SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence Review – Is It Worth It?

If you’re tired of constantly having to take your pup outside for walks but don’t have the time or space to fence in your yard, a virtual dog fence may be the perfect solution! After all, the last thing a hard-working pet owner such as yourself wants to do after a ten or twelve-hour workday is take your dog for a walk – but you also don’t want to deprive them of exercise or the opportunity to play outside. Fortunately, a virtual dog fence such as the SpotOn can solve both of these problems at once.

The SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence is a one-of-a-kind virtual fencing system built specifically for dogs. With powerful GPS capabilities, a sleek design, and plenty of easy-to-use features, there’s a lot to love about the SpotOn – but is it worth the hefty price tag?

Today, we’re going to take an up-close look at the SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence, including what exactly it is and how it works. We’re also going to compare the SpotOn to other similar products so that you can be sure to choose the best option for you and your own pup.

Is the SpotOn really as impressive as it’s made out to be? Let’s find out together.

What is the SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence?

beagle wearing spoton collar

The SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence System is a revolutionary technology that uses GPS tracking to create an invisible barrier around your property that your dog cannot cross. The system works by emitting a signal from a set of transmitters that are installed on your property and connected to a GPS collar worn by your dog.

If your dog crosses the perimeter of the invisible fence, an alarm will sound on the collar, alerting the dog and the owner of its whereabouts. And if your dog persists past the perimeter despite the sounding alarm, he will be corrected by a vibration or shock (the severity of which is set by the owner).

This technology allows pet owners to keep their dog safe while still giving them freedom to roam within a designated area.

Features of the SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence

The SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence comes with a variety of many impressive features and accessories that make it easy to set up and use.

No Remote Required – Just Use Your Smartphone!

The SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence is one of the only products of its kind that does not require a remote. Instead, the SpotOn is managed and controlled through a user-friendly smartphone app. This feature allows pet owners to quickly and easily track their dog’s location with just the “tap” of a smartphone screen.

Plus, you can actually draw out your preferred boundary-lines (referred to as “maps”) within the app itself – a much easier option than burying heavy electrical wires underground as you would with the traditional Invisible Fence. In addition, the SpotOn system allows users to view and manage multiple pet “profiles” using just the one application so long as each dog has his own collar.

Notes from my SpotOn collar test

I’ve been testing a SpotOn collar with my Beagle for a few weeks now and here’s a few things that I’ve noticed:

  • The tracking feature shows a trail of where my dog has been if he escapes the fence area. This is really cool. This way I can not only see where he is, but where all he has been.
  • You can turn on the tracking feature anytime, not just if he escapes.
  • The training included with SpotOn is a lot easier than with Halo. It just includes 4 simple steps and there’s videos to show you exactly how to do it.

Easy To Use, Whether At Home Or On The Go

The SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence is a fan-favorite among hikers, campers, and travelers alike because of its portability. Since there are no wires involved, all of the SpotOn’s operating hardware can be easily packed up and taken along for the ride. This benefit allows users to create virtual fences in any location, allowing their dogs to have more freedom (and more fun). And because of its powerful GPS capabilities, the SpotOn can easily enforce boundaries in all types of terrain, including through heavy brush, buildings, and even water!

spoton dog collar

Unmatched Flexibility

The SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence creates the perfect enclosure for city pets and country canines alike, no matter what size plot they call home. The SpotOn does this by supporting a longer range of physical distance than any other product of its kind, giving users a huge range of virtual fencing options – from half an acre up to a thousand or more!

Whether you live in a modest suburban home near the city or on a cattle farm in the middle of nowhere, the SpotOn can help you create the perfect virtual fence – giving your four-legged best friend more freedom to roam than ever before!

Lifes More Fun When Theres More Than One

Unlike other popular virtual fencing systems, such as the Halo Dog Collar, the SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence allows users to create multiple overlapping fences within the same property. Each of these fences can easily be turned “off” or “on” with your smartphone, allowing you to adjust your dog’s outdoor boundaries for different situations.

YouTuber KThompson of DogSpeak highlighted this feature in her online review, stating that with the SpotOn virtual fencing system, “you can map your entire property for your dog to run in the day and then a smaller backyard area for nighttime.”

