4 Best Outdoor Lawn Games For Adults

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As the weather turns warm it’s a great time to start thinking of how to use your lawn for some fun and games. Whether it be a summer BBQ or a family reunion, games out on the lawn are a great way to get everyone moving and having fun.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the 4 best lawn games that can be a great activity for adults of any skill level.


This ubiquitous lawn game classic goes by other names such as baggo, bean bag toss, and a few others. But most Americans know it as cornhole.

In this game, teams or individuals take turns tossing small bean bags toward opposing goals or boards. Teams score 1 point for every bag that lands and stays on the surface of the goal. But those able to land the bag completely through the single hole are awarded 3 points.

Things can get a little tricky as players can knock previously thrown bags off the surface or even into the hole. So with some careful planning, you can turn a missed throw into 3 points or more. This also adds a nice strategic element to the game to keep it fresh even after rounds and rounds of play.

The great thing about this game is that it works for such a wide variety of team sizes and skill levels. Almost anyone can play if you set the distance of the goals closer to each other or farther apart. So no matter who is at the party, everyone can get in on the action.

Also, groups can easily play as teams or those with a competitive itch can challenge each other to a one-on-one duel to decide who truly rules the backyard.

As for the equipment, many people choose to build their own cornhole set, which can be made with simple 2x4s and a solid sheet of wood.

For those looking to make their own, the dimensions of each board are 24″ x 48″ with a 6-inch diameter hole that is located 9 inches from the top.

You can also buy pre-made cornhole boards that fold for easy transportation if you ever take the game beyond your lawn. 

Overall, cornhole is a great game choice and one that just everybody will love.

Giant Jenga

You’re probably familiar with the game of Jenga, at least the indoor versions. This small tabletop game features interlocking wooden blocks that form a tower. The pieces are then removed one at a time by players. The goal is to not be the one that removes the final piece which causes the tower to fall.

It’s a fun game for indoor parties but when the group moves outside, you need something bigger. That’s where giant Jenga games come in. These are essentially outdoor versions of the indoor games.

What’s fun about these games is that you will definitely get a reaction from your guests when you unveil this giant Jenga. It’s fun just for that reason alone.

But the gameplay itself is also fun as different players on each team can walk around the tower and make guesses and suggestions as to what the next best move is. This really gets everyone involved and having fun, which is the whole point of a great lawn game.

These come in a variety of brands. Some use the original Jenga name while others use more generic names. But this is an affordable game that your guests will love and it works great for all ages and skill levels.

Ladder Ball

This is another throwing game that is similar to the ever-popular cornhole. Although ladder ball (also called ladder toss) may require a bit more practice and skill.

In this game, you have two goals at either end, similar to cornhole. But with ladder ball, they are upright goals with 3 rungs each, like a ladder.

The object is for players to toss a “bola” which is essentially two small balls attached by a small piece of rope. You need to snag the rope on one of the rungs.

The top rung is 3 points – the middle rung is 2 points – and the lowest rung is 1 point. You can choose any point total for the victory, but the standard is 21 points.

You can even get fancy and bounce the bolas off the ground and onto the different rungs. A flashy move but does require a bit of skill and finesse.

The official distance between goals is 15 feet, but of course, you can modify that based on your guests or how competitive you want the game to be.

As with other games on this list, this one fits teams of almost any size which gets everyone involved and having fun. If you have a lot of guests, you can run a tournament of sorts to keep the team size manageable.

Either way, this is a great lawn game that is inexpensive, and if you want you can even build a DIY version in less than a few hours.

Overall, if you’re looking for an alternative to cornhole, this is it.


Not to be confused with the food item of a similar name, croquet is one of the most classic lawn games of all time.

This game dates back to the 1800s in Europe and some research shows its origins going as far back as the 1600s when variations of the game existed in France and other countries

But despite the slightly aristocratic origins, this is a great game for everyone to play.

What’s interesting about croquet is that most people know the game, but they aren’t exactly sure how to play. So setting up the game and figuring out the rules can be part of the fun.

The game is actually quite simple though, so virtually anyone can play and have fun. The goal is to hit the ball through the goals (wickets) in the correct order. Each time you do you score a point

You use a mallet to hit each ball, which you hold similar to a golf club. That’s why the game is also sometimes referred to as lawn golf.

A typical croquet setup uses 9 wickets set up in a double diamond shape. The official standard size of the play area is 50 feet wide and 100 feet long. So that may be a bit large for many lawns, but that’s the great thing about croquet. You can modify the dimensions however you like to fit your space.

Despite its fancy origins, you can find complete croquet sets that accommodate up to 6 players for around $50. Although, if you want the full experience, sets are available that go up to nearly $1,000 and use premium woods and inlays to give it that luxurious touch.

Overall though, you can fully enjoy the game using almost any set as the price will not have any impact on the play. As with the other games, this one can be played as a team or by individuals competing one-on-one.

If your guests are regular golfers or just happen to be the type that enjoys the classics, croquet is a great choice for the next outdoor party or gathering.

Final Tips On The Best Lawn Games

When choosing a lawn game for your next party or get-together, you want to keep a few things in mind.

The first is to choose at least one game that will accommodate the most people. We tried to list games here that work for a variety of skill levels. But whatever game you choose, try to match it with the guests you will have.

Next, maybe consider having at least two games on hand. You can run these games at the same time to help keep even more people occupied and having fun. This is especially true if you are having a large gathering or people are arriving at different times.

Also, having a second game helps if the first game just doesn’t seem to resonate with your guests.

Finally, we tried to list games with pretty simple and flexible rules. But it may not hurt to print out a list of rules ahead of time and put it near the game equipment. That way, when it’s time to set everything up, you can quickly pass around the rules so everyone knows how to play.

People should be familiar with most rules when it comes to these games, but for a game like croquet, this may help smooth things out as you set up the court.

Overall, it can be easy to transform your lawn into a great game center with any of the great lawn games we have featured here.

You also don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun, so whether you choose to buy your games or go for a DIY option, these are all great investments that should offer hours of fun for you and your guests this summer.

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