GPS Dog Fences: Cost, Reliability, Safety

A GPS dog fence, also known as a “virtual fence,” is a device that uses GPS technology to create an invisible boundary around a designated area. The device typically comes in the form of a collar that is worn by the dog, and when the dog approaches the boundary, the collar emits a warning sound or vibration. If the dog continues to move closer to the boundary, the collar will administer a mild electric shock as a correction.

One of the main benefits of a GPS dog fence is that it allows your dog to have the freedom to roam and play in a safe, designated area without the need for a physical fence. This can be especially useful for dogs that have a tendency to wander or run away, as well as for those who live in areas where traditional fencing is not practical or allowed.

Another benefit of a wireless dog fence is that it can be used to create multiple boundaries, which is useful for dogs that need to be kept away from certain areas of your property, such as a garden or pool. Additionally, many GPS dog fence systems allow you to set different levels of correction based on your dog’s personality and behavior, making it more customizable to your needs.

Many of the GPS dog collars on the market today work with not only GPS signals, but also cellular communication and Wifi or Bluetooth. In this way, your dog can be monitored inside and outside, and even if GPS signals are not that strong in your location.

Popular GPS Fence Brands

  • Halo – create up to 20 virtual fences to keep your dog within a “fence” wherever you go
  • SpotOn – very accurate fences, good for very large areas, but hard to justify large expense for most people
  • Wagz – on paper similar to Halo collar, but just doesn’t perform nearly as well – inaccurate and inconsistent fences
  • Fi – tracks your dogs location, but not setup to warn them to stay within a preset boundary

GPS Dog Fence Cost

These collars are not cheap, but if you compare their cost to the cost of constructing a physical fence, you see that their cost is not that bad. And first generation invisible dog fences require the installation of a buried boundary wire. This is either time consuming to install or expensive to have it professionally done. In addition to the purchase price, most collars require a monthly subscription fee in order to cover the cost of cellular communication by the collar.

  • Halo – Purchase $599, monthly fee $5
  • SpotOn – purchase $999, monthly fee $8
  • Wagz – purchase $250, monthly fee $10
  • Fi – purchase $0, monthly fee $14

Dont Expect a GPS Dog Fence to Be a Substitute for Training

However, it is important to note that a GPS dog fence is not a substitute for training and proper supervision. It is crucial to properly train your dog on the boundaries and how to respond to dog can be monitoredithe warning sound or vibration before administering any correction. Additionally, it is important to regularly check the battery life of the collar and ensure that the collar is properly fitted to prevent any discomfort or injury to your dog.

halo dog collar

Modern GPS Dog Collars Work Well

Overall, a GPS dog fence can be a useful tool for giving your dog the freedom to roam and play while keeping them safe, but it should be used in conjunction with proper training and supervision. The brands listed above do a very good job of keeping your dog within the preset area determined by you. And if he does escape, at least you’ll be able to see right where they are on a map to go and retrieve them. There should be no more lost dog panics in your household after purchasing one of these devices. And this, by itself, is worth the expense in my opinion!

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