Other Paw-some Features

In addition to the four unique features we’ve just highlighted, the SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence is:

  • 100% American-made in New Hampshire, USA
  • Rechargeable with up to 14 hours of tracking time on a single charge
  • Waterproof in up to one meter of water
  • Adjustable with up to 30 levels of static correction
  • Supported by both AT&T and Verizon Cell Carriers

Keep Out Zones:

SpotOn’s newest feature, Keep Out Zones, lets you create off-limits areas within your fences. It’s now easier than ever to let your dog run free without running into trouble. Set up fences inside your fence around the garden, keep your dog out of the pool, or prevent playtime in the poison ivy patch with the touch of a button.

Home Zones:

SpotOn’s Home zones allow you to designate areas around your home where corrections are disabled. This allows your dog to come indoors without taking the collar off, so your dog will feel free, whether on the couch or out on an adventure.

SpotOn Pricing and Subscriptions

Now that we’ve learned what the SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence is and have reviewed several of its most popular features, let’s take a look at some of the more logistical details such as pricing and subscriptions.


The many impressive features of the SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence give this system an obvious edge over the competition – but that edge doesn’t come without a price. And for the SpotOn, that price starts at $999. But keep in mind that SpotOn offers coupons frequently to ease the price pain.

And while there are certain ways to obtain a discount on the SpotOn system, such as by showing your military ID or by signing up for the company’s email subscription list, the cost alone can be a major deterrent to otherwise motivated consumers.

Every purchase of the SpotOn virtual fencing system includes free shipping, a one-year warranty, and a 45-day money-back guarantee.


The SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence is one of the only products of its kind that does not require an active monthly subscription to use – with just your initial purchase of the SpotOn collar, you can create up to ten custom virtual fences, using your associated app to manage each. However, without a paid subscription you will NOT be able to track your dog’s location in real-time or receive alerts when he crosses the set perimeter.

Fortunately, the SpotOn subscription plans are much more cost-effective that the system itself, starting at just $9.95 per month. These subscriptions can be billed monthly, annually, or bi-annually and are contract-free, allowing you to cancel or rejoin at any time.

Customer Service

SpotOn takes customer service very seriously. They are the only brand of GPS collars that you can call and actually get someone live on the phone. No group chats or zoom sessions. They offer one-on-one customer support. SpotOn also offers all customers a complimentary session with their SpotOn Trainer if they need help training their dog.


The SpotOn Collar return period is 90 days. If you are not happy with the way it performs within this time period, just return it for a full refund.

FAQs About the SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence

“Who is the SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence for?”

The SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence is a great choice for any owner who wants to establish secure boundaries without purchasing a physical outdoor fence. It is also a perfect choice for dogs who wander or known “escape artists,” traveling dogs, and those who hike, hunt, or herd.

“How does the collar work?”

Built with a sleek, non-intrusive design, the SpotOn collars are designed to fit securely around your dog’s neck and are available in three sizing options: small, medium, and large. The front of the collar contains the sound box and corrective prongs, which will administer a shock or vibration when your dog goes beyond his designated boundaries. Meanwhile, the back of the collar features a small antenna to support maximum GPS connection. In the words of SpotOn, “the more sky the antenna sees, the more satellites it can connect to, the more precise your boundary lines will be!”

“Is SpotOn safe for smaller dogs?”

The SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence is designed to fit most dogs so long as they are fifteen pounds or more with a neck measurement of 10”-26”. Unfortunately, this means that the SpotOn may not be an ideal choice for extra-small dog breeds, such as the Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, or Toy Poodle. For an inside-look at the experience of one small-dog owner with the SpotOn system, check out this review from PetKeen.

“How does the SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence compare to similar brands?”

While there are several manufacturers out there who produce similar virtual fencing systems, only one can be compared to the SpotOn on a similar level: The Halo Dog Collar. Boasting many similarities to one another, these two systems essentially function the same way, though with obvious differences. The SpotOn, for instance, does not require an active subscription as Halo does, though the Halo Dog Collar is nearly half the price. See this post for a full comparison of these two gps dog collar competitors.

SpotOn GPS Dog Fence May Well Be Worth It

Though the SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence is not inexpensive, the hundreds of five-star reviews from satisfied pet parents leads us to believe that yes, the SpotOn fence is worth it. With revolutionary GPS technology, a sleek patented collar design, and a system that’s fully portable, the SpotOn offers peace of mind for owners, and new levels of freedom for their pets. As one happy owner put it, the SpotOn virtual fencing system is simply a “lifesaver.”

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