Review Of Ambrogio Robot Mowers

Robot mowers have really started to come into their own recently. Starting out as a novelty, big brands have now entered the market and prices have started going down while features have gone up.

While all of this can be great news, it also makes it somewhat difficult to keep up with all the new brands and models entering the market seemingly every day.

To help you keep up, we’ll be looking at the rather extensive lineup of robot mowers from Ambrogio. These interesting and capable mowers have a unique look combined with advanced technology that sets them apart from other brands.

Where Is Ambrogio From?

Ambrogio is an Italian company with authorized distributors in the U.S. and other countries. They have over 20 years of experience in the software and robotics industry and their mowers are designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy.

Ambrogio Robot Mower Line-Up

Ambrogia has one of the more extensive lineups of robot mowers. While most other makers have between 5-10 models at most, Ambrogio boasts 26 models currently.

The models are divided into 3 product lines:

Next Line

This is Ambrogio’s most advanced mower line and has features like artificial intelligence, grass and obstacle detection, as well the ability to operate without a perimeter wire.

Pro Line

The Pro Line features some of the most striking exterior designs you will find on any robot mower. From the art deco stylized tractor look of the L250i Elite to the L400i Basic which looks to have taken inspiration from a Formula 1 car, these are very unique mowers.

The Pro Line has classic features but lacks some of the advanced features of the Next Line, such as artificial intelligence to work autonomously. They also all require the traditional perimeter wire guidance system to be installed before operation.

Green Line

The Green Line is for very small and relatively easy-to-mow lawns. These have shorter ranges and fewer features, which helps keep the price down. They also don’t need any perimeter wire, but they don’t use GPS. They simply rely on sensors to work around an area.

This works great for small areas but is not suited for larger or more complex lawns.

How Do Ambrogio Robot Mowers Perform

Now that we’ve gone over some of the details of the product lines and models available, it’s time to actually dive into how these perform in the real world.

To begin, the overall build quality and fit and finish are superb and you can tell these are premium machines that can compete with any other manufacturer.

We’ve tested some robot mowers which feel a little on the weaker side, with flexible plastic housings and other issues that don’t necessarily inspire confidence.

But the Ambrogio mowers are solid, with thick knobby tires and a solid control panel with positive feeling buttons.

Overall, the build quality is on par with other premium mowers, and in some areas, surpasses them.

Setting Up An Ambrogio Mower

Depending on the mower you choose, the setup will be different. For example, their entry-level models are probably the closest thing to simply turning on and letting them cut.

The Green Line L60 requires no setup at all and uses sensors to find the best path around your lawn. Although we did find there are some issues with navigation. For example, tree roots or similar obstacles are sometimes too short for the sensors to pick up, so the mower will not avoid these.

Also, the edges can sometimes be missed on the first pass as the robot learns the layout of the lawn. In subsequent mows, this seems to resolve itself except for complex or crooked perimeters.

But overall, the Green Line models do a good job with the type of lawns they are intended for. Mostly small lawns with clearly defined boundaries and basic shapes.

Setting Up Ambrogio Next And Pro Line Mowers

Moving up to the more advanced mowers from Ambrogio, you have to either install a perimeter wire in the ground or forgo that and allow the more advanced sensors to find the perimeter automatically.

The perimeter wire install is pretty standard for Ambrogio mowers and we found it very similar to the process for the Husqvarna Automowers. Overall, a pretty straightforward process, and all materials are included.

It’s important to note the guidance in the manual regarding the spacing between the wire and obstacles or the lawn perimeter. If this is not adhered to, the mower can have issues getting around and you will generally have to reroute the wire to fix it.

This is something to keep a critical eye on during the installation of the perimeter wire. The Ambrogio line seemed to be a little more sensitive to this than some other models. But as long as you follow the instructions, it works perfectly.

We also found it best to keep the path back to the charging station as flat as possible. An uneven surface leading up to the charging station or under the charging station can cause the docking to not complete.

For the more advanced Next Line from Ambrogio, they use a full suite of radar and sensors for guidance and no wires. These are more complex than their Green Line, so can handle a much more complex lawn environment. They also have artificial intelligence to determine the best paths to take during operation.

You can easily configure the Next Twenty ZR model directly from the top-mounted touchpad. However, there is an app that we found to be much easier to use.

The screen allows for visual representations of each parameter, so moving through the settings was much more intuitive. Overall, we would suggest starting with the app.

So once you set up the basic parameters, you allow the mower to do its thing. This first cut will be a little disorganized as it moves around. But subsequent mows follow a more straightforward path.

Ambrogio Cutting Performance

Cutting performance on all the mowers was very good. The mulching was very fine and left a very clean appearance when the mower was finished.

One thing to keep an eye on though is the cutting height as specified for each mower. Some of them do not go as low as you would assume, which could be an issue for certain types of grass. Most lawns shouldn’t be a problem, but if you have a shorter variety of grass, make sure to check if the mower can handle it.

We found battery power to be right within the stated claims. But we did find areas with inclines will run the battery down faster. So if you buy a model that just barely has enough run time to finish your lawn in one pass, it may fall short if your lawn is hilly.

This just means it will take two runs after charging in between them. But it’s best to go the next model up if your lawn is both hilly and right on the edge of the model’s capacity to mow in one charge if you want to avoid this.

Overall, the cutting was very clean and the mowers were able to do a great job with the edges and perimeter. One nitpick though was that changing the cutting height requires some basic tools instead of a simple lever or dial.

Presumably, you will only need to do this once, so it’s not a big deal. But it would be nice for this to be a quicker process that doesn’t involve flipping the mower over and using tools.

Overall Impressions Of The Ambrogio Robot Mowers

We came away rather impressed with the Ambrogio Robot Mowers we tested. Many of the small complaints are things that are present with most robot mowers on the market.

Performance was on par with any other top brand in this price range. The real distinguishing factor here is the styling. We rather like their take and think it invigorates a sometimes boring look from other brands. However, that’s subjective and some may not like the looks of these units and prefer simpler designs. Another thing is that these are made and designed in Italy, which for some may be a plus.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a robot mower you should definitely check out the Ambrogio lineup. Performance and build quality are very good and the extensive product line includes over 25 models that should have something for almost any type of lawn.

Where to Buy

You can buy Ambrogio robot mowers from Autmow. With Autmow, you get US-based customer service from a technical support team with decades of robotic lawnmower experience. Use coupon MOWINGMAGIC to save 5%.

Need More Information?

Ambrogio makes lots of robot mower models. There’s one for almost every mowing situation. It really helps to discuss your needs with an Ambrogio expert to find the right model. If you think you’re ready to move forward with an Ambrogio mower, fill out this short form and we’ll get back to you soon.

1 thought on “Review Of Ambrogio Robot Mowers”

  1. You’ve done a thorough job of analyzing the Ambrogio robot, but I would never encourage anyone to purchase one. I’ve had mine for over 2 years and it’s never worked once because the company admitted that they don’t have people properly trained in my area for install. When given the opportunity to make it right and have someone new install it or to purchase it back, they stopped responding. This has been going on TWO years and they have not stood by their vendors or product. It’s the worst company and customer service I’ve seen. I have them admitting that they don’t have capable installers and when they sent one person out, he admitted they weren’t properly trained. Then, they tried to turn it back around on me to say my landscaper cut the line. 1. I still have to mow my lawn since their robot doesn’t work. 2. If the line was properly installed, my landscaper wouldn’t have been able to cut the line. Making a one inch trench and laying a line in it is not proper install. So, even if the robot is good, it’s useless when it just sits for years because they don’t install it properly.

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