Honda Miimo Robot Mower Review

If you have a large lawn, chances are there have been times where you’ve wished you had a robotic assistant to take over for you and mow your expansive lawn. Even for smaller lawns, the task can be tedious and lengthy. Well, today is the day! The product called “Miimo” from Honda is a robotic mower that can mow up to around an acre all on its own. So far it has been well received and reviewed by many sources and could lead the way for a brand new era of lawnmowers.

You start by laying down a wire around the perimeter of your lawn that marks the boundaries for your Miimo. There is also a weatherproof charging dock included that will connect to both ends of that wire. The charging dock will power the boundary wire as well as charge your mower.

Miimo Features Youre Going to Love

  • 3 Cutting Patterns – Random, Directional or Mixed
  • Special Blades – blades automatically switch between clockwise and counter-clockwise spinning, decreasing wear and increasing life span.
  • 360° Awareness Sensors – advanced sensors and a floating cover detect most any obstacle
  • Recharging System – ithium-ion battery offers a quiet power source and is very cost efficient to run.
  • Anti-Theft Security – Miimo is protected by a unique security PIN, which prevents unauthorized access and usage.
  • Mow Day or Night – Set the right schedule for you
  • Quiet Operation – Use the Quiet mode to reduce noise even further.
  • Healthier Grass – frequent, small cuttings create tiny grass pieces that fertilize your lawn
  • Handles Slopes and Obstacles – Miimo can mow on slopes as steep as 25°
  • Customizable Starting Points – Up to three starting points can be programmed for the Miimo 310 and up to five starting points for the Miimo 520
  • Edge Cutting – keeps the borders of the lawn looking neat and finished by cutting along the guide wire twice a week.
  • Easy to Adjust Cutting Heights – adjustable from 0.8″ to 2.4″ simply with the turn of a knob.

The price is better than expected for such a high tech mower. It compares right alongside regular riding mowers and may even save some money if you are currently paying someone else to take care of your lawn. Plus, if you purchase the Miimo through Honda’s site they could offer you up to $500 for someone to install it for you.

As for the technical side of things – this robotic mower comes in two models, both meant for two different sizes of lawn. If your yard is on the smaller side and you don’t need as much distance out of it, you can choose the Miimo HRM 310 which covers up to 0.37 acres. If you have more area to cover than that, you can invest in the HRM 520 which will cover up to around 0.75 acres. You can even set up custom start points for your Miimo as part of it’s easy to set up settings. It works well on many terrains and inclines as well, making it great for sloped or flat lawns. The HRM 310 model will cost $2,499 and the HRM 520 will cost $2,799 and both are available from HondaPower Equipment dealers.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you need this product, check out the helpful Miimo simulator on Honda’s website. Using the simulator, you find your lawn on a map and then configure the settings to fit your yard. Using this virtual installation, you can then see which Miimo model will be best for your yard and even how much time you can save by using it.

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