6 Best DIY Pest Control Subscription Services

For homeowners, pest control is a concern 365 days a year. The traditional solution is to hire a professional pest control service. This usually means expensive monthly visits and little or no control over which pesticides they use to repel or control pests. But an alternative solution has arisen in the last few years: do-it-yourself pest control subscription service. These services mail you the right product for your climate and at the right time of year. This takes all the guesswork out of what to spray and when to spray it that you encounter when shopping for pest control products on your own.

Other advantages include products customized for your pest control needs, safer products, complete instructions, and the convenience of home delivery. You also may save money over sourcing and buying products on your own or contracting for local services. We’ve researched the companies in this field and the following ones have the best online ratings and highest customer satisfaction.

These 6 Services Make DIY Pest Control Easy and Affordable

sunday pest control

Already well know for their lawn care subscription service, Sunday also does a great job with making DIY pest control simple and hassle-free. Their pest control products for your home and yard are geared for different needs, from mosquito and tick protection to fire ant protection, depending on your region. In addition, the website provides a useful regional pest problem map, and the staff at Sunday can help you choose the right packages.

Some products include a Total Home Protection Package to repel pests from your home, a Total Yard Pest Control, Southern Pest Control, Fire Ant and Insect Protection, Nix Ticks , or Mosquito and Tick Protection Pack. There are other choices, too, and each comes with a sprayer and instructions.

Pest Box is a subscription pest control program for people who want to do the work themselves but need guidance on what and when to use it. The Pest Box provides perimeter-type pest control for the home and works for ants, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, and many other insects. You get just the right amount of each product for your property size, so you never need to store leftover chemicals.

The boxes arrive according to your region and climate’s needs, so you don’t need to worry about when to order or apply the treatments. The number of shipments you receive will depend on where you live and the delivery schedule you select. The company recommends treatment every four weeks, but you can opt for every six or eight weeks if you find you need treatments less often where you are. Different regions have different needs depending on sun and rain conditions. For example, Florida needs treatments year-round, but Minnesota may not.

You use your own sprayer, but they provide nitrile gloves, insect glue boards to help you monitor activity, and complete instructions. Each time you receive a shipment, the insecticides will be slightly different, so your local pests don’t build up resistance to any one formula.

The company also offers free professional advice through email or a chat system for guidance about any pest problems or questions. With a subscription, you also qualify for a discount on any other products they offer.


Pestie, headquartered in Lehi, Utah, offers customized services and home delivery for all 50 states. Pestie customers start by providing the company with details about any bug problems they are having and about their local climate conditions. Pestie creates a customized service package and delivery schedule that includes professional-grade products from that information.

Their formula and routine treatment products work on over 100 different insects, including spiders, ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, crickets, silverfish, scorpions, beetles, earwigs, and mites. However, it doesn’t work for termites, bedbugs, or rodents.

The packages delivered to your door give you everything you need to handle the pest control treatment yourself. The boxes include pro-grade pesticide concentrate tailored to your location, gloves, a mixing bag, and complete step-by-step instructions.   Each treatment is designed to get rid of infestations quickly but also provides long-term release that creates a barrier around your home to keep pests away. The first shipment includes a reusable electronic sprayer. With a full subscription service, you get a starter kit, a booster shipment, a winter prep shipment, and a pre-hatch shipment, which they deliver before spring, the most active insect season.

Choosing Pestie has a couple of advantages. First, they use plant-based products that are safe to use around kids and pets. Second, you can spray plants, trees, bushes, and grasses( other than fruits and vegetables.) Third, they use micro-encapsulated delivery that stands up to heavy rain. Pestie offers a money-back guarantee, so if their products don’t solve your pest problem, you can get a refund.

bugly subscription service

Bugly DIY Pest Control Services use repellant formulas designed to work but not harm people, pets, or the environment. They worked with doctors specializing in neurotoxins to create all-natural pest control treatments. Bugly offers product packages for sale or a monthly subscription. Products, delivery, and scheduling instructions will vary depending on where you are in the country.

They provide everything you need including instructions. The introductory kit includes a professional sprayer, hand duster, goggles to protect your eyes, and three highly effective but safe Bugly formulas.

You get the Indoor formula, which smells pleasant and won’t stain furniture. It kills and repels insects in your home. The second formula is for outdoors. It provides a barrier around your home to prevent pests from returning. The third is a dusting formula that will kill pests outside. It gets on insects’ bodies and kills them when they ingest it because of the irritants it contains. The kit should kill and repel all common pests and prevent them from coming back.


Pestpal offers customized pest control products you can purchase four different ways:  their pest control subscription service kit, a one-time subscription purchase, a subscription where you pay each month, and a yearly subscription.

The introductory kit and subsequent shipments include professional-level products designed to control pests problematic in your climate and region of the country. The packages include complete instructions about where and when to spray the different formulas. They will kill bugs currently in and around your home and keep bugs at bay, so your home stays pest-free.

Your initial shipment will include 1 Pump Sprayer for each treatment and everything you need to safely treat your home for bugs, including protective gloves. PestPal uses Cyzmic CS/Temprid FX/Demand Duo brand pesticide. They chose the brand because once completely dry, it’s all safe to use around children and pets.

DIY Pest Club

DIY Pest Club delivers a box every quarter. Each time the contents change to address the pests and their development stages. The company’s products stay ahead of the different insect egg cycles, so for example, you prevent ants in summer and spiders in winter. They use six different formulas to address different problems throughout the year. All formulas are safe for kids and pets.

 The packages arrive just in time for you to apply the appropriate insecticide for that season. You get complete instructions on how to do the spraying. You get access to professionals who can answer questions and provide individual guidance. Prices are lower than some other subscription services because you use your own equipment. You can also pause your subscription at any time for any reason.

Why Choose a DIY Pest Control Subscription Service?

diy pest control sprayer

By choosing a subscription service over a pest control contract, you save money by doing the work yourself. You also get more control over what products are used to control pests. Choosing a subscription rather than researching and buying products from the local hardware store takes the guesswork out of what to use and when to use it. You receive the right product at your doorstep with complete instructions.

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