6 Best Online Interior Design Services

When it comes to our homes, we want to create a space that is both comfortable and inviting. But, actually figuring out how to achieve such a result can be overwhelming.  Sure, you could enlist the help of a professional interior designer, but that is often time-consuming and costly. Another option is to jump in and start making changes, which can entail back-breaking work and cost you even more. Instead, what you need is an easy-to-use system that will let you play around with the design of your space until you’re happy before you start.

The good news is that you aren’t stuck with hiring a professional or trying to DIY your space. Plenty of user-friendly options are available to help you find that sweet spot between hiring a professional designer and figuring it out on your own. We know you just want to finish your project already, so we’ve gone ahead and found the best online interior design services for you to check out and get started.

Online Interior Design Services Youll Love

While there are obvious differences in getting help from an interior designer online versus in person, they are the same in many ways. You’ll know the drill if you’ve ever watched any home makeover show. Share your preferences and what you want to achieve with the space, and let the designer work their magic.

Several of the apps on our list work in a similar fashion. At the onset, you’ll take an online quiz to determine your design style and preferences. The quizz style varies based on the app, with some having you select pictures of rooms, asking you questions about your styles, or talking directly with a designer. Taking these quizzes is an essential component of the design process as it helps your designer understand exactly what you are looking for so that you can get the room of your dreams.

Another benefit of many of the online interior design services we’ll talk about is that you no longer have to hunt for the perfect product to match the design provided by the designer. Instead, when you get your design, you’ll also get a list of the products used in your concept. To get the exact look, all you have to do is click the links and get the same products delivered to your door. Not only does this save loads of time, but you can rest assured you’ll get the exact look provided to you by the designer.

Now, on to the best online interior design services to use.

1. Havenly

Havenly is an online service that helps you easily connect to an interior designer that will help you create the room of your dreams. Once you complete the style quiz, choose the designer you want for your project. Together you’ll discuss your dream home and what you hope to create. Based on this conversation, your designer will come up with a design board of inspiration and pieces that will make your space feel like a home. You choose the ones you like and then the designer will put together all the finishing touches. Once your design is complete, you can shop for the items directly on the Havenly website. They’ll ship everything directly to you, making the entire process as easy as possible.

Havenly currently has three different packages– the online mini ($129), the online full ($199) that includes 3D renderings and customized floor plans, and in person ($699), which includes an in-home meeting with your designer and hands-on assistance. Each of Havenly’s packages include one-on-one designer consultation, customized designs, and a stress-free ordering process. Note that the in-person package is only available in select markets.

2. Spacejoy

Spacejoy is an online platform that connects you with a professional interior designer at an affordable cost. You’ll start the process by selecting the room you want to design. Then you’ll take a quiz on your design style and preferences. A unique feature of Spacejoy is that they also ask you why you want to take on this project. All of this aids in the process of hand-picking a designer for your project, who will give suggestions based on existing furniture, current trends, and what you are hoping to achieve. Your designer may also ask you for additional images or measurements to ensure the design fits your space perfectly.

You can choose from three different packages on a per-room basis, all of which include one-on-one time with a designer, ultra-realistic 3D images that are interactive, concepts personalized to your style and budget, design revisions, a designer-curated shopping list, and a turnaround time of 7-10 days. The lowest-tier package, Delight, comes in at $499 and offers one concept. The middle-tier package, Bliss, costs $699 and includes two concepts and help with product alternatives for two months after design delivery. Lastly, the top-tier package, Euphoria, costs $999 and includes two concepts from a top-level designer, four Live design revisions, assistance with product alternatives for up to four months, and a 1-hour video consultation with the designer.

Note: Spacejoy currently does not offer services for bathrooms or kitchens.

3. roomLift

roomLift is another online platform that connects you with a professional designer. To get started, you’ll first need to download the roomLift App and upload photos of your space, details on your lifestyle, budget details, and your preferred style. Based on this info, roomLift will pair you with a designer, who you’ll meet via video chat. After your consultation, your designer will put together a concept taking your existing furniture, budget, and preferences into consideration.  However, unlike other services that give you a virtual rendering and a list of items to purchase, with roomLift, you’ll receive a physical box with samples, floorplans, and designer notes, in addition to the room concept (not included in the most basic package).

