which allows users to easily adjust the ramp angle on their trailer racks while maintaining top security features.

Enhancing the Consumer Experience

Equipment Defender is known for providing superior customer service before, during, and after every transaction. In addition to their knowledgeable sales staff (who can answer any questions you might have about their products), Equipment Defender employs a team of experienced technicians who can quickly diagnose any potential problems with your equipment before it ever leaves their facility. The Equipment Defender team goes above and beyond by offering helpful installation tips and advice throughout the entire process, no matter how complex the task may be.

It’s easy to see why Equipment Defender is known for making some of the best trailer racks on the market today. Their commitment to quality materials, innovative designs, and exceptional customer service make them an ideal choice. With Equipment Defender by your side, you can rest assured knowing your cargo is secure no matter where you go!

Elite Will

Though Elite Will specializes in more than just trailer racks, they’ve managed to earn a five-star reputation for building some of the highest quality products available on the market today. Their trailer racks are built to last and designed with a focus on durability and functionality. Whatever you’re hauling, from blowers to trimmers, Elite Will has the perfect trailer rack for your landscaping business.

Elite Will trailer racks are constructed from heavy-duty steel frames with a powder-coated finish for added strength and protection against corrosion and rust. Their steel construction makes these racks incredibly sturdy, ensuring your load is secure on even the roughest terrain. Plus, their designs are aerodynamic to minimize drag and fuel consumption while traveling – a feature that any eco-friendly landscaper will love!

Safety-Focused Features

What really sets Elite Will apart from competitors is their attention to detail when it comes to safety features. All of their racks have adjustable tie-down points that allow you to create a snug fit around any type of cargo. This helps keep your load secure during transportation and prevents shifting that could cause damage or injury if an accident were to occur. Plus, each Elite Will trailer racks feature deep side rails that run along both sides of the rack to ensure extra protection against debris kicked up by passing vehicles.

Customer Service Thats Second-to-None

Elite Will’s customer service team is second-to-none. Whenever you purchase one of their trailer racks, the Elite Will team will provide you with detailed installation instructions along with answers to many frequently asked questions about how best to use and maintain your product. In addition, they offer troubleshooting help should any problems arise after installation – no matter how big or small the issue may be – so that you can get back up and running in no time!

When shopping for a top-quality trailer rack that will keep your equipment secure and organized, look no further than Elite Will. With sturdy construction, outstanding safety features built into every design, and exceptional customer service support, it’s easy to see why so many people trust them with their hauling needs.


If you’re looking for the best trailer racks for your landscaping business, you should consider shopping with one of these three notable brands: Green Touch Industries, Elite Will, and Equipment Defender. Widely known for their quality and unmatched customer support, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect fit for your company’s needs at one of these great retailers.

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