4 Best Robot Lawn Mowers for Small Yards (Under 1 Acre)

Summer is fast approaching, so it’s time to start planning how to best take advantage of the warm weather and sunshine. But it also means returning to the same old tedious chores like mowing the lawn. If you have a small yard, mowing may not be difficult but a mere inconvenience. Opting for a robot lawn mower for small yards can eliminate this annoying task and give you back your weekends.

In addition to more free time, a robot lawn mower can give you a healthier lawn. While you may have time to mow just once a week, a robot mower can cut the lawn more frequently and evenly, helping to promote growth no matter which type of grass makes up your lawn. Plus, your lawn will benefit from the fine clippings left behind by the mower, further benefiting the health of your lawn.

With so many options available, it’s difficult to know which robotic lawn mower you should choose. We’ve hunted and searched all the latest models and narrowed down the list of the best robot mowers on the market, designed specifically with small yards in mind.

Choosing a Robot Lawn Mower for a Small Lawn

When choosing which robot lawn mower to purchase, you’ll want to consider some key factors regarding your lawn, needs, device capabilities, and features. These factors can influence which robot mower to choose as well as its final price tag.

Yard Size

Robot mowers are designed for a variety of lawn sizes. Mowers explicitly designed for small yards tend to have a narrow mow path and sufficient battery life to do the entire lawn without docking. For larger yards, you’ll need a more robust mower. However, the more robust the mower, the more costly. This additional cost is often not worth it if you have a smaller yard.


You’ll want a mower that can handle the terrain in your yard. Consider the various obstacles in your lawn, such as irregular surfaces, sidewalks, mulch, and gravel. Don’t forget to consider the slope of your lawn as well. If your lawn is very steep, you’ll want to confirm that the robot lawn mower you have shortlisted can handle the climb.

Power Source and Battery Life

Most robot mowers charge in their docking station, which is connected to a power source. When in the dock, the robot mower’s lithium-ion battery will charge. The size of the battery will determine the run time each time your mower is dispatched. Mowers designed for smaller yards tend to have a smaller battery, which is sufficient for the lawn size. Mowers are coded to dock themselves whenever the battery charge gets low. Also, these batteries tend to charge quickly, letting the mower continue its task.

Safety Features

All robot mowers are designed with various features to keep the user and others in the yard safe. Safety features often include collision sensors to redirect the mower away from obstacles, automatic shutoff when picked up, and recessed blades to prevent cuts and injuries. The mowers also move slowly to help give people and pets plenty of time to get out of the way.


All robot mowers will have buttons for basic functions, such as power on/off and blade height. However, you’ll find some models are equipped to be activated using Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. You will also find models that connect to a special app on your smartphone that allows you to control the area of the lawn to be mowed, the mowing pattern, etc.


Gas lawnmowers are notoriously noisy (a damaging 95 decibels!), but robot mowers are the exception to this rule. With most robotic mowers you’ll get a noise of about 60 decibels, the volume of a normal conversation. Your mower can run anytime at this volume, including early morning or late evening.


Robot lawn mowers are a high-ticket item, so theft is always a concern. One method to deter theft is to install a fence around your yard. However, you may want to purchase a robotic mower with built-in security features, such as a pin code for operation, an alarm system, geofencing, or GPS tracking.

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Best Robot Mowers for Yards Under 1 Acre

You’ll find plenty of options for robot mowers for yards under 1 acre, but given the features, price, and reliability, here are the ones that are the first ones you should consider.

1. Luba AWD 3000

If you’re looking for a more robust robot mower, the Luba AWD 3000 is the answer. Designed for yards up to ¾ an acre, the Luba can tackle slopes of up to 30o. It also gives you greater control, letting you set planned mow paths, either in lines or angles you set. Additionally, the Luba uses  a virtual boundary, so there’s no need to install a perimeter wire, as well as multiple mow zones including no-go zones. You’ll also get a cutting width of nearly 16” with a cutting height from 1.2”-2.8” suitable for thick grass and rough terrain.

