Halo Dog Collar vs. Wagz: Review and Compare

Do you have a furry four-legged family member needing the latest and greatest collar on the market? Are you torn between the Halo Dog Collar and the Wagz Dog Collar when it comes to providing your pup with the best tracking technology, the greatest style appeal, and overall smart performance? Trying to decide which of these two brands is right for you can be overwhelming – and that’s where we come in! Today, we’re going to provide a comprehensive comparison of the Halo Dog Collar and the Wagz Freedom collar so that pet parents like yourself can make an informed decision!

Smart Collars – How Do They Work?

A smart collar can be an invaluable tool for protecting and tracking your four-legged companion. By understanding how they work, you can be sure to choose the best fit for your family.

How it Works – Halo

The Halo Dog Collar is an innovative and revolutionary way to keep your pet safe. This collar uses a wireless fence that sets boundaries for your pet. The collar has two main components – a receiver collar and a transmitter. The transmitter, controlled by an app on your smartphone, continuously sends out a signal that the receiver picks up, just like a radio signal. When your pet gets close to the edge of the invisible boundary, they will hear warning beeps from the collar. And if they don’t turn back, they will receive a mild static correction as an immediate reminder of their boundaries.

The Halo Dog Collar can be used inside or outside in any weather conditions, making it an all-weather solution for controlling your pet’s movements. It also has an adjustable range, allowing you to customize it to different environments like parks or playgrounds. Once set up, the wireless boundary remains active 24 hours a day and can cover up to half an acre of land, giving you peace of mind that your pup won’t wander too far away from home or get into trouble outdoors.

The Halo Dog Collar also features advanced technology that allows you to track your pet’s location in real-time via a smartphone app connected directly to the receiver collar. This includes important information like battery life, signal strength, and GPS coordinates, so you always know where your pup is at all times. It also has an emergency alert feature if your pup has gone lost or missing – the app will send out alerts with updated locations so you can find them quickly without wasting any time!

How it Works – Wagz

The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is designed to make caring for your pet easier than ever before. This system uses advanced technology to give you more control over your pet’s safety, health, and activity levels. The collar has a range of features that allow you to track your dog’s location in real time, monitor their activity levels, and set boundaries and alerts when they are near dangerous areas. All this is done via the accompanying Wagz app.

When attached to your dog’s neck, the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar tracks their GPS location in real-time, allowing you to create safe zones where your pet can roam freely without leaving the area. If your pet does leave the designated zone, you will be notified by the app so that you can take the necessary action immediately. Additionally, the collar allows you to monitor your dog’s activity levels in real-time using built-in sensors that measure motion and speed – giving you a better insight into their health.

Pricing – Halo vs. Wagz

The Halo Dog Collar and Wagz Dog Collar both offer pet owners the ability to keep track of their beloved animals with advanced tracking technology. The main difference between these two collars is in their pricing models.

To start using the Halo Dog Collar, you’ll need to pay a $599 fee upfront for the system itself, plus a monthly service fee. Fortunately, Halo often runs discount specials to reduce the cost of the collar itself and also accepts payments through Affirm for those who would prefer to make monthly payments.

A monthly service fee is required to keep the GPS service active and to create, edit, and use the wireless dog fence features. These monthly plans vary in cost based on what features you’d like to receive, with three unique options to choose from:

Basic Plan ($4.49/Month) – According to Halo’s website, the Basic Plan is “everything you need for the world’s safest smart wireless fence system.” This plan allows users to create up to 20 unique wireless fences and offers access to basic training content.

Silver Plan ($9.99/Month) – The Silver Plan offers all of the features of the Basic Plan, plus further customization options, advanced tracking of your dog’s activities, and historical data storage.

Gold Plan ($29.99/Month) – The Gold Plan is Halo’s most comprehensive service package, boasting all of the same features of the Basic and Silver plans, plus premium training resources. Some of the most popular include live training videos (released monthly), Q+A sessions with experienced professional dog trainers, and more.

The Wagz Freedom Dog Collar costs $299.99 upfront for the system itself, plus a mandatory service fee. For convenience, these service fees can be paid either on a monthly or yearly basis, with significant discounts for annual or bi-annual payments.

Monthly Plan ($9.99/Month) – The Wagz monthly plan costs $9.99 per month and allows users to create several wireless fences using GPS tracking data.

Yearly Plan ($99.99/Year) – The Wagz Yearly Plan offers the same features as the Monthly Plan, but with a 17% discount for annual payments.

Two-Year Plan ($179.99/Two Years) – The Wagz Two-Year Plan offers the same features as the Monthly Plan, but with a 25% discount for bi-annual payments.

Pros and Cons – Halo vs. Wagz

Halo Dog Collar


The Halo Dog Collar offers a unique and effective way to manage your pet’s behavior. It includes GPS tracking capabilities which allow owners to know where their pup is at all times. The collar also comes with an adjustable fit which gives pets the freedom to explore while still staying within designated boundaries. Additionally, the device has four different levels of correction which can be used as gentle reminders or more intensive punishment depending on the situation. Additionally, the collar is waterproof and comfortable for your dog so there is no need for worry or stress.


Unfortunately, the Halo Dog Collar does come with its drawbacks. The GPS tracking capabilities require a subscription fee in order to use it effectively. Additionally, if your pup strays past its designated boundaries too many times without returning home within an hour it will automatically shut off and require manual reactivation by an authorized dealer or service provider. Lastly, the price tag associated with the Halo Dog Collar might make it too expensive for some owners who are looking for an affordable pet-monitoring solution.

Wagz Dog Collar


The Wagz Dog Collar is a great device for pet owners who want to keep track of their beloved furry friends while they are away. The collar is equipped with GPS technology which allows owners to access their pet’s location at all times, and the integrated accelerometer tracks activity levels and sleep patterns. This means owners can monitor their pet’s health and be alerted if there is any sudden change in activity or behavior. Additionally, the collar also has an audio recognition feature which identifies any barking sound and sends a notification to the owner. This helps owners easily determine when there might be something wrong with their pet so they can take action accordingly.


One of the biggest complaints from Wagz’ users is that the collar needs to be constantly charged, with battery life lasting only 5-6 hours on average (despite an “up to 24 hours” expectancy, as is listed online). Another commonly reported issue is that the tracking features of the Wagz Freedom collar are often glitchy, or do not work at all. According to one user on Amazon, “when my dogs ran off down the property, I could not track them at all. They were outside the parameters of our wifi, and (the app) just circled above another country on the other side of the world saying ‘trying to locate’.” Similar incidents have been described by multiple Wagz’ customers. Additionally, many users report an obvious “lag” in tracking services – meaning that their dogs would leave the designated boundaries, and not receive correction for several minutes following (if at all).


If you’re in the market for a high-quality wireless dog collar that uses cutting-edge technology to keep your pet safe, the Halo Dog Collar is the obvious choice. With its GPS tracking capabilities, water-resistant design, and user-friendly design, the Halo offers everything that the Wagz does and so much more. And with nearly twice as many five-star reviews, it’s clear that customers agree. Whatever your needs are when it comes to choosing a dog collar, the Halo is sure to exceed expectations.

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