Lawnbright Lawn Care Review

Taking care of your lawn can feel like another chore that yields little rewards. Cutting and grooming your grass can be tiring. What’s even more tiring is trying to figure out why you have patches of crab grass and weeds, or how to keep one side from drying out or one side from growing mushrooms. You can clearly see there’s a problem but knowing how to fix it can be frustrating. That’s where the professionals at Lawnbright come in.

Lawnbright is a one-of-a-kind subscription lawn care service, delivered right to your doorstep. You don’t have to hire an expensive landscaping team to turn your lawn into a lush carpet of grass, you just need a little advice from experts. Lawnbright aims to bring you all the know-how with customized lawn care products that exactly suit your needs – so you can take care of it like a pro.

You’ll love how quick and convenient it is to get set up and be amazed at how soon your lawn becomes the envy of the neighborhood.

How Lawnbright Works

To start working with Lawnbright, you first have to let them know a bit about your lawn. You’ll answer a few quick (super quick!) questions about the current size and condition of your lawn, your current lawn care routine, and where you live.

The folks at Lawnbright will then send you a free soil test kit so they can use the latest advancements in soil science and technology to understand what products will yield the best results. Once they’ve had a chance to analyze your soil data, they will come up with a fully customized lawn care plan specifically for you.

You’ll receive a box of natural and organic Lawnbright products that have been curated to meet your needs based on your soil samples and soil science as well as the climate in which you live. As you spray the products on your lawn as directed, our Lawn Intelligence system will send texts to adjust and guide you as necessary. New boxes will arrive every 8 weeks, adjusted according to the changing needs of your lawn.  

Should you need assistance at any point in the process, the trusty Lawnbright Turf Team is always on call.

The Lawnbright Difference

The team at Lawnbright understands that you lead a busy life and lawn care is probably not a number one priority. That’s why they make it theirs! Their simple, proven system is so easy to use you’ll wonder why it took you so long to sign up.

Its easy.

You don’t need any special lawn equipment cluttering up your shed or garage. Simply hook up the bottles of lawn products to your hose and spray across your yard. That’s it. It’s that easy. You won’t be making endless trips to your lawn and garden center trying and retrying products or gadgets guessing at solutions to your lawn issues.

Its safe.

If you have a family or beloved pets or simply want to do your part to care for the environment, you can feel confident knowing that Lawnbright’s powerful products are natural and organic. They do not use harsh, synthetic chemicals that can be devasting to people, animals, and the environment.

The safe and harmless line of Lawnbright products is derived from natural ingredient like North Atlantic Sea kelp, cedar oil, cornmeal, and blackstrap molasses. These organic ingredients will help nourish your lawn and soil so you get results that will last the test of time. All their lawn care plans are low in nitrogen and aim to naturally crowd out weeds (not kill them with chemicals). This process ensures your lawn will require less water over time and become more tolerant to diseases.

As proud partners with the nonprofit organization Non Toxic Communities, Lawnbright is seriously committed to helping the planet. A percentage of all their sales goes to assisting communities to stop using toxic pesticides and products.

After all, you want a lawn that not only looks great, but also one you can enjoy. Have a game of catch barefoot, throw the frisbee to Fido, and relax knowing you’re not exposed to any harmful chemicals.

Its based on science.

Probably most impressive is Lawnbright’s commitment to getting it right. They are proud, self-proclaimed lawn geeks, energized by crunching the numbers based on the data from your soil sample, climate, and current and future weather conditions to find the ideal mix of fertilizers and soil enhancers. Their goal is to build the foundation of strong turf that will grow beautifully for years to come.

Its like having professionals right by your side.

The team at Lawnbright understands that your lawn’s needs change over time and according to the seasons. They are always eager to work with you – especially as you notice changes to your lawn. You can chat via email, phone, text or chat bots at any time.

You’ll also love the extensive library of articles and invaluable information on their Lawn Intelligence Blog. Here you’ll find everything you need about best lawn care tips and tricks (and probably other gems you didn’t ever realize you needed!).

Lawnbright Makes Lawn Care Easy

Lawnbright takes the hassle and fuss out of lawn care. Their team of professionals will arm you with safe products, fully customized to meet your needs. You’ll get only the products you need in the amount that’s appropriate. It’s time to ditch the confusing chemicals and labels in your local big box store and opt for one of the most convenient and effective lawn care alternatives. The subscription based, curated lawn care kits from Lawnbright are the solution to finally achieving the lush, green lawn of your dreams.

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