The Luba runs on a 10Ah lithium-ion battery and can mow for approximately 3-hours on a single charge. Like other mowers on our list, the mower also has automatic recharging and will continue the interrupted mowing session once fully charged. Note that the Luba cuts approximately 350m2 per hour and you can track the progress using the Mammotion App on your smartphone. Other notable features include smart obstacle avoidance, automatic rain detection, a lift/tile sensor, front and side bumpers, a STOP button, an IPX6 waterproof level, and a noise level of no more than 60dB(A). The Luba also has an anti-theft system that shuts down the mower when it leaves the virtual boundaries and you’ll receive a notification on the app. The Luba AWD 3000 costs approximately $2,700, including a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

2. Ambrogio 4.0 Basic Robotic Lawn Mower

One of the most reliable robot lawn mowers available is the Ambrogio 4.0 Basic. Weighing 33 pounds, the 4.0 Basic easily covers yards up to 0.2 acres with a max slope of 24o, using its self-leveling traction to give you an even cut through your entire yard. The mower has a cutting width of 9.84 inches and an adjustable cutting height between 2.8” – 3.7”. The 4.0 Basic uses a 2.9Ah lithium-ion battery and will run an average of 1.5 hours before returning to its charging dock.

The flex wheels allow the mower to move easily through your yard, and the IPx5 waterproof rating protects your mower even in light rain or heavy dew. It does have a rain sensor and a growth sensor but, unfortunately, does not have a lift sensor. Where security is concerned, you can set a security PIN on the mower that you’ll enter in the related app via Bluetooth. The 4.0 Basic costs approximately $2,700 and comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty that you can extend up to 6 years. You can also upgrade to a Medium or Premium unit, both of which have stronger batteries, longer working time, and covers up to 0.4 acres.  

3. Worx Landroid Vision Lawn Mower

The Worx Landroid Vision packs a powerful punch for its small size. There are several Landroid models, all of them designed for small lawns. The 20V boundaryless mowers use machine vision to navigate around obstacles and mow your lawn in neat lines. Additionally, the mower’s floating blade disc automatically adjusts itself, giving you an even cut despite any variations in terrain. The Landroid Vision has a cutting width of 8 inches with an adjustable cutting height of 1.5”-3.5”.

The mower runs on a 20V lithium-ion battery. While run time will vary depending on the number of obstacles and challenges the mower faces, it will automatically dock itself when the charge is low. Even then, it only takes 75 minutes to recharge and begin again to complete the job. The Landroid comes with several features, including perimeter mowing, cut-to-edge technology, a rain sensor/ rain delay timer, obstacle avoidance, intelligent navigation for narrow paths, and a lift sensor for safety. You also have the option to add a pin for added security.  You can grab the Landroid Vision for approximately $1,600, which includes a 3 year manufacturer warranty and 30 day guarantee.

4. Husqvarna Automower 415X

Another excellent robot mower for small lawns is the Husqvarna Automower 415X. Ideal for yards up to 0.4 acres, the 415X weighs just over 21 lbs and is sturdy enough to tackle slopes of 21o.  It also sports a cutting width of 8.7” and an adjustable cutting height between 0.8”-2.0”. This is a mower that will require a boundary wire and some installation, allowing you to create various work zones and stay-out zones. The mower’s patented electric height adjustment will help give your yard a healthy and even look at all times.

Running on a 2Ah lithium-ion battery, the 415X mows for approximately 50 min on a single charge and only takes an hour to recharge, which it does automatically using its auto recharge feature. Additional features include remote starting points, spiral and spot cutting, automatic sensors for narrow passages, a weather timer, frost guard, lift sensor, tilt sensor, and GPS-assisted navigation. The mower also has a sound level of 62dB(A) and an IPX5 waterproof rating. Security features for the 415X include GPS theft tracking, a PIN code system, and alarm. Husqvarna’s 415X costs $2000 with a 2-year manufacturer warranty (check this post for coupons before buying).

Small Lawn Robot Mowers

If you have a smaller lawn, there are several robot mower models for you to choose from. Maintaining a pristine lawn has become easier with the advent of robot mowers. For those with smaller yards, finding the right robot mower can significantly reduce manual labor and ensure a well-groomed lawn. The models listed above are best for small yards, but keep in mind there are numerous robot mower brands, so feel free to explore others. Also check for deals before you buy!

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