You have several different options when using roomLift. The most affordable option is to access an expert for $100. This will give you a virtual consul for immediate tips to improve your space and a custom proposal. The next package is the accessoryLift ($750), which includes the physical box of samples and furniture suggestions. To get a full floor plan, you’ll need to upgrade to the roomLift package ($1,500). There’s also an option to use roomLift for projects of any size; you’ll just need to consult them for a price.

Not sure if roomLift is the right service for you? You can learn more by scheduling a free consultation on their website.

4. Decorilla

If you are hoping for multiple designs to choose from, then Decorilla is the online service for you. Like the other online interior design services, you’ll first fill out a questionnaire, upload photos of your space, and set your budget. With this information you’ll be paired with two designers in your selected tier. They will then email you a range of concept previews to consider. Once you choose the concept, your designer will have a one-on-one to help you source the best deals on furniture and decor, help establish the color palette, and recommend the best floor layout for your space.

The cost of accessing designers through Decorilla varies depending on the room. For each room type you’ll be able to select from three tiers of designers- Bronze (experienced), Silver (greatly experienced), and Platinum (industry leading). You can also get a custom design package on an hourly basis with rates ranging from $75 to $500 per hour. All design levels include concepts from multiple designers, realistic 3D models, and follow-up assistance.If you’re not sure which level you need for your project their customer service team can help you decide.

5. Collov

Collov is similar to other online interior design services on our list. After designating which room you want to redesign, choosing some inspiration photos, and uploading photos of your own space, you’ll be connected with a designer. After submitting the information, your design will send a mood board with multiple options and furniture layouts. If you’re not happy with your mood board you can have it revised by the designer. You can also shop your design, letting you make your mood board a reality without going to tens of different sites or hunting for the best deals.

Of the services on our list, Collov is definitely one of the most affordable. The lowest package, Kick-Start, costs only $98 per design and includes a mood board from a designer and up to two revisions within a 30-day window after it is sent to you. If you’re hoping for some one-on-one time with your designer, upgrade to the Classic package for $158. The Classic package includes three revisions within a 30-day window, a 3D rendering of your home, a one-on-one phone call with your designer and floor, window, and paint suggestions. The highest package, Luxe, costs only $298, giving you access to senior designers, unlimited redesigns, and hand-picked alternatives for each item on your mood board.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge on hiring a designer, Collov also has a free AI-generated mood board service. While the computer will generate this mood board for you, you’ll also be able to edit it and order directly from it, making it a great tool in your interior design process. 

6. The Expert

If you’re a pro at DIY and just want a bit of guidance from a professional interior designer, look no further than The Expert, an online platform that simply connects you with top interior designers worldwide. This is as close as the real deal without the travel. Clients can schedule consultation times of varying lengths. During the consultation you can talk with the designer on floor plan layout, vendors, construction ideas, art, etc. However, they are only there to give professional input; you’ll still have to do the heavy work yourself.

Unlike other online services on our list, The Expert is only a platform to help you connect with designers (think Tinder for designers). Through the platform each designer is able to set their own availability, pricing, and length of consultation. You’ll find consultations ranging from $150 to $1,500 with time slots for 25 or 55 minutes. The level of prep work you do before your consultation will determine how much you can achieve in your consultation, saving you significantly compared to visiting a design firm in person. If you’re not sure which designer you should connect with, The Expert does offer a concierge team to help you find the designers that best suit your style and budget.

Get Expert Interior Design Help at an Affordable Price

Online interior designers have made it possible for anyone to get professional help with creating an attractive space. Similar to online landscape designing, the services are affordable, professional, and user-friendly. You no longer have to go it alone when trying to figure out how to decorate your living room, bedroom, or other interior space. Try one today and let us know how it goes in the comments section.

Note: See our detailed review of the two most popular services: Havenly and Spacejoy.

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