Lawnbox Lawn Care Subscription Review

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, subscription-based DIY lawn care services have really exploded recently. One newer player in this DIY subscription market is Lawnbox.

Lawnbox works like many of the other subscription services you may already be familiar with. They send out an array of fertilizers and treatments to be used at various times of the year, complete with instructions. The service is meant to ease the process of selecting fertilizers and treatments so homeowners can save money over costly lawn care services.

In this review, we’ll look at what Lawnbox has to offer as well as compare it to other services like Sunday to see what the differences are.

How Does Lawnbox Work?

If you’ve ever used one of these subscription services before, Lawnbox is very similar to the other popular ones on the market.

They begin with a satellite image of your yard to determine the size and amount of fertilizer and products that will be needed. This imagery and size calculation is all done by Lawnbox, you only have to tell them your address.

Once the sizing is complete, Lawnbox takes over from there. They say they have different blends depending on your geographic area and those are then automatically used for your customized treatment plant.

Lawnbox also says their fertilizers are versatile enough that soil test samples are not needed. For comparison, Sunday Custom Lawn Care does offer soil tests and then uses that information to further customize their plans.

Of course, the usefulness of a soil test for this sort of service can be hit or miss. Specific areas will have similar soil, so after thousands of customers, the services should have a pretty good idea of what soil is present in each area.

A soil test can be a nice option though if you know you have soil problems or suspect an issue due to other products failing to show results.

What Products Does Lawnbox Use?

Once you’ve gone through the setup process, Lawnbox will then put together your customized order. You’ll receive several bags of fertilizers and other treatments at various times of the year that coincide with their application.

Below is the complete product line available from Lawnbox:

  • Fall Fix
  • Lawn Lux
  • Grass Genie
  • Pure Patch
  • Soil Save
  • GrubOut

All of Lawnbox’s fertilizer products are made in the U.S.A. These solid products will need to be put down with a spreader. Each bag comes with complete instructions along with the time of year to use each one so there is no guesswork. However, you will need a spreader and you will have to use it for each application.

By comparison, Sunday sends all of its products in liquid form. These liquid pouches attach to a standard garden hose and then can be sprayed onto the lawn. Some homeowners may prefer the ease of liquid pouches that can easily be sprayed. However, some homeowners do prefer using spreaders for better control.

Another thing to consider is storage. Lawnbox products will take up more space than Sunday’s offerings. So those with limited space should consider this as well.

Is Lawnbox Organic

Yes. Lawnbox products are all-natural and organic. The company uses a third-party service known as OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) to certify each product. They contain no animal byproducts or bio-solids either.

For comparison, Sunday does also offer natural products as well with ingredients like molasses or soybeans instead of chemical names that most people can’t even pronounce. They are not certified as organic, but both companies use natural, non-toxic pesticides they say are safe for pets and children.

What Doesnt Lawnbox Offer?

As we’ve seen, Lawnbox is very much on par with similar offerings like Sunday. As mentioned, they do not offer a free soil test, which for most customers around the country shouldn’t be an issue. However, it could be a problem if you know you have problem soil or live in a remote area they may not have experience with.

Next is weed treatments. Lawnbox says they are working on a new organic weed treatment to be released soon. But as of now, they offer no weed products. So homeowners will have to either pull weeds by hand or find another solution.

Lawnbox vs Sunday and Other Subscription Services

Of course, every lawn will react differently to different products. So what works for one homeowner may not work as well for another.

But overall, Lawnbox products are very similar to other offerings like Sunday, Rachi, or Lawnbright in their effectiveness and results.

Of these three, Lawnbox is the only one to use solid fertilizers instead of liquid. This may not be a big issue for some, but the solid fertilizer does require more labor. Some may call it a labor of love when tending to their lawn, but others may find the extra work to be inconvenient.

Prices for Lawnbox are most comparable to Sunday or Scott’s subscription service and lean towards the more affordable end of the spectrum compared to services like Rachio or LawnServe.

LawnServ does offer more options, as they offer all-natural organic options as well as traditional ones. These can all be mixed however the customer chooses. This extra choice can be great, but those looking for an easy, turnkey solution may find it overwhelming. In these cases, Lawnbox can be a great choice as it’s specifically designed to work in as many situations as possible with minimum customization.

Also of note, all of Lawnbox’s products are safe to use immediately after application. This once again reinforces their ease-of-use motto as no special precautions or waiting needs to be followed after using their products.

Overall Review Of Lawnbox

We specifically found their Grass Genie product to provide good results. This mixture is meant to help bring grass out of its winter dormancy and give it a kick-start.

The instructions were easy to follow and we of course already had a spreader. There was no measuring needed as we simply used the entire bag for that season as per the instructions.

We did find the lack of other options for pest control or weed control to be limiting. Many people have those as part of their annual regimen, so they’ll need to add those themselves. They do offer a grub treatment called GrubOut, but that is the only product designed for pests.

Other than that though, Lawnbox delivered on its promise to offer a very simple lawn care subscription filled with high-quality products that are safe for your family and the environment.

Combined with the relatively low cost compared to some other services, it makes for a good value. The closest competitor would be Sunday or Scott’s. Sunday is the better all-natural choice over Scott’s, while Scott’s would be for those who need traditional products to deal with problems like pests.

Homeowners who are looking for a simple way to deal with lawn care that offers both all-natural and organic products should seriously consider Lawnbox. This is especially true if you have no pest or soil problems, as your lawn should be a perfect candidate for Lawnbox’s array of products.

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